Q: How to choose the right hiking boot?

Please remember that because the BC terrain can be quite rugged, running shoes are not recommended.

Tips for shopping for hiking boots

  • Ask for advice at the store.
  • Try several pairs of different brands.
  • Buy a boot that fits your type of hiking, some are made for very rugged terrain while others are better suited for mild hikes.
  • Go shopping in the afternoon when your feet are larger.
  • A good fit with your feet: Spend at least 15 minutes walking around in each pair .
  • If you can, try the boot out on an incline, make sure your foot does not slide forward when you’re walking downhill.
  • Decide between a waterproof and breathable boot.

A note on waterproofing, many hiking boots are not truly waterproof as water can leak through the stiching areas or the material isn't waterproof when completely submerged. This can actually be preferable during the summer months as waterproof shoes tend to not breath as well and become very hot. If you are doing most of your hiking during the summer months, you may prefer not to get a waterproof hiking boot.