The idea for Vancouver Trails started as a photo gallery of images that Mike had taken while hiking and exploring the trails with friends. Over the years, people began asking what trails to hike, where some of the scenic hiking spots were, and where to go for a good outdoor workout besides the Grouse Grind. Hence, the idea came to switch from a photo gallery to a hiking resource website that provided trail information, directions, maps, photos, and video.

Vancouver Trails launched in October 2007 with the goal of providing information on trails in southwestern British Columbia that local hikers and tourists of all fitness levels could complete in a day and return to Vancouver. Motivated by the beauty of British Columbia's mountains, lakes, waterfalls, streams, forests, plants, and animals, the Vancouver Trails team has worked hard to gather the information from first hand accounts and experiences on the trails.

If you have questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions for the Vancouver Trails team, we would love to hear from you.

Happy Hiking

Vancouver Trails Team