Q: Are the distances and times on Vancouver Trails round-trip or one-way?

All of the trails on the website are round-trip EXCEPT:

  • the Grouse Grind and BCMC Trail - It is expected that you will hike up these trails and pay to take the Grouse Mountain Gondola back down.
  • Hanes Valley Trail - This trail is really long and it too is expected you will end at Grouse Mountain and pay to take the Gondola back down.
  • Baden Powell Trail(s) - These are generally hiked one-way and then people either bus or arrange for other transportation back to their car or the city.
  • High Note Trail - It is expected that you will take the chairlift to the Peak, hike the trail around and return to the Whistler Gondola.

All of the other distances and estimated times are from the start of the trail and back again.