Situated across the Burrard Inlet from Vancouver, North Vancouver is just a 20-minute drive from downtown Vancouver and is easily accessible by the Lion's Gate Bridge and the Second Narrows Bridge.

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, North Vancouver is bordered by the majestic Coast Mountains to the north, while the Capilano River lies to the west, Indian Arm to the east and the Burrard Inlet waters to the south.

With its distinctive geography, North Vancouver lends itself perfectly to a range of outdoor experiences - from scenic seaside hiking to urban wilderness hiking to mountain hiking and more.

Here, outdoor opportunities abound. Amble across the free Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, then enjoy a hike along one of the many trails amid soaring cedar and fir trees. The area's unique terrain is composed of six mountain peaks - Black, Strachan, Hollyburn, Grouse, Fromme, and Seymour mountains - which offer easy access to some of the North Shore's most picturesque walking, hiking and mountain biking trails.

Hiking Trails

Baden Powell Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon

The Baden Powell trail from Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge passes through the North Shore's scenic forest and crosses numerous rivers.

Baden Powell Lynn Canyon to Grouse

The Baden Powell trail from Lynn Canyon to the base of Grouse Mountain passes alongside the steep forest trails of North Vancouver.

BCMC Trail

The BCMC Trail is a steep workout that is east of the Grouse Grind and runs parallel from the base to the chalet at the top.

Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls Trail

The Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls Trail is a rugged hiking trail in North Vancouver that passes an enormous old-growth cedar tree before reaching an scenic waterfall.

Capilano Canyon

Rushing water through a rocky canyon and a network of trails set in a rain forest make the Capilano Canyon a splendid hike for any time of the year.

Coliseum Mountain

The trail to Coliseum Mountain in North Vancouver is a challenging hike with incredible views of the backcountry mountain peaks.

Crown Mountain

A difficult hike in the backcountry behind Grouse Mountain, the views from Crown Mountain of the nearby mountains are spectacular.

Dam Mountain

A short hike into the backcountry behind Grouse Mountain, the trails to Dam Mountain offer a good workout and scenic views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Dog Mountain

A spectacular view of Vancouver can be seen from Dog Mountain, a short trail that starts from Mount Seymour on the North Shore.

Fisherman's Trail

Located in North Vancouver, the Fisherman's Trail follows the Seymour River in the lush forests of the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve to the Mid Valley Viewpoint.

Goat Mountain

A picturesque hike that starts from the top of the Grouse Mountain Ski Resort, Goat Mountain offers a great view of Vancouver as well as a full panoramic view of the backcountry terrain.

Goldie Lake

The trails around Goldie Lake on top of Mount Seymour offer a family friendly hike that loops through the forest and around nearby Flower Lake.

Grouse Grind

The most popular trail in Vancouver, the Grouse Grind is known more for exercise and its challenge than its scenery.

Hanes Valley Trail

The Hanes Valley Trail is a very steep, difficult hiking route that starts in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park and ends at Grouse Mountain.

Little Goat Mountain

Little Goat Mountain is located in the backcountry trails behind Grouse Mountain and can be done as a short side trip combined with other hiking routes.

Lynn Loop

A short hike that journeys through the forest in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park and returns along Lynn Creek.

Lynn Peak

A steep trail in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park with a great view, Lynn Peak is a great hike close to the city.

Maplewood Flats

Maplewood Flats Conservation Area is a popular bird watching park in North Vancouver that is managed by the Wild Bird Trust of British Columbia.

Mount Fromme

Although Mount Fromme is not as popular as nearby Grouse Mountain and Lynn Valley trails, the hike to the top passes through a network of scenic trails and there are some nice views of backcountry mountains on clear days.

Mount Seymour

A panoramic view of Vancouver, Indian Arm, and the surrounding Coastal Mountain range can be seen from the top of Mount Seymour.

Mystery Lake

The hike to Mystery Lake at Mount Seymour is relatively easy but the lake is scenic, a great place for families, and a popular swimming hole in the summer months.

Norvan Falls

A waterfall located in the lush green forests of Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, Norvan Falls is the perfect hike that can be completed just about anytime throughout the year.

Quarry Rock

Located near the community of Deep Cove, Quarry Rock offers a scenic view of Indian Arm and the mountains around Belcarra.

Rice Lake

Rice Lake is a calm, quiet lake located on the edge of the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park in North Vancouver.

Skyline Trail

The hike along the steep Skyline Trail is full of history, including following the route of the old chairlift, passing an old collapsed cabin, and passing the site of a US Airforce F-86 Sabre jet crash that occurred in 1954.

Thunderbird Ridge

Thunderbird Ridge is a relatively quick hike from the top of Grouse Mountain that offers scenic views of Crown Mountain, Kennedy Lake, and the city of Vancouver on a clear day.

Twin Falls

The popular hike to Twin Falls in North Vancouver crosses the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and follows a scenic trail down to the waterfall before returning up the steep stairs on the other side of the canyon.

Two Canyon Loop

Two Canyon Loops passes through the Seymour River Canyon and Lynn Creek Canyon on the North Shore.