As host of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the community of Whistler is situated along the scenic Sea to Sky Highway, and is less than two hours north of Vancouver. Though world renowned for its skiing and snowboarding, this exciting year-round destination is a natural playground for all types of outdoor enthusiasts.

The area is nothing short of a hiker's paradise, and includes easy access to some of the most spectacular hiking on the continent for trekkers of all abilities. Here, you'll find trails of various lengths winding past stunning waterfalls, lakes and colourful meadows. Along the way, stop to enjoy the wildflowers, picnic in the mountains, play, swim, camp, bird-watch, and take in the incredible glacial lakes and impressive panoramic vistas.

Whistler's alpine viewpoints are truly second to none, offering some of the most breathtaking scenery in Southwest British Columbia.

Hiking Trails

Ancient Cedars Trail

The Ancient Cedars Trail follows a scenic, forested route that ends in a grove of massive old-growth cedar trees.

Ascent Trail

The Ascent Trail is a steep hiking trail that starts from the base of Blackcomb Mountain and ends at the top next to the Rendezvous Lodge, offering a good workout yet beautiful scenery of the surrounding Whistler area.

Black Tusk

The dark, jagged edges of Black Tusk make it the most spectacular of the mountains in Garibaldi Provincial park.

Blackcomb Meadows

Alpine hiking trails that pass Blackcomb Lake and continue up onto a ridge with viewpoints of the Overlord Glacier and Fitzsimmons Valley.

Brandywine Falls

A short walk brings you to this spectacular waterfall that drops 70 meters into the cavern below.

Brandywine Meadows

Located south of Whistler, Brandywine Meadows is a scenic meadow full of wildflowers and surrounded by picturesque mountains and glaciers.

Cheakamus Lake

Located in Garibaldi Provincial Park, Cheakamus Lake offers an easy hike to a turquoise lake surrounded by lush forests.

Conflict Lake

Located in Callaghan Valley area west of Whistler, the hike to Conflict Lake offers scenic views of Powder Mountain, passes open meadows, and the Journeyman Lodge.

Crater Rim Trail

The Crater Rim Trail is located in the Whistler Interpretive Forest and loops around Loggers Lake on a higher ridge that is part of an extinct volcano.

Garibaldi Lake

With turquoise-coloured water nestled between alpine mountains and a spectacular glacier as the backdrop, Garibaldi Lake is one of the most scenic destinations in British Columbia.

Helm Lake

Located in Garibaldi Provincial Park, the hike to Helm Lake begins from the Cheakamus Lake parking lot, climbs steeply through the forest before passing the Helm Creek campsite and the scenic alpine area.

High Note Trail

The High Note Trail begins from the top of Whistler Mountain and offers scenic views of Cheakamus Lake, Black Tusk, and alpine areas through Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Iceberg Lake

The hiking trail to Iceberg Lake follows the 19 Mile Creek route, taking you into Whistler's alpine with incredible views of Rainbow Glacier and the surrounding meadows.

Lost Lake Nature Trail

A short hiking trail to Lost Lake that is accessible from Whistler Village.

Panorama Ridge

Overlooking Garibaldi Lake and providing stunning views of Black Tusk and Helm Lake, Panorama Ridge has some of the most spectacular scenery in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Rainbow Lake

One of Whistler's most scenic and prestine lakes, the hike to Rainbow Lake passes waterfalls and bridges before reaching the alpine lake.

Shadow Lake

A quiet lake surrounded by marshland and located just off the highway between Whistler and Pemberton.

Skywalk North Loop

The Skywalk North Loop is located in Whistler and is a challenging hike that takes you high into the alpine, passing Rainbow Glacier, Iceberg Lake, Screaming Cat Lake, and offering many scenic views.

Wedgemount Lake

A glacier lake nestled between alpine mountains located high above Whistler, Wedgemount Lake is one of the most difficult but scenic areas in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Whistler Train Wreck

The Whistler Train Wreck is an important part of Whistler's historical and cultural identity and has become a popular attraction over the years.