Dog Walking Parks and Trails Around Vancouver

Date: May 29, 2009

Living in a city known for its beautiful parks and large areas of green space not only provides a great number of walking and hiking trails for people but also has a great source of trails for our 4-legged companions.

There are many parks throughout Greater Vancouver for people to take their dogs for a walk, including areas that are both on-leash and off-leash. Some of the many parks that have off-leash dog areas in Vancouver include parts Spanish Banks, New Brighton Park, Everett-Crowley Park, Pacific Spirit Park, and even sections of Stanley Park.

"It can be both rewarding for the dog and its owner to explore some of the different dog-friendly parks in the lower mainland and not just take the dog for a walk around the block" says Ann-Marie Fleming of Vancouver Dogs. "We are fortunate to live in an area of the world with forests, rivers, lakes, beaches, and mountains which gives us a wonderful variety for taking your dog for a walk."

Outside the city, there are some great areas to take your dog for a walk as well. Areas such as Buntzen Lake area in Port Moody, Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, the Lynn Creek area in North Vancouver, or Alice Lake in Squamish offer a network of trails for walking your dog and some have off-leash areas too. For a list of Dog Friendly trails that are included on Vancouver Trails, visit our trails page and read about the restrictions for each individual trail.

A few things to remember are to always pick up after your dog and dispose of the droppings in a waste can. This not only helps to keep the park free of waste but it also prevents wild animals from being attracted to your dog's droppings. Also, keep your dog under control at all times on all trails. This will allow for a pleasant experience for other hikers using the trails and also as a safety precaution for yourself in case of an encounter with another wild animal. Finally, obey all signage and be careful not to put your dog at risk, such as allow your pet to venture too close to a canyon cliff or run into an area that they can not get out of, thus putting yourself at risk by having to rescue your dog.

So get out and explore the many parks and trails that Vancouver has to offer and take your dog along for the walk too.

Additional Resources:

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A dog running across the rocks near the Capilano River at Ambleside Park. Two dogs playing at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver. Dogs playing near Trout Lake in East Vancouver.


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