The Teapot Hill Trail is located next to Cultus Lake and offers a short hike uphill with a view of the lake. Park in the Teapot Hill parking lot and start the hike heading uphill. After 100m, there is an outhouse and park map on your left.

Continue heading up the service road, passing by a stream and groves of mixed deciduous and coniferous trees. After about 20-30 minutes, a sign will be posted that points to Teapot Hill off to the right. Continue along this path passing a sign that describes the area flowers that include Stinging Nettle, Western Columbine, Tiger Lily, and Trillium.

A steep hill is an indicator that you are almost there. After ascending the hill, the trail levels out and you come to the first view of Cultus Lake. Stop to take it in briefly before continuing along the trail for another 100m to the second viewpoint that overlooks the lake and Columbia Valley towards the USA.

Stop to have a break here or make your way back to the previous viewpoint before descending back down the hill towards the parking lot.

How to get to Teapot Hill

Estimated Driving Time from Vancouver: 1 hour 40 minutes

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Additional Information

tent icon Camping at Teapot Hill

There are several campsites and facilities located around the Cultus Lake area.

View more details about camping at Teapot Hill.

dog icon Dogs at Teapot Hill

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times on Teapot Hill and are not permitted in non-designated beach areas around Cultus Lake. Please pick up after your dog and dispose of all waste in designated garbage bins around the park.

toilet icon Toilets at Teapot Hill

There is a pit toilet less than 30 seconds up the hill from the parking area. There are several washroom facilities throughout the Cultus Lake area.

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