Laidback Pender Island is part of a group of islands known as the Gulf Islands tucked between Vancouver Island and the mainland.

Getting to Pender Island is part of the adventure. You can take a BC ferry direct from Swartz Bay near Victoria or leave from Tsawwassen on the mainland on a vessel that makes stops at several islands along the way. Once you arrive, it is easy to get around by car, bicycle, or via rides from friendly locals as part of the island’s “Car Stop” program that provides designated hitchhiking locations.

Pender Island is actually made up of two islands, North Pender Island and South Pender Island, separated by a narrow channel and connected by a single-lane bridge. Most of the island's 2200 year-round residents live on North Pender. That is also where you will find the island’s grocery store, restaurants, and other businesses.

Both islands have rolling terrain with thick forests, rocky viewpoints, small lakes, and lots of coastline. Parts of Pender Island’s wilderness are protected within regional parks and Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. Explore the many hiking trails, get out on the water in a rented kayak, or relax on the beach.

Hiking Trails

Beaumont Marine Park

Beaumont Marine Park in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve on South Pender Island is a beautiful park with campsites near the beach area and views of Bedwell Harbour.

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Brooks Point Regional Park

Located on south Pender Island, Brooks Point Regional Park has incredible views from its rocky shoreline across Boundary Pass to the San Juan Islands in the United States.

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Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest on south Pender Island is a lush west coast rainforest with a view of a waterfall and of Bedwell Harbour.

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George Hill Trail

Located on Pender Island, the George Hill Trail provides hikers with incredible views of the Southern Gulf Island region from the top.

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Greenburn Lake

Located on south Pender Island, Greenburn Lake is part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and the trail loops around the forest lake.

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Mount Menzies

Located on the east side of north Pender Island, Mount Menzies has an incredible viewpoint that looks across the water to Saturna Island.

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Mount Norman

Mount Norman is located on South Pender Island and is the highest hill, with a spectacular viewpoint that overlooks Bedwell Harbour.

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Roe Lake

A peaceful forested trail wrap around Roe Lake on Pender Island in the Gulf Islands National Park.

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Roesland is a small, scenic park located on North Pender Island and is part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

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