Situated some 30 kilometres east of downtown Vancouver, Coquitlam is home to more than 80 parks and natural areas offering a myriad of lush walking and hiking trails that are ripe with colourful wildlife and gardens. In fact, the city's network of trails total more than 90 kilometres and includes a section of the renowned Trans-Canada Trail, which spans 16,400 kilometres from coast to coast.

The area's leafy, old-growth forests, pristine streams and waterfalls, and rich natural landscape make it ideal for any type of outdoor recreation, from mountain biking to casual hikes and arduous climbs (and nearly everything in between).

Considered an important wildlife watch site by the BC government, Coquitlam's Minnekhada Regional Park offers more than 200 hectares of green space, along with various trails, majestic cedar and fir trees, bright birds and other wildlife - all of which creates unparalleled bird-watching, hiking and sightseeing opportunities.

Coquitlam's well-maintained trail system also accommodates all types of abilities and capabilities - including wheelchair-accessible trails. From wildlife-viewing to alpine lakes and spectacular 360-degree views of the local mountains, Coquitlam presents boundless outdoor experiences.

Hiking Trails

Coquitlam Crunch

The Coquitlam Crunch is a steep, urban trail that follows a route under large hydro power lines and offers a great workout.

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Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls is located along the Upper Coquitlam River and is a scenic waterfall along a short trail that is popular with hikers, dog walkers and mountain bikers.

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Minnekhada Regional Park

A peaceful nature sanctuary, Minnekhada Regional Park is located near the Pitt - Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area.

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Mundy Park

Mundy Park is a pretty community park with meandering trails through a forest setting.

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Woodland Walk Trail

The Woodland Walk in Coquitlam is a short hike through the Pinecone Burke Provincial Park that ends at the scenic Sawblade Falls.

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