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Greg from Vancouver writes:

Hiked the Woodland trail today on what turned out to be the first truly beautiful day of this spring.
I found the trail to be very well marked and a pleasure to hike, my wife and I are in our mid 50s and fit but no longer athletes, but we found the level of difficulty very manageable.I don't know that I would agree with the rating of easy, but still comfortable. The forest is stunning in its beauty and I love that it remains natural and not gravel pathways. I would highly recommend a visit to both falls and we will definitely return to experience them again. Many thanks to those that created and maintain the trails and to those that use them that have kept them clean.

    Posted: April 2, 2017 07:53:27 PM PST

    Eric Sveinson from Surrey writes:

    Had a great time on the hike today! It's true what they say about the gun range diminishing the experience as it is quite loud. However by the time I got closer to the Woodland Waterfall, it wasn't audible anymore. It is very beautiful and well worth the time spent. Word of advice. Leave in the afternoon and you may largely avoid the gun range distraction. I headed back from the Waterfall at 4:30PM and didn't notice any more shot sounds. I think this means the range closes at a certain time. This made the way home so much more relaxing and enjoyable! Also, watch out for bears! I had to scare one off the trail!

      Posted: September 18, 2016 10:12:12 PM PST

      Jennifer from New Westminster writes:

      *take the longer route and be safe* Before deciding to take the immediate left after the metal gate to cut through the forest, consider that this is an active mountain biking trail. It has wicked jumps, narrow, steeply sided bike runs and very limited visibility around sharp corners. Combine this with the loud gun shot noises making it nearly impossible to hear other trail users and you may decide this short cut isn't worth it. We found the gravel road to be much easier to follow and of course safe all the way until you begin Woodland Falls trail. P.s. spotted baby black bear cub today!

        Posted: August 7, 2016 06:40:27 PM PST

        KB from Coquitlam writes:

        Mostly bike trails, rocky paths and empty stream beds cutting across the trail. Intersects with many other trails so it can be confusing.

          Posted: July 10, 2016 09:17:47 PM PST

          Gary from Port Moody writes:

          Great little hike! Like many here, I would definitely say it is not an 'easy' rating. Not that it is especially technical, dangerous, or gruelling, but it is fairly strenuous in spots, there are a lot of footing hazards like roots, and care and attention is needed on some of the steeper places like the descent at the falls. Did this today, 30 degrees out so definitely worked up a sweat, and enjoyed a few handfuls of ripe salmonberries along the trail (sorry Mr & Mrs Bear...). I was surprised that I was the only person on the trail- I didi not see another person for hours. I started around 3:00 though, so likely it was busy earlier in the day.

          I took the Upper Loop on the way up, and the Lower on the way down. I have to say that I think the Upper Loop would be an easier, safer climb for most people. I didn't find Upper to be especially steep or difficult at all- just a good moderate workout. Coming back down Lower I felt that if I had climbed that way, it would have seemed a bit harder.

          Saw a mother bear with two cubs near the parking area; but besides birds, no other wildlife except for a tiny, super cute green toad on the exposed lookout coming down on Lower.

          All in all, a very enjoyable couple of hours and a definite return hike at some point- maybe later in the summer when the water is warmer; that pool looked pretty inviting!

            Posted: June 6, 2016 12:34:48 AM PST

            Greta from Vancouver writes:

            Beautiful hike to the falls - though agree with some of the other commenters that 'Easy' might be misleading to some. (It has plenty of roots, is sometimes narrow and has a few steep spots. It's still a hike, not a walk!)
            BUT...my main reason to comment is to let everyone know to watch where you park! Our party of three cars was impounded today for parking along the side of the road leading up to the shooting range, and it cost $200 a piece to get us out. The signage was *not clear* and we were *not* blocking any entrances. Some people we were talking to said that people park there all the time and that the signs looked new, but still. *Be Careful!*

              Posted: May 23, 2016 10:48:16 PM PST

              Chris from Port Coquitlam writes:

              Took my dog up here this long weekend as we were looking for a new spot. Loved the environment and I agree with some commentors that this is not an easy hike. More of a lighter intermediate hike, we did the route in 2hrs (we pushed it). Instructions are spot on for the way up to the falls (both of them) but the instructions for the way back are terrible. I recommend you backtrack your route and watch the markers on the trail (they are super visible) and read the signs to get back (and through the lower loop).

                Posted: May 22, 2016 09:31:19 PM PST

                JohnSoanes from Langley writes:

                When using the described starting point we could not find the trail "immediately on the left" from the gravel road. There is a trail across the road take you away from where you want to be; if there is another trail it is unmarked and/or completely overgrown. The easiest way is to go up the gravel road for about 1 KM where there is a sign for Woodland Walk on the left.

                The trail from the Upper Loop sign is well marked. There is also way-finding for Sawblade Falls, the lower Falls and trails to Coquitlam Lake, the Lower Loop and Harper Road.

                My GPS had my distance at over 13 KM.

                I did this after a rain and found some parts to be a little slick, and steep. I suggest proper footwear is required.

                  Posted: September 17, 2015 09:52:20 PM PST

                  Alex Campbell from Port Moody writes:

                  Just did the hike on July 23rd. Beautiful hike, not very difficult except for the switchbacks up to Sawblade Falls. It's marked pretty well for about 3/4 of the hike, but we got turned around a few times. Great description, but the "rock clearing" on the way up to Sawblade Falls is more of a little lookout towards Coquitlam Lake. We were expecting more of a rocky river bank. Apart from that, awesome day in Pinecone-Burke! Will definitely come back and do the full loop to the Lakeview Lookout.

                    Posted: July 23, 2015 05:31:32 PM PST

                    Lorne from Vancouver writes:

                    05 April 2015: Please note that construction is disrupting the Woodland trail. While on the walk/light hike, a couple passed us heading back and mentioned that they were turned back due to blasting being done in the area.
                    These conditions are likely variable but thought to give other folks a heads-up before they head out there.

                      Posted: April 6, 2015 09:10:11 PM PST

                      Dianne from Vancouver writes:

                      This hike is absolutely beautiful. The instructions are pretty good - we didn't get lost on the way to Sawblade Falls, however, the instructions coming back down the mountain were a bit too confusing to follow. We ended up accidentally following a different trail back, but we stayed with the blue markers so we knew we were at least going the right way. Although it doesn't really look like it, the trail is right at the yellow gate on the left hand side. It's also a mountain bike trail so you'll see jumps and whatnot. Follow the orange markers until you hit the gravel road. There are signs here and there which is definitely easier to follow. The trail after the power lines is harder to find, but again there is a sign and this time, there are blue markers. We went up this trail and ended up coming out on a trail at the far end of the construction on the way down. I would classify this hike as intermediate. I've done quite a few trails on this website and "easy" seems to be too broad a spectrum. Rice Lake, which is classified as easy and truly is - it's a stroll around a lake -definitely shouldn't be in the same category as this hike. The majority of the hike is straight up a mountain. Sawblade falls is truly amazing and definitely worth the trek. We only saw 3 people on this hike so it's extremely peaceful.

                        Posted: February 5, 2015 06:34:14 AM PST

                        Alex from Vancouver writes:

                        Hiked this trail today. There is no snow and, if you follow the instructions on the site, you'll make it there perfectly.

                        Also, the trail is very well marked, very well maintained.

                        Great easy hike, the trees and the forest are magical, the falls are very beautiful.

                          Posted: January 21, 2015 06:04:14 PM PST

                          Sherron Mjanes from Coquitlam writes:

                          Great views of Sawmill Falls at the top. The trail is a bit hard to find at times, mainly because of the construction. The last part of the hike is very steep.
                          Lovely forests and streams A beautiful walk.

                            Posted: January 16, 2015 11:37:57 PM PST

                            AJC from VANCOUVER writes:

                            My daughter and I sought to hike up to the falls on Dec.31st. After an hour of hiking we didn't reach the powerlines (that was suppose to take 20 minutes) so we turned around. On our way down we talked to a mountain biker, we met on the gravel road, who had been to the falls. He suggested the best way to the falls was via the gravel road and then on the spur at the end. He made it in an hour and fifteen minutes on his bike. He started at the metal gate. I don't like walking on gravel roads so I won't be going back. All the best to anyone who tries.

                              Posted: December 31, 2014 05:21:54 PM PST

                              Deb from COQUITLAM writes:

                              This is a great beginner hike. You can get away with just wearing good trail runners.

                              Besides the distant sounds coming from the gun range, this trail is pretty quiet. Be aware that the first portion of the route just before the first gravel road is on a shared trail. Watch and listen for mountain bikers in front and behind you. You'll also see some bike obstacles as well. Please also carry a copy of these instructions with you. The route is marked, but sometimes the markers and signage aren't always easy to spot, and are not always obvious.

                              The route up to Sawmill Falls - which are gorgeous - is quite steep, so please take care.

                                Posted: September 12, 2014 10:43:43 AM PST

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