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surinder from delta writes:

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    Posted: May 15, 2023 10:37:42 AM PST

    MJ from Vancouver writes:

    I did this hike on Thanksgiving day (4 days ago). The weather was rainy for the past few days before the day of my hike, so the trail was pretty wet overall. The valley was fuggy and a lot of the path was either water or mud. Thankfully the river flow wasn't too high.

    Overall, I don't recommend this hike after major rainfall or after October. There are many opportunities for falling down and major injuries for inexperienced hikers.

      Posted: October 16, 2020 05:27:19 PM PST

      Jen from Vancouver writes:

      Hiked this one July 14th. The section leading to Norvan Falls is very flat and you can move pretty quickly. Once you are over the bridge past the falls things get more challenging, and the route is less well travelled. Be sure to always follow the markers (a mix of yellow squares and orange flagging tape). There are lots of places where it is easy to get off trail without realising right away. The trail is well marked, and the markers are close together so you should always be able to see the next one.

      The boulder field was slow going but fun. Again, keep an eye out for the markers (orange dots, orange flagging tape) to follow the best route and ensure that you come out at the right spot to pick up the trail again. You might see some tiny pika in the rocks (little rodents). They are super cute.

      After joining with the Crown Mountain trail, it got VERY muddy (there was rain this weekend), especially the section with the chains (which is just a short section).

      It took a little longer to get down to the Skyride than I expected but there are great views. Line-up for the skyride was about 40 minutes.

      Total hike time: 7hrs.

      • Hanes Valley Trail photo
      • Hanes Valley Trail photo
      • Hanes Valley Trail photo

        Posted: July 15, 2019 08:27:04 AM PST

        Paul from Ladner, BC writes:

        Hiked on Sat July 6. The trail is clear. Quite a bit of rain so the last few kilometres were pretty muddy. All markings are clear and easy to find. Don't miss the left turn approx 1km past the Norvan Falls suspension bridge. There's an obvious sign but the trail looks small and inconspicuous. Creek crossing not too bad - combination log crossing and boulder scramble. When you complete the rock talus area - you're definitely not done climbing up. A great challenge. Approx 7.5 hours for me - Lynn Valley to Grouse gondola. A few people cruised past "running" the route.

          Posted: July 8, 2019 10:43:21 AM PST

          Blaine Turnacliff from Burnaby writes:

          Did this hike yesterday, May 13. Started at Lynn Valley and did the loop to Grouse Mountain, then back to Lynn Valley on the BCMC trail. Took nearly 9 hours in total but that's with a 40 min break at the Grouse Chalet.
          Made very good time until got to the talus slope on the backside of Crown Pass, then took 4 hours up the slope and across to come out at Grouse chalet. There was snow from the talus slope until one came out just out maybe half km from the chalet. While the talus is tough going and a very vertical climb, it is quite doable for someone in good shape and experienced. There is absolute minimal risk of a slide with the conditions this year as the snow is so wet and compacted on the talus.
          Of course conditions at this time of year still could vary so one would be advised to exhibit usual caution.. It is advisable to have a pole along to assist with each step and to make "steps" for footholds on the steep talus as the snow is so compact and slippery. Crampons would have made the climb easier but only marginally so. Once I made it to Crown Pass, I could pick up the trail markers and there were a few foot prints from previous hikers.

            Posted: May 14, 2019 07:46:42 PM PST

            Manny from Vancouver writes:

            Hiked this on Friday, October 12. No snow on the trail but very foggy in the boulder field section - fantastic views once we were above that layer of fog! We were a group of experienced hikers, took us about 7.5 hrs with a few breaks. Very fun hike!

              Posted: December 4, 2018 07:46:15 PM PST

              Frederick from North Van writes:

              Did this yesterday and loved it. Great views. Note the Lynn Headwaters parking lot closes earlier this time of year. Set out early and give yourself a buffer to get back to your car before they close.. if I hadn't, I would probably have caused a fuss. There was a 1.5 hour wait for the gondola down from grouse. Account for things like this in your plans.

              I also made the mistake of going up the middle of the boulder field. I saw a few flags to the left but couldn't see the next ones so I assumed I was just meant to go up the middle (looked like the right way). Added almost 2 hours to my total time! The centre is much slower going and very precarious, I was lucky not to slip as some of those giant boulders shifted beneath me. The proper route is still a scramble, but is much more confidence inspiring. If you feel like you're going the wrong way, you probably are!

              As to the person below who missed the turnoff after Norvan falls there is indeed a sign saying Hanes Valley and pointing left.. be extra careful

                Posted: September 3, 2018 07:45:59 PM PST

                Erin from Vancouver writes:

                I also tried to run this yesterday and missed the turn off to Hanes Valley Trail and ended up at Lynn Lake. I believe this part of the directions is missing on the actual trail:

                "Eventually, you reach another junction marked by a sign with map of the area. Going right takes you to Lynn Lake, however you want to go left and down the steep hill to follow the Hanes Valley route."

                I never saw this on the way up or when I had to make my way down because I ended up at a dead end. I only saw clear markers leading one way.

                  Posted: August 29, 2018 09:02:01 AM PST

                  Kala from Vancouver writes:

                  I set out to run this on August 18th, but was really more of a fast hike because of all the climbing. It took me 5.5 hours (including a short break at Norvan Falls), and ended up being 22km - I missed the turn off to Hanes Valley and went up the trail to Lynn Lake a few kms before I realized and doubled back. Its very well marked, I just had my head down, I guess. The trail wasn't too busy - I probably passed four or five small groups between Norvan Falls and the turn off to Crown Mountain. It was pretty smokey, but luckily I still got a decent view of the valley and Crown Mountain. In all, a fun but challenging route!

                    Posted: August 21, 2018 12:14:59 PM PST

                    Zed from Vancouver writes:

                    We did this hike in August and it took us about 7 hours, that's with taking a lunch break and some breaks during the boulder section. I found the description fairly accurate so I was well prepared. The first part is more or less flat or slight uphill until you reach the helipad, that took us about 3 hours (fairly fast pace, no breaks). The only scary part here was crossing the creek over a log. If you have a fear of heights, you might find that intimidating, but it was very short and easy to cross. Didn't die.

                    We took our lunch break at the helipad and that's where the climb starts. The estimates said that the boulder part takes about an hour, and that was fairly accurate. It took us a big longer because we took 2-3 breaks. It is pretty uphill, but doesn't really require any technical skill. Scary bits would be the possibility of slipping and twisting an ankle, or grabbing a rock and then realizing it's not actually attached to anything. Had a couple near heart attacks there, but as long as you're careful should be good. Didn't die.

                    After the boulders there is still some uphill through the trees and then it levels out a bit. This is where you get your hopes up that the climbing part is over. Abandon hope, there's more. Now you do some more climbing, and there is a section with chains. It's reminiscent of the Chief, wasn't too bad. Wasn't afraid I'd die.

                    After that climb, you start seeing signs of civilization - frequent markers showing the distance to the gondola. That part is mostly downhill and felt pretty short (about 5 k).

                    All in all, I was pretty intimidated by this hike, but it is doable for a person of medium fitness. If you're not sure what that means, I can do the Grouse Grind in about 1 hour and 1.15. My other friends were more fit, but they took breaks with me. So at that fitness level, it took 7 hrs.

                      Posted: August 20, 2018 11:28:32 AM PST

                      Kelsey from Vancouver writes:

                      Hiked this on August 14. Great trail with a lot of varied terrain. I consider the trail to be quite easy until you get to the boulder valley. As previous people have mentioned, the section after the boulder valley is also pretty challenging, so be prepared. Bring lots of water and a can-do attitude! If you start early enough, no need to feel rushed. We took our time, making numerous stops for lunch, snacks, and water, and finished in 7 hours.

                      It rained two days before we went on this trail, so the section past the junction between Hanes and Crown Mountain was quite muddy. There were also a lot of mosquitoes at the top, which was a little unexpected, but not a problem after using some bug spray.

                        Posted: August 14, 2018 03:11:36 PM PST

                        Ron from Vancouver writes:

                        What an amazing hike! Full of variety, spectacular backcountry views and physical & mental challenges. We took the bus to Lynn Headwaters and hiked to Grouse Mountain. The boulder field is flagged - so always keep an eye out for the next flag/marker, as it is easy to get off track. Bring lots of water (used 2.5 L on a sunny & humid August 10, 2018). Even after the boulder field, there is still some tough hiking to go, so be prepared.

                        • Hanes Valley Trail photo
                        • Hanes Valley Trail photo
                        • Hanes Valley Trail photo

                          Posted: August 11, 2018 07:00:10 AM PST

                          Michelle from Vancouver writes:

                          Ran this with a friend on Oct 28, 2017 - the trail was in AMAZING condition, no snow and the rocks were all dry! Worth doing this ASAP before the weather gets too cold and snow starts to accumulate in the area.

                          The 7K to Norvan is runnable trail, and the 3-4K after you cross the bridge into the backcountry is also pretty runnable. The crossing over Lynn Creek is a little dodgy, but doable with the logs and rocks there.

                          When you get to the boulder field, make sure you follow the markers closely and head up the boulder field to the LEFT, not the large one straight ahead of you! If you've lost the markers you're probably going the wrong way! (Not speaking from experience or anything...)

                          It's then a little more climbing to get back to runnable terrain on top of Grouse. We completed the loop by running down Old Mountain Highway back to our car parked at Lynn Headwaters (ended up approx. 30K total). An awesome morning of running. Highly recommended for a good adventure :)

                            Posted: October 28, 2017 06:31:57 PM PST

                            Kari K from North Vancouver writes:

                            An amazing hike! We did this on Oct 9, 2017. By far the hardest day hike I have ever done. Up to Norvan Falls it is a nice rolling trail. Once you cross Lynn Creek, it is pretty much gradual uphill with a hard climb up loose rocks at the end. Once you have completed the "rock section", it will still be 3.6 km to the Grouse Mtn Gondola. The 8.5 hrs time on the website was very accurate for us and I would definitely agree with the "difficult" rating. The amazing views definitely make up for the hard work. Bring lots of water. Not sure I would like to do this in summer heat:)

                              Posted: October 10, 2017 09:25:52 AM PST

                              Lord Bob from Richmond writes:

                              Did it solo Lynn to Grouse for the first time on Sunday, September 10. A cool partially cloudy day. As far as Norvan Falls is old hat for me and probably for any locals who should be thinking about this trail. From there until the helicopter pad, there's up and down and creekbeds and pulling yourself up by treeroots but nothing astonishing. There are also no views besides Norvan Falls itself and agreeable forest hiking if you like that sort of thing. The only challenges are getting lost but there are so, so, so many reassurance markers that there's really no excuse, and the log crossing of Lynn Creek. This late in the season the creek was low enough that I scrambled across the rocks, which is much better if you can swing it. Some kind soul has hit the descent to the creek at the junction with the Lynn Lake trail with a confetti cannon so it is absolutely unmistakable.

                              Then you hit the boulder field which, viewed from afar, scared me poopless. Actually on it, I was delighted at how manageable it was. Sure it's a long plodding way up, but with a few short breaks I pushed through nicely. This was where the Sunday traffic bunched up and there were probably nine of us within a short area, which slowed things down. Risk was a bit of scree knocking your brains out or bad footing. Flagging tape and spraypaint are everywhere but not always on the "obvious" path of least resistance so always be heading towards a specific marker rather than doing what you reckon makes sense lest you do Crown Mountain the idiot's way.

                              Leisurely lunch with the crowd at the top of the boulder field, sandwiched between layers of mist, the perfect spot. Look down a lot. Feeling confident, I sauntered the rest of the way and got dicked in the eyeball by way more climbing than I expected. The chain section was fine, with good shoes and the confidence to power up the chains rather than trying to pick treeroots around the edges. The rest was just up, through mud or rock or loose dirt, and it took the wind out of my sails, even loping past tourists down the Alpine Trail, until I recognized the service road and realized I'd basically won.

                              I had simple scrambling gloves from MEC in my kit for the first time and they paid off big. Also note at this time there is no water between the helicopter pad and Grouse Mountain's tourist bits, so if you're one of nature's sweaters like me load up. It was a cool day and I drained my whole 2L hydration pack before I was on the Skyride.

                              Between the Lynn general store and the Skyride was six hours. Could have done it in less but glad I didn't try.

                                Posted: September 10, 2017 06:23:40 PM PST

                                brian from N Van writes:

                                This is a great hike i have done it a number of times. However don't underestimate it. You are in the full BC backcountry once you pass Norvan falls. No cell coverage, no large groups of people etc. go prepared 10 essentials and bring extra food and water. It is ardous and it saves this till the end, that is up till the hanes valley headwall the hiking is easy however in the last 3-5km you go from flat enjoyable trail to full on up hill trudge and if you turn back there is 14 km behind you so go planning to complete it and prepared in case something happens (twist an ankle) or you simply take longer than expected. If you go prepared it is one of my favourite hikes

                                  Posted: July 22, 2017 06:20:14 PM PST

                                  Joanna from Hamilton writes:

                                  Tackled this trail on June 17. The trail up to the boulder field was great - after that the snow was quite deep and broke through in sections. The trail markings were hard to see because of the snow, so we took on a very steep section that definitely wasn't part of the trail post boulder field. It was a good adventure! Very strenuous, a little dodgy at points.

                                  • Hanes Valley Trail photo

                                    Posted: June 22, 2017 12:13:00 PM PST

                                    Dan from North Van writes:

                                    June 19th, 2017 - After originally planning to just do Norvan Falls, my friend and I decided we had enough time and provisions to take on Hanes. The trail is currently closed and the steep boulder section onwards is covered in about 3 meters of snow (making it even more difficult.) It is very hard to see the trail markers at times due to the amount of snow and there is no cell service. We advise against attempting this trail until it has been opened. That being said, it was quite an adventure.

                                    • Hanes Valley Trail photo

                                      Posted: June 19, 2017 10:39:49 PM PST

                                      Tobi from Vancouver writes:

                                      Hiked it on Saturday August 27. Trail is in great condition. Plenty of markers on the boulder field. I would only do Crown if you are really determined to do so. It adds quite a bit of extra workout to the whole thing and in my eyes it was not the highlight of the whole hike.

                                        Posted: August 29, 2016 06:39:37 AM PST

                                        Chris from Surrey writes:

                                        Hiked this on July 3 and the snow is pretty much gone from the trail (some small patches on the way to grouse).

                                          Posted: July 4, 2016 02:38:16 PM PST

                                          Ray from Vancouver writes:

                                          Hiked the trail from Lynn valley June 18. We had patches of snow on the shady sides of Hanes valley, near the top of the boulder field. Snow along the top of Goat and near Dam Mt. We did have a wet slushy trek but a good test for endurance. The lodge at Grouse was a pleasant rest stop and the coffee was needed to warm up. After a short rest we headed back down old Mountain Hwy to the start of the hike in Lynn valley. The hike was 38km with 3000m of elevation change and took us just under 7 hrs, included running when we could.

                                            Posted: June 19, 2016 02:08:59 PM PST

                                            Brad Mistry from Vancouver writes:

                                            I did this hike alone on June 4th, 2016. I consider myself is average shape and this put me to my limit. I was already exhausted before the boulder field and a good part of me died at the end of that section.

                                            As for snow, there is tons of slushy snow between the Crown Mountain Junction and the Service Road. I did this without snow shoes as it is manageable, however I was sliding most the time. Also had altitude sickness at this elevation (which I was shocked).

                                            Not an easy hike. I only removed 1 star from the rating due to my own physical inadequacies. I recommend doing this hike in July as the posting suggested.

                                              Posted: June 6, 2016 06:15:19 PM PST

                                              Alan Woodland from Vancouver writes:

                                              We did this route on May 13, 2016. Snow on the upper part of the north-facing slopes of Hanes Valley required us to kick steps into the steep snow and I was glad to have my ice axe with me. Once we reached the col, we realized that western sun exposure and walking along the windward side of the ridge did not not mean the snowpack would be reduced. At least a metre in places and probably 4-6 weeks before being clear. We splashed around in the afternoon slush and made our way to the Grouse Mountain Skyride. Total trip time was 8 hours, but would have been much faster without the snow. Be fit! This hike will challenge you.

                                                Posted: May 13, 2016 10:27:01 PM PST

                                                Alan Luk from Coquitlam writes:

                                                Anyone know if the trail is open yet?

                                                  Posted: May 12, 2016 10:20:28 PM PST

                                                  C from Vancouver writes:

                                                  No the trail is not open right now - it is only open, per this page, from July to September. People had to be rescued from there yesterday because they weren't prepared and went in despite it being clearly marked as being closed.

                                                    Posted: February 22, 2016 03:50:32 PM PST

                                                    Pallando from Burnaby writes:

                                                    Is the trail open now?

                                                      Posted: February 15, 2016 03:14:03 AM PST

                                                      Kirk from North Vancouver writes:

                                                      Hiked this trail yesterday (Oct 27, 2015) and it was in good condition. The crossing over Lynn Creek past Norvan falls is a bit treacherous and you have to be very careful. The log across the creek was very slippery where the bark has been removed. Download wait was 45 min - 1hr up at Grouse so plan for that if they only have the blue skyride running. Great hike overall, definitely a very good workout. Took us about 5 hours all in.

                                                        Posted: October 28, 2015 10:16:28 AM PST

                                                        Francis from Coquitlam writes:

                                                        This is definitely one difficult but exhilarating hike that I plan on doing again. I did this hike last Saturday with 4 other people. The weather was sunny and not overly hot. The first 7 km from the trail head to the metal suspension bridge were not all that interesting. The group almost got lost at the log jam over Lynn Creek, but I spotted the markers heading into the forest and got us back on track. That's when the trail started to get rough. The trail between Lynn Creek and the boulder field is full of switchbacks and gradually rises until you come to a clearing with a SAR cache and helicopter pad. We stopped for 2 mins before carrying on through a short but steep trail that led us onto the boulder field. The boulder field seems easy at first but becomes grueling as it becomes steeped towards the top. Many loose rocks and much opportunity for injury. At the last portion of the rock field we heard voices as we neared Crown Pass. Once we reached the Junction with the Crown Mountain trail we saw several groups of people resting as well as other groups going to and from Crown Mountain. We thought about carrying on to Crown Mountain but one member of our group was uncomfortable with that so we elected to just head straight to Grouse. The trail from Crown Pass to Little Goat was dusty and not at all wet. We took the Alpine trail to Grouse and had a well-deserved pint at the chalet before taking the gondola down. The hike took us about 6.5 hours at a moderate pace.

                                                        I recommend being physically fit and bring food and lots of water. I would not suggest doing this one solo.

                                                          Posted: August 27, 2015 02:18:08 AM PST

                                                          Jeffrey S from Vancouver writes:

                                                          Me again, did this on July 11, the "normal" way, Lynn to Grouse, with two others. First day of precipitation in Vancouver in months.

                                                          Very easy the first half, and even with a light drizzle over the boulder field it was not so bad, footing was sure, though it is hard enough. As the fog rolled in we had problems seeing the route up, could not always spot the markings. No view either.

                                                          As the rain picked up and the temperature was dropping after the boulders we had a harder time. It was less comfortable to stop, as coverage was thinner. We ended up drenched and cold, so even changed clothing.
                                                          Underestimated how much was left, and how much vertical as well. So the last 2 hours were difficult.

                                                          I suppose not being able to enjoy the views after the boulders was unlucky, but still very glad to have done this.

                                                          Regarding my query below, I think you could do this reverse, up the Grind and towards Crown, linking into the Hanes trail down. Markings may not be clear though. Going down boulders could be tedious, but after would be a breeze. Maybe 1 hr longer.

                                                            Posted: July 14, 2015 04:57:25 PM PST

                                                            Jeffrey S from Vancouver writes:

                                                            I'd like to know how it would be to do this hike the opposite direction, something I always wanted to do: up Grouse Grind over the top and DOWN the Hanes Valley trail, ending at Lynn Canyon. What parts would be particularly hard going down...the boulder field?


                                                              Posted: July 7, 2015 05:09:32 PM PST

                                                              Ron from Vancouver writes:

                                                              Hiked Hanes Valley on July 2, 2015. The trail was dry and the main creek crossing was easy to cross (just walk carefully over the big log which acts as a bridge).

                                                              We arrived by bus at the Lynn Headwaters entrance around 9:10am. We finished the hike at the top of Grouse Mountain around 2:30pm. We only took a 15 minute break for lunch at the helicopter pad.

                                                              The boulder field was challenging and the most difficult part of the hike. Ensure you bring at least 3 liters of water (1 liter will be just for the boulder field on a hot day). The boulder field is well marked - just ensure you keep an eye on the orange tape.

                                                              Great hike with amazing views!

                                                                Posted: July 2, 2015 05:01:28 PM PST

                                                                Dom from Vancouver writes:

                                                                Was up there on May 31st and did Hanes Valley up to Crown Mountain then back down Grouse and across the Baden Powell back to Lynn Valley.

                                                                I can confirm there's no more snow, lots of bugs and really quiet trail, we maybe saw 3 groups in the morning.

                                                                  Posted: June 2, 2015 02:13:37 PM PST

                                                                  Trevor Lyons from Vancouver writes:

                                                                  My bro and i a completed this hike today. Overall the trail was very. I found the time estimate to be verry conservative as we completed hanes valley AND crown mountain in 8 hours. The hanes valley trail is very easy until the boulder field and then it gets fun :) love you lo. call mets xo TL ps im single

                                                                    Posted: May 24, 2015 12:17:08 AM PST

                                                                    Andy from North Vancouver writes:

                                                                    I did this trail on Sunday 5th Oct 2014 alone (son sprained his ankle the day before). However I took all the precautions and absolutely loved it!

                                                                    It's a wonderful trail, and my new personal favourite.

                                                                    It's a little scary when you do it the first time, as there is a point with insufficient trail markings, where the trail splits at Hanes Valley Junction (from Lynne Lake). I didn't see any trail markings telling me to turn left there. Therefore, when you get to the junction, you need to take the smaller trail to the left, down the slope to the stream.

                                                                    Anxiety is increased a bit when you get to the stream, as there isn't any obvious crossing point, just a raging stream under a few slippery logs. After debating whether I was on the right trail or not, I eventually elected to carry on, and crossed the stream (lots of crawling and balancing).

                                                                    I think I wasted quite a bit of time, generally making sure I was on the right track. Note, if you're counting on using your phone's GPS there, there isn't any signal, so you will be stuck, if you don't have an app to allow you to use GPS without a network signal. I got an app straight after I got back from this hike.

                                                                    The rest of the trail is great, and the boulder field is such a great workout! The distance doesn't look that far, but once you're on the boulder field, it feels like you'll never get off, they just seem to go on and up forever.

                                                                    Once you're up to Crown Pass, expect to get muddy climbing up Goat Mtn. Those chains are pretty muddy as well.

                                                                    After you're near the top of Goat Mtn, basically Grouse Mtn, the trail becomes easy. It's a nice casual hike across the mountain and eventually downhill to the gondola at the top of Grouse.

                                                                    All in all the hike took 8.5 hours, but I lost quite a lot of time triple-checking my route and backtracking somewhat, and I spent an hour photographing Norvan Falls! - Take your camera, it'll add hours onto your hike! :-D

                                                                    It's a great route! There wasn't any snow when I went, however I expect snow will soon fall up there.

                                                                    I definitely wouldn't even think of climbing those boulders out of Hanes Valley in snowy conditions, without knowing what I was doing. Almost every smaller boulder I stood on moved. Further up it felt like I was hiking up a sand dune, two steps up, one step sliding down on scree. Therefore to do all that in snow could mean you could step into a gap in the rocks, or a rock shifts beneath your feet. - Ouch!

                                                                    There are also bears up there. I met a hiker coming down Goat Ridge who looked a little scared, he'd seen a bear on the trail nearby.

                                                                    Enjoy!! :-)

                                                                      Posted: October 9, 2014 07:54:17 PM PST

                                                                      Morten from Vienna writes:

                                                                      I hiked this trail today. I have to say, the estimated time specified for this trail is very conservative. I finished in five hours, and I am a quite novice hiker (though with good stamina and long legs). The five hours included plenty of time for drinking water, eating snacks and taking pictures along the way. I did come well prepared though, having studied the trail description on this page, but I found it to be mostly wasted effort as the trail is quite well marked and very easy to follow. There are also free maps to get at the start of the trail, so you really shouldn't get lost. :)

                                                                      The trail was quite nice, though the first part up to 3rd Debris Chute can be a bit boring, so I suggest switching over to Headwaters Trail from Cedars Mill Trail when possible (as I did). I went on the cloudy/misty day, so there wasn't much point in going to Crown Mountain, though I would recommend doing so if you are good on time. Some locals I met along the way told me the view there is 360 and quite spectacular.

                                                                      The two highlights of the trail were Norvan Falls (try to get up close if you have waterproof shoes) and the boulder field. The boulder field can be bit tiring, but with good hiking boots it's quite enjoyable, and it's also not that long. Ending up at Grouse Mountain is a little strange with all the tourists, but at least I got to see a bear (actually two) while visiting Canada this way. There was also a lumberjack show going on as I arrived, which was amusing. If you still have stamina at this point, I suggest going down the grind (technically prohibited) or making a loop, like someone else suggested here. As I didn't have a map, I opted for the former.

                                                                      Vancouver, August 17, 2014.

                                                                        Posted: August 16, 2014 09:16:48 PM PST

                                                                        Kristine from Vancouver writes:

                                                                        Some friends and I ran/scrambled the route from Hanes Valley the August long weekend. We started from Lynn Canyon, and returned to Lynn Canyon via Mountain highway and some bike trails (you can return all the way to Lynn along Mountain Highway)

                                                                        The trip was around 29km (as we chose not to end our day at Grouse).

                                                                        The day we went was spectacular and we started early 8 am so as to not be out there. We are experienced runners/hikers and it took us 5 hours 43 minutes (including breaks, photo ops, etc) and we ran large segments. If you plan to hike the whole thing I would leave 8 hours if you want to end at Grouse, more if you plan to do a round trip.

                                                                        I personally would not venture out alone (it is marked reasonably well but at some points we had to stop and make sure we are on the trail). Once you cross the metal suspension bridge, you are in back country and there is no easy way off the mountain should something happen. Go with a group or at least a few people who know what they are doing and be prepared.

                                                                        There is a viewpoint at the bottom of Hanes Valley, but the most spectacular views come, after a boulder scramble/hike which took us about an hour give or take.

                                                                        I carried a handheld and a hydration pack of approximately one litre. I refilled the handheld at the creek - I estimate that I drank about three handhelds full and most of the hydration pack (it was a warm day).

                                                                        It is definitely a hike run worth doing, as the views are out of this world. It is a challenging route - and if you are looking for a casual easy hike this is not it.

                                                                          Posted: August 10, 2014 04:11:27 PM PST

                                                                          Ron from Vancouver writes:

                                                                          In my earlier posting below, I made the mistake of indicating that one should go right on the boulder field. That is incorrect. Go towards the left when starting to climb up the boulder field. As I mentioned below, there is sufficient flag markings, so don't proceed up until you find the next marking.

                                                                          The views of Hanes Valley and of Crown Mountain are superb!

                                                                            Posted: August 7, 2014 11:12:10 PM PST

                                                                            Ron from Vancouver writes:

                                                                            We hiked Hanes Valley on August 7, 2014. The creek crossing was fine - the two logs were dry and wide enough to easily walk on to cross the creek.

                                                                            When climbing the boulder field, ensure you keep right and look for tape/flag markers. We made the mistake of going up towards Crown Mountain and were about 3/4 up before we realized we went up the wrong boulder field. The correct boulder field has lots of markers.

                                                                            The rest of the trail, after the boulder field, is steep but not at all scary. The entire trail is well marked. Enjoy!

                                                                              Posted: August 7, 2014 11:09:06 PM PST

                                                                              Tessa from North Vancouver writes:

                                                                              Yesterday (sunday 6 Oct) was perfect weather for a good hike, so my friend and me did Hanes Valley. I guess this is the last week this year that it is still safe to do it; there where only a few patches of snow between Crown mt. junction and Goat mt. junction, but it might get more soon.
                                                                              We are both experienced hikers and have hiked a decent amount in the summer. It took us 6,5 hours from the Parking lot to the Grouse mt. area, only taking a few short stops. (Maybe half an hour in total)

                                                                              I would absolutely recommend this hike to strong hikers to do it. It is hard and strenuous, but also beautiful and fun! Very beautiful surroundings and diverse landscapes and views.
                                                                              There are some challenges like walking over a (very slippery!) tree across the Lynn creek, conquering the boulder field and getting up the slippery muddy rocks, but that makes this trail a great adventure!
                                                                              For those with short legs, it helps if you are flexible. The steps can be quite big.

                                                                              At this time of year there where no black flies or mosquitoes!

                                                                              We disliked ending up on Grouse Mt. between the tourists and waiting in line for the Skyride (still $10). We thought the Grizzly enclosure was terrible.
                                                                              I personally missed a summit. I'm guessing Goat mt. junction is the highest point you get to on this trail.

                                                                              We did miss the trail to Norvan Falls. We probably missed the sign somewhere before the suspension bridge and couldn't be bothered to track back and search it.

                                                                                Posted: October 7, 2013 09:59:58 AM PST

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