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Minnie from New West writes:

Hike Day: Saturday, June 16, 2018.

Lovely trail. Viewpoint Beach was spectacular! The trail was clearly marked and relatively easy. Started the hike just before 11 am and it was pretty quiet until later afternoon.

Will definitely visit again.

  • Golden Ears Canyon Loop photo
  • Golden Ears Canyon Loop photo
  • Golden Ears Canyon Loop photo

    Posted: June 19, 2018 04:13:11 PM PST

    Kara from Vancouver writes:

    Did this hike May 26 with the extra stops at Viewpoint beach on the east side and lower falls on the west side (both worth the extra effort). The East Canyon Trail side where you start out is less interesting, the trail is wider and gravel most of the way. I much preferred the West Canyon Trail side - contrary to some of the comments I found the trail not too steep and quite clearly marked. Much more interesting terrain on the west side - lots of rocks and tree roots. Overall a gorgeous hike! Note that the map in the parking lot is very outdated and doesn't include the bridge.

      Posted: May 28, 2018 02:30:00 PM PST

      Reena from Surrey writes:

      We really enjoyed this hike (27 April 2018) as the trail, forest, creeks and waterfalls are all amazing, not to mention the peace and serenity (we only passed around 10 people on the East Canyon Trail and no one on the West Canyon Trail). We started off on the East Canyon Trail, hiking up to the new connector bridge (but decided to keep going to viewpoint beach, which honestly only takes another 10-15 minutes and is well worth it for the view). We went back to the bridge and crossed over to the West Canyon Trail. Be warned, that for us (inexperienced hikers) there were some more difficult parts on the West Canyon Trail side (aside from not necessarily always knowing where to go, except to follow the orange flagged markers). The easier way back would have been to go back down the East Canyon Trail (and you could go and up down that side in around 2 hours). There is also a tricky creek crossing across boulders/rocks that are 3/4 or more of the way submerged at the moment on the West Canyon Trail side (given the fact that we had had a lot of sun this past week, the water was running extremely fast and was quite high, so needless to say we took this crossing very carefully). After that crossing, there are narrow steep "paths" and you go up and down and then finally come to a full path which we made our way through (crossing a few wooden bridges along the way) and back down. Overall it was a great hike, with some elevation here and there, but an absolutely amazing way to spend a Friday.

      • Golden Ears Canyon Loop photo
      • Golden Ears Canyon Loop photo
      • Golden Ears Canyon Loop photo

        Posted: April 28, 2018 12:10:18 AM PST

        Caroline from Langley writes:

        I hiked the East Canyon loop with three other people and three happy dogs. Viewpoint Beach was spectacular on a sunny warm October day.

        • Golden Ears Canyon Loop photo

          Posted: October 30, 2017 05:11:21 AM PST

          Dave from Vancouver writes:

          Great hike! We went on Canada Day, and even then it wasn't too crowded. You should DEFINITELY do the Viewpoint Beach side hike -- this is the prettiest spot on the hike, a fabulous place for lunch. The beach has a view of the mountains and the water is beautiful.

          Overall, the trail is fairly easy (other than the length) -- just a bit of uphill and downhill. The "logging road" portion is actually nice -- it was a small road, and now it just feels like a large maintained trail.

          • Golden Ears Canyon Loop photo
          • Golden Ears Canyon Loop photo
          • Golden Ears Canyon Loop photo

            Posted: July 1, 2017 06:38:31 PM PST

            Leigh from vancouver writes:

            We really enjoyed this hike (which we completed Jun 11). It's a good transition from easy to intermediate. Challenging during the middle but easy and rocky trails the rest of the way.

              Posted: June 12, 2017 11:28:24 PM PST

              Hayden from Surrey writes:

              Great hike, river was too high to check out hikers beach but viewpoint beach seems like the better one.

                Posted: June 4, 2017 09:26:05 PM PST

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