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bob G boase from North Vancouver writes:

Still closed with sign saying until mid December 2023

    Posted: November 30, 2023 04:33:49 PM PST

    Lucas from Surrey writes:

    I've done this trail on February 18, 2023. I started at around 1 pm. I was able to get to the viewpoint at around 2:30 pm and be back to the bus station (228) by 6:00 pm, just as the sun started to set. The viewpoint is great, as the trail itself follows along the mountain line, along with the Seymour River. There are several beautiful scenery consisting of the mountain landscape and the river. There aren't many areas where you can reach the river as you're walking along the trail, but some areas can be reached if you're careful. Once I've reached the viewpoint, I was acquainted by a raven couple. Massive dirds, but they were cute together, as they were seen grooming and washing in snow.

    I've also visited the Spur 4 Bridge, where you're able to go underneath the bridge area and explore the river if you so choose. It seems like it can be a popular area for people to take a quick swim in the summer. Very clean and beautiful. During this particular hike, I was also able to visit the Seymour River Suspension Bridge as well. Nothing too spectacular, but the natural beauty of the river and the mountain is worth a visit in my opinion. I attended when the weather was cloudy, thus the scenery had a cloudy, mystic vibe, which added to the experience for me. The entire route to the mid valley viewpoint, Spur 4 bridge and Seymour River Suspension Bridge took me a total of approximately five hours, which included an hour break at the midview valley point and at spur 4 bridge. The trail is very clean and is more of a "walk in the park" trail than the more aggressive intermediate and difficult hikes. If you're looking for relaxing, but still want to get your walks in, this is a great route to try out. I personally chose this route as it was cold at the time when I did the hike and didn't want to risk sweating as much as I would with intermediate/advanced hikes.

    FYI, during my hike, there happened to be some snow on the tracks and noticed some bear footprints as i was walking back on the trail, the prints that i did not see when I was initially heading to the viewpoint. I had my Stevie Wonder soundtrack blasting from my phone until I saw people, which was for at least an hour. That's another thing to note. It seems as if not too many people do this hike, thus it was very calm and relaxing, despite seeing the alarming bear footprint lol.

    • Fisherman's Trail photo
    • Fisherman's Trail photo

      Posted: March 3, 2023 12:10:13 PM PST

      Dane from Vancouver writes:

      TRAIL IS OPEN AGAIN, as of November 7, 2020. I was able to walk the full length of this trail, from Riverside Dr to Spur 4, and there were no closures along the way.

        Posted: November 8, 2020 01:33:02 PM PST

        paul from vancouver writes:

        Still closed about 1 kilometer in as of July 5 2020. A gate blocks the path, doesn't say why, and then the alternate trail it points you to is a steep path all the way back up to the road.

          Posted: July 5, 2020 12:06:45 PM PST

          kacper from north van writes:

          Still closed on 27 April 2020. (there's a gate)

            Posted: April 28, 2020 09:57:19 AM PST

            Jugdish from Vancouver writes:

            Currently closed. I tried to do this trail yesterday, but there's a sign up blocking it off due to hazardous conditions from the weather. Will have to try again another day.

              Posted: February 25, 2019 09:45:20 AM PST

              Kats from Vancouver writes:

              It’s an easy trail

              • Fisherman's Trail photo

                Posted: July 1, 2018 11:36:50 PM PST

                Emma from Southampton writes:

                I hiked this yesterday (9th May) and it was alright, but I wouldn't bother doing it again because there are so many other amazing trails around. The first section between the water plant and the junction where the path meets the river is beautiful. The main 6km part is flat and quiet but you can't get right up to the river or see much of the surrounding area so it's a bit boring. I was followed by a swarm of flies and found the track a bit scrubby.

                The viewpoint is good and has a sign about films made in the area. I think it would be better in winter when it's snowy and there are no irritating bugs. It took me about 3h round trip.

                There's improvement work going on at the moment. The section on the lower river was closed between 7:00 and 16:00 but you can still walk along and back through the beautiful steep forest bit.

                • Fisherman's Trail photo

                  Posted: May 10, 2018 12:56:09 PM PST

                  Robert from Vancouver writes:

                  I hiked the Fisherman's Trail today, and had a really good time! Due to the weather in the last week or so it was certainly snowy, but I thought that added a lot of beauty to the area. I only saw a few mountain bikers and four other hikers on the entire trail, and the Mid-Valley Viewpoint was pretty special.

                  It took me 3 3/4 hours to complete the trail, and I believe it would have been closer to 3 hours if it hadn't been cold and snowy when I set off around 9:30am. The return leg, when the snow had started to soften up, was a lot quicker!

                  I hope this helps.


                  • Fisherman's Trail photo
                  • Fisherman's Trail photo
                  • Fisherman's Trail photo

                    Posted: February 20, 2018 09:21:05 PM PST

                    ian from coquitlam writes:

                    has anyone done this trail recently? How was the trail? and will it really take you 5 hrs?

                      Posted: February 5, 2018 09:24:22 PM PST

                      John Doe from Surrey writes:

                      Oh wow!

                      A lovely hike with some interesting features such as a short cave tunnel, valley viewpoint, and several picnic areas. There are also a few other nearby trails and lakes that you can visit to extend the experience. 5/5 would hike again.

                        Posted: June 5, 2017 06:13:03 PM PST

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