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Blake from Hope writes:

Lovely trail! Appeared well maintained and was was very clean (no trash or litter anywhere in sight). A few lower sections were a little bit muddy, however we did choose to go while it was raining so that’s to be expected. The hike itself was a decent difficulty, we are both rather out of shape these days, I supposed we’d be considered ‘beginners’. Also brought the kids with us (one first time hiker), only a couple mild complaints of tired legs along the way. Which were apparently completely forgotten about once we reached the lake at the end of the trail. The lake, also, was absolutely gorgeous. Despite the rainy weather and the rather grey slightly dismal looking sky, the lake was serene and just beautiful.
There was signs and a trail up to a little unsheltered outhouse-looking toilet a short walk away from the water (B.Y.O.TP), as well as a communal bear box provided for campers to safely store food.

*unfortunately, the only photo I took was an “after-thought pic” of the very start of the trail, once we had walked back down to the car :( really wish I had taken more, next time for sure.

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    Posted: August 8, 2020 09:57:13 AM PST

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