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Noëlle from Utrecht, the Netherlands writes:

DO NOT do this hike if you are an inexperienced hiker (like us). This hike was really tough and more rock climbing than hiking. We only did this hike because we had to go by public transport; this is the only way to get to Eagle Bluffs via public transport. Luckily for us, it was very dry and the sun shone, so that made it a little easier. While we managed to get up the hill, we cried at the idea of going down again, and the experienced hikers that we met said to us that it was not a smart idea to do this trail down. That's why we chose to go down to Cypress bowl, HOWEVER, we went with public transport and there is no public transport at Cypress bowl, so we had to hitchhike. To conclude, if you want to do this hike, make sure you're either that experienced to manage to go down again or make sure you have someone to pick you up at Cypress bowl. Three stars, because we are very satisfied with the fact we made it to the top, but I would not recommend doing this hike.

    Posted: October 9, 2022 08:50:16 PM PST

    robert koby from West vanouver writes:

    To me, this hike is another reason why living in Vancouver is a very special space to be, especially in these times. You go through so many mini-ecosystems on the way up. Past the Whyte lake turn off I saw just one person until I got to the bluffs, as the vast majority of people going there come in from Cyprus bowl which an easier shorter route. The storms of the last month haved dropped so much debris, that in one of the sections I had to wander a bit to get the trail, not much traffic. The last third going up to the bluffs is seriously tough except for mountain goats, a lot of scrambling, which felt as close to climbing as I would like to get in few spots , plus a few sections where the fall away really got your attention, especially now in wet autumn conditions. I was lucky enought to arange for a pick up at Cypruss bowl as I would not of wanted to go back down the sections above the boulders and few other spots in the slick conditions. The view from the bluffs is a great payoff, lots of space to sit and take it all in with some Ravens to share things with you. The hike from the bluffs to cyprus is a mess becasue of the use and the wet, but it beats going back down. The last bit of the hike to Cyprus Bowl is a steep rough gravel trail that was hard on tied legs, but I was glad I was going down it not up it. I would want dryer conditions and a bit of amnysia before going again. hard to fathom the knee knacker people doing this.

      Posted: October 20, 2020 06:33:30 PM PST

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