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pHqghUme from San Francisco writes:


    Posted: June 16, 2024 11:54:36 AM PST

    Deb from Poco writes:

    Trail isn't on park maps. Vancouver Trails has most details re finding and staying on trail. Kept referring to live online map to stay on track. 2 out of shape ladies took 3 hours including our stop to enjoy view and a snack. We took our time and stopped when needed when ascending steep part of trail. No bugs Aug 10th. All in shade.

      Posted: August 12, 2023 12:24:04 PM PST

      Lisa from Vancouver writes:

      This hike was a pleasant surprise!

      We had screen shots of the hike notes and compared them to the trail map and our Google map... this is to say, the trail is unmarked and we did have two moments where we sort of panicked for a moment.

      I would not do this trail alone as the part where you have to walk over a lot of dead trees which could cause injury and the trail is unmarked and we didn't see anyone on the trail! The fallen tree part caused a wee bit of panic as we weren't fully sure where to go. We slowly made our way over it and did find the trail but markers would really help this trail

      This trail was a nice challenge for us - but markers would REALLY help! We saw signs that they would be adding them at some point... but it is a great hike and it is so quiet!!

        Posted: July 16, 2023 06:51:19 PM PST

        Peter from Burnaby writes:

        For those looking for a simpler way to reach the bluffs, try taking the Admiralty Bluffs trail from the parking lot, then look for Burns Point (you should see it after about 30 minutes of hiking). Just before reaching Burns Point, there is an easy to find trail heading into the forest on your left (i.e., opposite the ocean). Follow that trail and it will take you almost directly to the Bluffs. A few junctions to navigate, but just always proceed as though the bluffs are up and to your left and you'll be fine. Only tricky part is the final junction, which requires going left and DOWNHILL to reach the Bluffs. Great hike, and hardly anyone else on the trail. An underappreciated gem.

          Posted: June 26, 2023 12:24:18 PM PST

          V from Coquitlam writes:

          Absolutely horrid trail. Terribly unmarked, and the directions that are given are somehow worse than the trail. Do a Ctrl+F and see that the word “junction” is mentioned 14 times. 14 times! We didn’t get lost as we pushed on and somehow made it to Admiralty Point, but the entire hike was pointless! Completely missed the bluffs.

          Points to note:

          - the trail sucks, it’s not a “trail”, it’s a man-made path from people repeatedly trampling vegetation
          - vegetation is severely overgrown (again, because it’s not an actual trail)
          - hope you like bugs! Including, spiders, ticks, and mosquitos. Unavoidable as you’re essentially bushwhacking (see my photos)
          - there IS cell service, so if you do truly get lost, you can call for help. (This is about the only upside)

          Not sure why people can’t keep to maintained trails and feel the need to make their own dangerous routes, oftentimes trampling vegetation in sensitive habitats. If you want views, there’s plenty of actual trails.

          • Belcarra Bluffs photo
          • Belcarra Bluffs photo
          • Belcarra Bluffs photo

            Posted: July 26, 2022 05:46:40 PM PST

            S from North delta writes:

            Beautiful view
            Worth going
            And yes it is same parking lot as jug island trail

            • Belcarra Bluffs photo

              Posted: May 3, 2022 07:00:23 AM PST

              S from North delta writes:

              I hiked this trail on April 23 rd 2022 .it’s beautiful hike and really good workout. I was bit Nervous because I was alone and i don’t want get lost but I met two nicest people at the starting point.we start walking together because of allergies i was slow walking .this trail is confusing at some points but thanks to KEVIN AND MARGARET from Burnaby they were making arrows with wooden sticks at every turning point for me. Thank you guys

              • Belcarra Bluffs photo

                Posted: May 2, 2022 11:02:43 PM PST

                s from north delta writes:

                i want to do this hike soon ,is anybody know if this parking lot is same as jug island trail ,please and thank you

                  Posted: April 8, 2022 03:27:13 PM PST

                  Peter from Burnaby writes:

                  If you follow the directions VERY carefully, you will wind up at the Bluffs. However, if you're someone who just likes walking without having to think about directions, you WILL get lost.

                  All that said, this is a terrific little hike. You go from a rainforest to a rocky bluff with terrific city and water views to a rocky spit on the ocean to beaches and back to rain forest all within 3 hours. Not many hikes you can do that with. Would recommend taking the Admiralty route back, and stopping at the Admiralty Point viewpoint as it is only a 2 minute walk from the main trail.

                    Posted: September 7, 2021 10:19:02 AM PST

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