Derived from the word shishalh, a Sechelt-language word that references the First Nations people who first settled here, Sechelt sits some 50 kilometres northwest of Vancouver and is accessible via a scenic 40-minute ferry ride from West Vancouver's Horseshoe Bay.

As a seaside community with some 35 kilometres of shoreline along the Sunshine Coast, Sechelt's spectacular geography of lush trees, sandy beaches and mountain vistas offers plenty of outdoor experiences.

Explore Sechelt's unique parks and forests through a network of trails in this distinct part of British Columbia. North of Sechelt is Porpoise Bay with its myriad of trails and viewpoints. The Smuggler Cove Marine Provincial Park presents scenic bays, rock cliffs and beaches, while the Hidden Grove Heritage Forest includes some family-friendly hiking with stunning views of Sechelt tucked between the inland sea and the ocean.

Hiking Trails

Burnett Falls

Burnett Falls is a beautiful waterfall located at the end of a short hiking trail north of Sechelt.

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Chapman Falls

Located just south of Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, Chapman Falls is a beautiful, multi-tiered waterfall that has some views that are unobstructed along the top portion of the falls.

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Hidden Grove

Located north of Sechelt, Hidden Grove is a beautiful forested area with a network of hiking trails that pass by several enormous Douglas Fir trees.

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Homesite Caves Trail

The Homesite Caves Trails located north of Sechelt and is a short hike that passes several caves formed from water that has carved out the limestone rock.

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Homesite Creek Falls

Located north of Sechelt alongside The Sunshine Coast Highway, the Homesite Creek Falls trail passes a scenic waterfall and has a series of trails that loop through a lush forest.

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Porpoise Bay

Porpoise Bay Provincial Park is located north of Sechelt and has a short hiking trail that crosses Angus Creek and leads out to the estuary.

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Sargeant Bay

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Sargeant Bay Provincial Park is a popular scenic beach area to visit.

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Smuggler Cove Marine Provincial Park

Located north of Sechelt, Smuggler Cove Marine Provincial Park is an enjoyable hike that offers scenic coastal views of the cove and shoreline along the Strait of Georgia.

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Triangle Lake

The hike to Triangle Lake is located near Halfmoon Bay and is a beautiful forest trail to the lake which can be extended into a loop around the lake.

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