Joffre Lakes Safety and Access

With the increase in usage of Joffre Lakes Provincial Park and safety issues with vehicles parking along Highway 99, BC Parks, the Lil’wat Nation and N’Quatqua have developed a 2019 Visitor Use Management Action Plan for the Joffre Lakes area.

According to the BC Government website, some of these safety measures include:

  • increasing park presence with two First Nations stewards working alongside park rangers
  • expanding the parking lots to increase vehicle capacity from 250 to 450 cars to accommodate approximately 1,350 people per day
  • offering a shuttle service from Duffey Lake Park parking lot to the Joffre Lakes Park trailhead
  • implementing a compliance plan and towing vehicles illegally parked on Highway 99
  • installing an emergency satellite phone at the Joffre Lakes trailhead as a means of communication for public safety.

Parkbus will be operating a shuttle service from the Duffey Lake Park parking lot for $10 per person on weekends during the summer and including the Monday holidays.

The parking overflow parking lot will be expanded in the early summer of 2019 and the main parking lot expanded in the Fall of 2019.

Any vehicles illegally parked on the side of the highway will be towed.

5 responses to “Joffre Lakes Safety and Access”

  1. Vanessa says:

    The view points are spectacular and leave you speechless. We use to hike this trail with our dog and it was such an enjoyable hike with a nice reward at the end. However, this place has now become a tourist hub and hiking at this particular spot is a disaster and I now understand why dogs are banned from this trail. There’s no room to walk, people are rude and theres no respect for others. We got to the end of the hike and there was no room to sit and relax and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. I was extremely disappointed that it had become a tourist destination with people who are not even prepared. The hiking culture in BC is so pleasant with other hikers so courteous, but Joffre hiking culture is non existent. I can see this precious hike being destroyed quickly by tourists who don’t truly appreciate and respect the beauty of BC. Do not bother hiking this trail in the summer you will be highly disappointed.

    • lee says:

      Thank you everyone for your viewpoints on the non-nonsensical nature of people coming to the rail in their ‘mall ‘ outfits. And being totally unprepared for time outside of the city.

      I will wait until September to come out to the trail. When the 3 abreast walkers are gone and their off the trail selfie takers are busy being back to work and/ or school.

  2. Anne says:

    I saw people in flip flops, dress shoes, long dresses, long raincoats, short skirts and jeans there this past weekend. You should not be going up there dressed as if you are going shopping at the mall or going out for dinner. Hiking attire and lots of water are essential. People were also oblivious to others on the trail and would walk two or three across the trail and nearly knock over people going the other direction or walking on others heels. (I was almost knocked into a log as someone was right on my heels) There should be a limit on how many people can be on that trail at a time. The second lake had no room to sit at one point July 1, 2019. Not to mention the pit toilet line up was 30 minutes long….

  3. Frederico Verreet says:

    I strongly believe government should implement an educational program to zero footprint along with proper preparation to hiking’s/wilderness.
    I have been at Joffre on all seasons and have seen the absurd of people going up on sneakers with icy and under slippery conditions.
    That’s the beginning of the end for this pristine jewel.

    • Madelyn Bernardo says:

      That is very true. And lots of people going off trail just to take group pictures. Some would even go off trail to have breaks…..

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