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If you’re into beer and hiking, then this is the book for you. Beer Hiking Pacific Northwest features a curated list of hiking trails in southwestern British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon that are located near some micro-breweries, perfect for that after-hike bevy.

The book features several trails from the Vancouver, BC, region including popular hikes like the Diez Vistas, Whistler Train Wreck, Abby Grind, and more. Each hike is appropriated “paired” with a nearby brewery so you can enjoy a post-hike beer after completing the trail.

Written by the Beers At The Bottom team of Brandon Fralic and Rachel Wood, the project turned into a 4-year adventure, exploring some of the Pacific Northwest’s favourite hikes and breweries.

“Beers at the Bottom was conceived on a rainy April afternoon in Bellingham’s beloved Village Books. We noticed an overwhelming quantity and variety of books dedicated to walking in the woods. A nearby bookcase of local food and drink books sparked the idea of pairing trails and ales”, says cofounder Brandon Fralic. “Because there’s nothing better than a cold, frothy pint after a long day of hiking.”

Cape Kiwanda

A page out of Beer Hiking Pacific Northwest. The Cape Kiwanda Trail is along the Oregon Coast.

While many locals may have already completed the local Vancouver-area hiking trails, there are plenty of trails in the book from Washington and Oregon, offering a good starting point to exploring trails south of the border.

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