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Lauren from Vancouver writes:

This hike offers beautiful mountain and meadow views, and is a nice change from the crowded, popular hikes that are closer to Vancouver. However, our visit was not without its issues…

We arrived on the morning of July 1st, only to discover that the gate allowing access to the upper and lower parking lots was still locked, despite the sign on the gate stating that it would be open as of Canada Day weekend (hiking up the gravel road to the parking lots/trailhead added an un-planned 12+ kms to our trip). The next day, we spoke to someone at the First Brother peak who had actually called BC Parks prior to driving to Manning Park that very morning to confirm the gate would be open, and BC Parks had told him it would be (however, the gate was NOT open when he arrived...). The fact that BC Parks was accepting the purchase of backcountry permits for dates they knew the access gate wouldn’t be unlocked, and then was providing visitors with false information about the situation they would be faced with upon arrival, was shocking.

Upon arriving at Buckhorn campsite, we were surprised to find that it seemed to be under construction. New tent pads appeared to be in the process of being built, a new bridge still had nails and screws dangerously sticking out of the wood, a new shelter was being constructed (but not yet open), and various tools and building supplies had been left out strewn all over. It was odd to find the apparent upgrades had not been completed (or at least cleaned up), before summer visitors began to arrive.

Last, but not least, the mosquitoes were absolutely HORRENDOUS! I was eaten alive, and bug spray did NOTHING to help. The worst spots were in the parking lots, at the campsite, and at the top of the First Brother peak, where we were constantly and completely swarmed and bitten.

    Posted: July 22, 2021 10:38:27 PM PST

    Rosalie G from Vancouver writes:

    MISSING PERSON: Jordan Naterer

    Last seen heading out from an apartment in downtown Vancouver at 7:08am on Sat, Oct 10 on his way to do a 1.5-2 day hike in Manning Park.

    White male, brown hair, 5'10" and 190lbs. He was wearing a white t-shirt, possibly under a red puffy jacket, black track pants, and an army green 60L pack. Hiking solo

    Drives a black 2016 Honda Civic, found in the Frosty Mountain Lightning Lake Day Use parking lot. If anyone hiked this trail in the last few days and saw someone who matches Jordan's description or saw something amiss, we'd greatly appreciate any and all information and ask you to please contact the police (case number: VA20-181260).

    Here's a link to a missing person news report:

    Thank you so much.

      Posted: October 14, 2020 10:31:19 AM PST

      Kumar from Surrey writes:

      I've done this hike about 20 times or so. Working my kids up to the entire hike. We did about 6 hours yesterday, so the base of the 1st Brother. August 8, flowers in full bloom - a later bloom this year. Views were amazing, when the clouds cleared. No snow encountered anywhere, but it's usually gone by end of July anyway.

      ***WARNING*** - there were about half a dozen vehicles broken into at the upper parking lot. Smash and grabs and not just a single window. These low life scum broke two windows on most of the vehicles they broke into. They rifled through glove boxes, etc. Left all interiors in shambles, glass everywhere. So, this is a thief that is willing to drive to the middle of nowhere, 16km+ up a sketchy road to steal from OVERNIGHT BACKPACKERS. Imagine the frustration of coming back to that, and then having to drive back to Vancouver with a blown out window.

      The weather changes very frequently at Manning. Be prepared for rain, wind, sun, etc. Yesterday we encountered it all, and finished in amazing sunshine.

      Parking on weekends can be challenging. We arrived at 10am, and the lower lot was full, the upper lot almost full, so people park along the side of the road. Just be sure you leave absolutely no incentive for anyone to break into your vehicle, especially if you are staying overnight - that's when the thieves work.

        Posted: August 9, 2020 09:21:46 AM PST

        Josie from Vancouver writes:

        Hi folks. I'm planning on doing Heather Trail this weekend. Does anyone have updates on the weather?

          Posted: September 17, 2019 12:57:01 AM PST

          Alex from Delta writes:

          Just completed this hike over the August long weekend. There was definitely a lot of people on the trail, but the trail is so long, we ended up spending a majority of the hike to ourselves. Though we were prepared for this hike, keep in mind that it is long, so I would recommend starting from the lower parking lot. It took us about three hours to reach the peak of the first brother, then about two and a half hours to come back. The alpine meadow was gorgeous, as all the flowers were in bloom and the backdrop of the mountains around it were stunning. I don't use hiking poles, but towards the peak, I definitely could have appreciated them coming up and down.
          I wouldn't do this as a day hike though from Vancouver due to the length. Glad I spent two nights in Manning and I did this on the second day.

            Posted: August 5, 2019 09:50:48 PM PST

            Vanhiker from Vancouver writes:

            Great hike. Did this in late September. Started the hike from the lower parking lot where the Heather trail starts. This would be easier than starting at the upper parking lot. It took about 3 hours to reach the peak of the first brother mountain. Then spend about 1 hour at the peak to eat lunch and take photos. Saw a big black bear that came running out of the trees at the campsite. The first 1.5 hours was in forest then emerge in the alpine and scenic all the way to the peak. Fall colours were nice. Lots of yellows and reds. Only saw 4 people on the hike. Spent 1 night in Manning Park before hike.

              Posted: October 6, 2018 08:30:35 AM PST

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