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Angus carriere from Ottawa writes:

Beautiful view at top and Quick little hike, was a fun unexpected add on to a bouldering day.

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    Posted: May 26, 2019 12:14:28 AM PST

    crossover from Vancouver, BC writes:

    Hiked on 2019.04.28. The trails are mostly easy with a few steep sections. We got to the viewpoints within the first 30 mins. The weather was perfect and the views were fantastic considering how little effort we spent to get to it. We went outside the park boundaries by mistake and hiked an extra hour before using GPS to guide us back to the park. Overall a very enjoyable place to warm up the legs for summer hikers.

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    • Smoke Bluffs Park photo
    • Smoke Bluffs Park photo

      Posted: April 29, 2019 10:22:17 AM PST

      Aidan Murray from Kamloops writes:

      Loved it. Went here for the first time today & really enjoyed the hike. Mostly quite easy, two or three uphill grinds and some steep stair sections, but overall quite easy, and should be suitable for most.

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        Posted: September 7, 2017 01:55:37 PM PST

        Airlea from Vancouver writes:

        Whomever rated this as easy LIED. This is more of an intermediate hike because you're basically going uphill for most of the time. There are certain areas where it levels out but what goes up, must come down. I know I'm out of shape but this was silly!

        My friend and I arrived early thinking we'd beat the heat as well as lots of people. Little did we know that there was a race happening that day. We didn't complete the last part of it because it was up another switchback and we felt like we were being chased by hordes of people... we were diving into bushes, hugging trees, and flattening up against rocks. Amazing group of people who were able to say thanks... so Canadian of you! Towards the end, we got turned around and ended up taking a different route down than we did up. We were greeted with really steep stairs for a short while and it's intimidating when you've got a squad of runners thundering down behind you. Again.. more tree hugging.

        The directions were not that great but we followed what we thought were the trails. It was great to see lots of people rock climbing and getting set up for their climbs. Overall it felt very welcoming with all the people there. Take lots of bug spray (my arm now is it's own galaxy), get there early (lots of climbers and the parking lot fills up quickly), it's not an easy hike (or maybe I'm that out of shape...), and don't go on a day when races are happening!

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        • Smoke Bluffs Park photo
        • Smoke Bluffs Park photo

          Posted: July 31, 2017 10:11:43 AM PST

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