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Beatrice Watson from North Vancouver writes:

I have been to this location many times and find the Public washrooms closed, there are people in the main office. I the interest of hygiene and public decency should they not be made available.. I'm sure they cost a big amount of taxpayer dollars.

    Posted: February 21, 2024 02:06:46 PM PST

    Saeid Salamatian from Coquitlam writes:

    I went there with my family for bird watching . It is a very interesting and exciting area and the birds were coming very close to us.
    If you want to see more birds, it is better to go early morning or evening.

      Posted: August 25, 2022 10:10:20 PM PST

      JB from North Vancouver writes:

      Please note that this is a Conservation Area and the only Wildlife Sanctuary on the North Shore, protecting birds and a diversity of wildlife, including endangered butterflies, insects and native plants. The mudflats are a fragile marine ecosystem in recovery and you cannot walk on them. There is no beach access or access to the marsh as these are protected conservation areas. Visitors must stay on the packed limestone trails and not wander off. This is extremely important during nesting season (March - August). Dogs are permitted, on leash, only on the east trails and must not go on the beach or mudflats. Dogs are not permitted across the bridge to the west side of the sanctuary. There is no jogging or biking on the trails as this disturbs the wildlife and ruins the trails which are intended for access for everyone, including people who use wheelchairs. It is a beautiful wild place where the natural environment and wild inhabitants come first and need to be respected. If you are looking for beach access or a beach walk, Cates Park is a couple of kilometres east.

        Posted: April 29, 2021 03:22:09 PM PST

        Laura Blumenthal from Vancouver writes:

        This is a beautiful area, nicely maintained, with interesting native art and several viewing areas of Burrard Inlet from a vantage point not usually seen by Vancouver residents. Also, there are washrooms in the wild bird centre.

        • Maplewood Flats photo
        • Maplewood Flats photo
        • Maplewood Flats photo

          Posted: December 6, 2020 02:38:50 PM PST

          Airlea from Vancouver writes:

          Very easy hike with some great viewing areas. Majority of the walk is on a small trail inside a densely plant populated area.

          This would be a great jaunt with kids as it has a learning centre and a board of "spotted sightings".

          • Maplewood Flats photo
          • Maplewood Flats photo
          • Maplewood Flats photo

            Posted: July 15, 2017 06:01:25 PM PST

            JW from North Vancouver writes:

            This is a well-known destination for bird-watchers as you can see Osprey, Eagles and Kingfishers here and there are dozens of other species on the lists at the entrance. Lots of trails for just wandering but this is dead flat and perhaps only a 3 star for hikers.

              Posted: October 30, 2014 08:05:10 AM PST

              Lisa from Vancouver writes:

              Very quiet. More like a nature walk than anything. If you stay quiet, you can probable see the birds amongst the bushes and trees, some skirting around the walking path. Unfortunately, there are also numerous signs for black bear warnings and tell you to make noises while walking to alert bears that you are walking through. Also, not allowed to walk in marsh areas, but you can see some different species from a distance at the lookout points.

                Posted: September 14, 2013 02:37:17 PM PST

                EW from North Vancouver writes:

                Lovely area. Very peaceful and have spotted all sorts of wildlife at different times.

                  Posted: September 12, 2012 07:20:24 PM PST

                  Owen from North Vancouver writes:

                  A real hidden gem that is great for a short hike, very peaceful with some great views of the shoreline. Ideal for families with little kids or for seniors who cannot walk too far.

                    Posted: July 23, 2012 12:36:13 PM PST

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