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fishyboi from The fish capital writes:

I love that there are fish bois at Levette lake

    Posted: March 30, 2020 09:56:37 AM PST

    Romain from Vancouver writes:

    You definitely need a 4x4 suv/truck to go there (no visible sign or flag on internet about it).
    The place became more a "spring break" place for young people you want to take drugs and alcohol. Doesn't worth to do a night there, the camping area can be over full and you end up sleeping with stranger 1-2m away from you completely drunk or on drugs.

    Better to come for the day or an afternoon.

    Luckily the weather was nice, and the water was warm =)

      Posted: August 1, 2016 08:37:44 PM PST

      doug from squamish writes:

      So I don't know where squamishhiatus.com got there bata??
      The road is definitely 4x4 and there is even a sign, I think the sign is so 2 wheel drive cars, don't chew whats left of the road up any more.
      The trail around the lake goes threw multiple private properties and I was politely turned around by one of the residents. I never did find the trail. On a good note the Conservation Officers were there and they said they were working with the police to clean the place up, I took that as being Partiers. Although someone had cleaned one of the sights up. Nice views of the Tantalus.

        Posted: December 18, 2015 11:40:41 AM PST

        Pat from Vancouver writes:

        This was a big disappointment. According to squamishhiatus.com there is a trail around the lake. We drove up to the parking lot. Only big enough for about 4 cars. Never did find the trail around the lake. Garbage everywhere! Beer cans, liquor bottles, toilet paper. Disgusting. Walked a little way along the edge of the lake to try and find a picnic spot. Kept coming across places people had used as a latrine. Found one spot where we picked up the garbage so we could have a picnic. Don't waste your time. Cheakamus Lake is much better and clean.

          Posted: September 8, 2015 09:25:20 AM PST

          Amber Jacob from Vancouver writes:

          Does anyone know if the campsites and road are currently open for Levette Lake? Thanks!

            Posted: August 20, 2015 05:31:04 PM PST

            Chris from Vancouver writes:

            I tried taking my 2000 Subaru Outback up to Levette this weekend, but couldn't make it up one very steep and bumpy section of the logging road. The road is really quite rough.

            I'm sure if we had really tried the car could have done it, but it would risk damaging the car. It's really a road meant for trucks and 4x4's.

              Posted: June 21, 2015 08:29:47 PM PST

              Chris from Vancouver writes:

              Does anyone know what the condition of the road to the lake is? Can a station wagon make it or is it necessary to have a truck or SUV?

                Posted: June 1, 2015 05:49:43 PM PST

                Rory from Vancouver writes:

                Hiked this with 3 other people on May 31st, 2015. The trail is fairly well marked with yellow and red markers, but quite overgrown in areas. It also isn't very well maintained (e.g. log bridges/stairs are falling apart).

                Recommend pants for the hike, as the bushes cover the trail in many parts. The trail is also quite rocky, so recommend boots as well. Occasional glimpses of the Tantalus range do exist, and most of the trail is worth hiking, in my opinion.

                The lake is nice. However, there isn't much space to sit, as many people have staked out their areas along the water, and it's a first come-first served situation. Still, it's picturesque and enjoyable.

                  Posted: May 31, 2015 04:37:15 PM PST

                  Miranda from Vancouver writes:

                  This trial is strange. My friend and I tired to hike it yesterday and go to the section where you pass several rocky outcrops and have a few views of the Squamish Valley. At the start of the rocky outcrop section is what I can only assume is a super creepy rock grave (circular rock wall, headstone, etc.) and the trail markers pretty much disappeared after this point (my friend and I turned around here). Most of the trail just follows a forest service road into the lake, so if you really wanted to see the lake, you could just drive in. Recommend a truck or something with larger tires, as the road is very rough. Don't bother hiking this one. I'm definitely going to be haunted by whomever is buried along this trail.

                    Posted: May 31, 2015 03:19:17 PM PST

                    Dave from Richmond writes:

                    Hiked this trail with three others which took took about 4 hours including lunch.

                    Trail was well marked throughout although overthrown in some areas. We never had a problem identifying the trail. Most of the way was undercover except for the sections which follow the road which are exposed. I thought the trail itself was a nice setting and provided moderate difficulty. Not too much elevation difference but some sections were more difficult as they were rocky and/or steep for short sections.

                    My only disappointment was the lake itself. The parking lot at the lake was full of cars, and all available space at the lake was full of glampers. We ended up eating lunch at the bridge in the parking lot as there was no public space or vacant private space near the lake.

                      Posted: May 31, 2015 02:25:46 AM PST

                      Kat from Vancouver, BC writes:

                      The two of us tried to hike this route on September 14, 2014 but we only went as far as 0.5km. There was no one else on a trail and we only saw one car at the parking lot and after about 0.5 km we heard a growl of a cat, possibly a cougar so we decided to turn back.
                      I'd love to do it one day, but we may go in a bigger group so we make more noise and any wildlife will stay away.

                        Posted: September 14, 2014 06:00:23 PM PST

                        Callie from Vancouver writes:

                        4x4 vehicles are a MUST for the drive up to the lake, but with one, it is a fine drive.

                          Posted: June 13, 2014 05:33:25 PM PST

                          Callie from Vancouver writes:

                          Attempted this hike June 2014. The logging road was fine all the way up to the lake. Some signs of bears (scat and claw marks on trees) around the camp grounds. We had an issue attempting to hike up to the lake. After following the instructions to head up the trail, past the 10 minute Coppersmith Pond side-trip and up the Silversmith Trail, we lost sight of the trail markers after climbing the first set of rocky outcrops. We ended up having to turn back, since we couldn't relocate the trail that supposedly winded downhill after climbing over several of the rocky outcrops. We ended up driving to the lake to check out the area. We stopped for lunch there, but couldn't find much in the ways of hiking trails so we drove halfway back down from the lake and hiked for about an hour (30 mins in and then out) on the Coppersmith Extension trail; it is seen as you drive up to the lake, between the first and second bridge. The bridge was washed out, and the trail was a bit overgrown, but it was nice to be able to have a clearly marked trail to tramp around on.

                            Posted: June 13, 2014 05:29:05 PM PST

                            Renata Antonic from North Vancouver writes:

                            Does anyone know if mountain bikers use this trail? My dog loves to be off-leash, but has been known to chase bikes, which, of course, can be dangerous for both the rider and the dog.

                            And, with that in mind, does anyone have suggestions as to good off-leash trails within the Lower Mainland?

                              Posted: May 18, 2014 01:16:09 PM PST

                              Chris Ludwig from Richmond writes:

                              I did this hike in early May 2013 with a partner with 6 broken vertebrae. Following the trail was dirt easy, and the little creek crossings were no problem for my partner. As for the rotten stairs, just walk on the ground next to the log (it was a damp day). Again, no problem for my partner. The views were enjoyable, and the vegetation oddly enough is similar to the Southern Gulf Islands. This was a nice early season hike for out-of-shape legs on a misty day, and we did not encounter any other hikers even though it was a weekend. The odd crouching under and stepping over the odd blowdown is nothing to complain about in comparison to most of the Coast Range.
                              The trail is divided between those sections on the East and West of the Levette Lake Road. The West side of the loop (the upper part of the trail closest to the lakes) is an old logging road branching off from the main Levette Lake road. It is marked by a massive boulder with flagging tape all over it (sitting right beside the main Levette Lake Road). I don't know how it is possible to miss it. Incidentally, Subaru's were making it to the lake with no problem.
                              Maybe recent trailwork has improved the hike from previous years?

                              Recommended for those with and without broken backs.

                                Posted: June 13, 2013 10:58:50 PM PST

                                Ashley from North Vancouver writes:

                                Thinking of heading out camping at Levette Lake this weekend (May 3-5). Anyone know if the logging road is drivable? I know it gets pretty gnarly during the winter, and especially after the rains have washed out the road.... Any info, please pass on this way! Thanks!


                                  Posted: April 29, 2013 10:55:41 AM PST

                                  Carolyn from Vancouver writes:

                                  Hi Guys, does anybody know is this hike is do-able yet?

                                    Posted: April 8, 2013 06:04:27 PM PST

                                    Dave W from Vancouver writes:

                                    Hiked this trail Aug 6th 2012. Great hike, with some fairly nice views. Moderate to easy difficulty. The log staircase is in considerably worse condition than the picture shown and a bit tricky to descend and there is one old bridge that is in complete disrepair but luckily not much of a drop below and no water flowing. Generally, the trails are not maintained and quite overgrown with lots of overhanging branches (glad I brought my hat) but well marked. Didn't see another sole on the trails - only campers/partiers at the lake.

                                      Posted: August 7, 2012 01:05:49 PM PST

                                      Sanvic from Vancouver writes:

                                      We,a group of 10 mostly aged 50-60, hiked today the Levette-Evans lake trail today. Few people at this trail, but a lot of people at the Levette lake, they all drove up to the lake parking lot by 4x4. We returned via the Rt Fraser Burrard Trail instead of Lt Fraser Burrard trail, because Rt side trail walks more in the forest trail instead of the forestry road to avoid 4x4 cars and sunshine exposure. We spent total 6 hours including one hour lunch and rest at the Levette lake. The trail marker is very clear to follow, red marker for Copperbrush trail,return trail -- yellow marker for skyline trail,then red marker for Fraser Burrard trail.

                                        Posted: July 14, 2012 10:33:29 PM PST

                                        Ken from Vancouver writes:

                                        Check out this site for cougar reports


                                          Posted: September 1, 2011 03:01:11 PM PST

                                          Jill from Vancouver writes:

                                          We were up there today, mid-week, and had a delightful hike and swim. There was minimal garbage at the campsite. There were also no cougars, and the chap at the adventure centre said there had been no reports of cougars in the vicinity of Levette Lake, only on the other side of the highway.

                                            Posted: August 30, 2011 08:21:10 PM PST

                                            valleycliffe cougar from Squamish writes:

                                            Any cougar sitings in past week? We will check out this trail next week if it is a go! Is it a swimming lake?

                                              Posted: August 24, 2011 12:21:16 PM PST

                                              b from n van writes:

                                              I heard this place was closed due to cougars. I have a camping trip planned there in 2 weeks. Any info would be great.

                                                Posted: August 9, 2011 03:43:10 PM PST

                                                graeme and nancy from vancouver writes:

                                                hiked the loop august 1st 2011, trail was well marked and easy to follow, views of mountains (tantalus range) were awesome, nice quiet sections of mossy forest and some quite steep sections and challenging rocky patches, trail to lake is a logging road as some has said and it is a party place with lost of free range camping but still worth the hike to see the lake and switzerland like views....great trail for active dogs!

                                                  Posted: August 1, 2011 05:03:33 PM PST

                                                  Aryn from North Vancouver writes:

                                                  My friend and I just hiked this trail on June 26th, 2011 with our dogs. The trail up to Levette Lake was amazing. It was beautiful and not difficult. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon hike. The lake itself was really beautiful except there were some rowdy campers that were floating on the lake and yelling/screaming. They were having a good time but it did make it a bit difficult to truly enjoy the beauty of the lake and it's surroundings.

                                                  We ran out of time so we took the logging road back down instead of the trail. It took about 2 hours to get to the lake and about 45 minutes to go down the road. The dogs loved it!

                                                    Posted: June 27, 2011 08:42:58 PM PST

                                                    Sylvan from Vancouver writes:

                                                    Just did this on June 4. The woods are quite nice, and the hike is good exercise: lots of ups and downs as you go over rocky outcroppings. It looks like it hasn't been visited frequently this season so far, it's somewhat overgrown. A large portion of the hike as listed (the walk up to Levette Lake) consists of a logging road however, which isn't quite so nice. There's an outhouse up by the lake if needed.

                                                      Posted: June 6, 2011 09:57:09 AM PST

                                                      Laura from New Westminster writes:

                                                      We did the Levette Lake loop on Easter long weekend. We cheated and took the road back after the lake. We didn't see any of the trash mentioned previously, and found the hike to be a good first-of-the season hike - not too difficult, but long enough with some nice views and scenery.

                                                        Posted: April 28, 2011 07:19:50 PM PST

                                                        Dawn from Squamish writes:

                                                        As a new hiking group in town, we chose this hike as our inaugural hike as it was a good distance (11 km) and we all raved about it afterward. I believe the track has improved since 2008, as it was easy to find the way and only the occasional log to climb over. There was one creek where the bridge needs to be repaired and we were forced to climb on a log, but it was worth the effort.

                                                        Levette Lake was sparkling in the sunshine and the views of the mountains along the way were superb. Being November it was cold but we could see evidence of parties by the lake. A new outhouse has been installed which will help a bit with the issues there. But overall, we all agreed it was a fantastic 4 hr hike with some climbs but not too challenging.

                                                          Posted: November 23, 2010 06:45:26 AM PST

                                                          Deena from Squamish writes:

                                                          Did this hike yesterday (Sunday, July 11, 2010). It was blistering hot and I was really looking forward to reaching Levette Lake and going for a dip to cool down before continuing up to Hut Lakes.

                                                          While the hiking trails are passable (not so overgrown that navigation is tricky; very well marked)the scene at the lake was not worth the hike. Garbage everywhere, dozens of piles of toilet paper dotting the landscape in every direction. I went down to the lake to try for a dip, but was confronted with what must have been the designated bathroom area from the weekend party crew. It was horrible, really disappointing, and totally disrespectful.

                                                          How many times do we have to say it? Pack it in, pack it out! Or, go to Cultus Lake to party....

                                                            Posted: July 12, 2010 08:16:54 AM PST

                                                            Shannon from Abbotsford writes:

                                                            Hiked this trail May 22 and found it took around 3.5 hours at a resonable pace. A sign indicated that the first part of the loop is closed due to a washed out bridge, but a makeshift bridge was set up and the creek was still passable.

                                                              Posted: May 22, 2010 09:11:41 PM PST

                                                              Luc Benac from Burnaby writes:

                                                              April 2010.
                                                              Great loop thank you for including it as I had missed it in my hiking book.
                                                              Not that many people around - and specially not a group of twenty - just a lot of variety and some great view points. Not too hard, not too easy. I will come back for sure but not during the summer.



                                                                Posted: April 11, 2010 07:46:19 PM PST

                                                                Leslie from Vancouver writes:

                                                                I have also had this experience. I don't know why this trail is always mentioned. It is so overgrown, it is just a horrible trail through a bunch of overgrown new growth. Absolutely not a trail anyone should do. I particularly like the hiking books that mention for people to stop at the cabin. This cabin fell down years ago, and is nothing more than a heap of rotten 2 x 4's.
                                                                Trust me, do something else.

                                                                  Posted: November 11, 2008 04:58:20 PM PST

                                                                  Brenda from North Vancouver writes:

                                                                  This hike should be removed permanently. The trailhead is impassable about 1 km. in from the parking lot. Many others have tried in the past and for at least the past few years, this trail has not been hiked. It is over-grown, not kept up at all, and a waste of time. Was just there on Sunday with a group of 20 and we hiked to the top of the first rocky section and that was as far as we were able to go.


                                                                    Posted: October 20, 2008 08:26:18 AM PST

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