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peter from burnaby writes:

A good, albeit busy, trail. We had to take the Blackcomb gondola up, then cross via Peak to Peak before starting High Note. Not sure if this was due Crankworks closing the Whistler chairlift, but it did add time to the completion. The trail start is now slightly different; take the chairlift to Whistler's peak, then cross the new suspension bridge before descending to the High Note Trail. Other than that small change, the trail is as before. Beautiful views of Cheakamus Lake; worth a trip if you've already splurged on the lift ticket. A better option than Blackcomb Glacier if you're just doing one hike.

    Posted: July 26, 2023 04:45:56 PM PST

    Courtney from Delta writes:

    Definitely a beautiful alpine hike! We planned to do the High Note mid-week, which meant that the Peak Chair wasn't running. We figured adding Pika's traverse and Matthew's Traverse wouldn't be too bad...we were wrong (especially since we haven't been hiking much during the pandemic). Pikas and Matthew's traverses added a good hour to our hike and on a very hot day. We were off the Peak to Peak around 10:30am. By the time we got to the split for Half Note we would only have 3.5 hours left to get back to the gondola without any breaks. We decided to do a few more minutes of High Note and then double-back for Half Note to make sure we didn't miss the gondola. The Half Note is A LOT OF UP! It's very exposed and there is no shade mid-day. Hiking poles were definitely helpful for all the downhill. Would definitely like to complete the High Note one day but squeezing everything in between gondola times takes some planning.

    • High Note Trail photo
    • High Note Trail photo

      Posted: August 13, 2021 12:48:54 AM PST

      Shaheen from New West writes:

      Probably one of the most beautiful hikes I've done! Totally different from your usual loop or final viewpoint - you've got views the entire way! Went up August 30, 2020. Worth noting that the Whistler village gondola is $80 (weekend rate). You could also take the Blackcomb one and then ride the peak to peak to get to Whistler mountain (it's free between peaks). The chairlift at the top is not running due to covid19, so you have to hike from that gondola drop off to the summit (there is a clear route for this)..took us about an hour with stopping to take pictures. I'd say this is the most brutal part of the hike and tired out our legs. We did the full half note and with a lot of photo shoot stops we were back at the Whistler gondola within 3 hours and 15 minutes.

        Posted: August 31, 2020 07:14:42 AM PST

        VanHike from Vancouver writes:

        A great full day hike. Did this hike in 2016 a year before the start of the hike was changed in 2017 and that ugly suspension bridge was added to the top of Whistler. Whistler is public land that was taken out of Garibaldi park in 1970's. An american company is making changes to public land. It is best to do this in early August when there is wild flowers. It can be extended to top of Flute summit from the eastern end of high note trail. There is a sign on the summit that marks the entrance to Garibaldi park.This would extend to about a 5-6 hour hike with breaks. It is also possible to go further to other summits on the musical bumps trail in Garibaldi park if you start early. Great views of the singing pass mountains.

          Posted: April 27, 2019 03:04:05 PM PST

          Stacy from Vancouver writes:

          I would like to ask if there is enough signs where to go? I will be hiking first time in Whistler, and I don't want to be lost. I like to follow up trail signs....otherwise I am not relaxing. Also, are there other people hiking? (as this is popular trail).

          Thank you


            Posted: September 21, 2018 12:15:11 PM PST

            Daphne from Quebec writes:

            One of the most beautiful hike I did in my life.
            You can either start the hike at the gondola or take the chairlift (same chair lift people take to go walk on the suspension bridge... to use the chair lift you have to be taller than 100cm) and start your hike higher. The hike is not a loop so If you start at the top of the chair lift station you'll hike back to the gondola and if you start at the gondola it'll take you to the chair lift station and suspension bridge at the top. You can take a short cut when you get to the 1/3 of the hike by taking a different trail (loop).
            I'd recommand to take the chair lift and start your hike from there if you're looking for a less challenging hike as you'll hike down instead of going up to the top. If you do it this way, it'll be easier, but they are still some challenging parts (ropes, small river crossing, up hill..) but the views are amazing.
            This hike is great because you can always see the mountains/lakes around you, it's like a constant viewpoint.
            we saw some wild animals, wild flowers, snow, little waterfalls, a couple of alpine lakes, great view of chekamus lake... it was amazing. I highly recommend this.

            • High Note Trail photo
            • High Note Trail photo
            • High Note Trail photo

              Posted: July 22, 2018 09:15:26 AM PST

              Kristen Mercado from Atlanta, Georgia U.S. writes:

              We hiked the High Note yesterday with our sons, 11 and 9. It was a scenic hike with varying landscapes, incredible views, and pretty wildflowers. Nothing I read had mentioned the waterfall at Harmony Lake! The snow is melting so there are lots of nice sounds of streaming water. We found it very enjoyable and challenging enough. Young children may have a hard time on the steep parts.

              • High Note Trail photo
              • High Note Trail photo
              • High Note Trail photo

                Posted: July 21, 2018 05:09:19 AM PST

                Dave from Coquitlam writes:

                Did Sept 2nd. Spectacular hike with constant amazing views. Worth the gondola ticket to be able to start way up high in alpine. I finished hike with dip in lake at end of trail. very refreshing on a warm day. You can take the half-note trail to shorten it but I highly recommend doing the whole High Note.

                  Posted: September 5, 2017 07:54:35 AM PST

                  David Scott from Abu Dhabi writes:

                  It would be useful to note in your hike overview that the Peak Express chairlift has a height restriction and does not allow riders under 100 cm, including any small children in carriers. Failure to note this fact might result in families paying the gondola fees and getting to the entrance of the Peak Express with hopes of taking the high note trail only to discover that they have wasted both their time and money and would be unable to take the hike.

                    Posted: August 28, 2017 06:57:56 PM PST

                    crossover from Vancouver, BC writes:

                    Hiked on 2017.07.29. This is one of the most scenic trail I have hiked so far. The views were breathtaking as soon as you board the gondola. The Peak Express chairlift opens at 11am and you can ride both ways (i.e. you can hike the loop clockwise). There were a few patches of snow left but nothing to worry about. The "tricky part" of the trail made it more interesting (see attached pic). It should not take you more than 4 hrs to finish, but the view is so beautiful so why rush through it? The only drawback is the price of the gondola but I will hike this trail every year from now on. Loved it!

                    • High Note Trail photo
                    • High Note Trail photo
                    • High Note Trail photo

                      Posted: July 31, 2017 05:52:24 PM PST

                      Binder from Surrey writes:

                      Hiked the high notes Trail on July 26th and I must say it's absolutely beautiful, highly recommend! There is a sign at the entrance of the trail saying large amounts of snow, experienced hikers only, but there was barely any snow. Amazing scenic views all around. Hike is somewhat lengthy (took us about 3 1/2 hours) and near the end there are some steep parts. Would recommend starting the high note and cutting it short and going back through the half note as the views are mainly on the one side of the mountain.

                      • High Note Trail photo

                        Posted: July 28, 2017 06:00:19 PM PST

                        Dungi from Coquitlam writes:

                        Have anyone done this hike lately? Is it open yet? Thank you.

                          Posted: July 19, 2017 12:42:50 PM PST

                          Carl Speardon from Vancouver writes:

                          Excellent trail.

                            Posted: July 6, 2017 12:02:33 PM PST

                            crossover from Vancouver, BC writes:

                            @ saul & Tracey -- I was there on Jun 25th. The High Note Trail was not open yet (still covered under many feet of snow).

                              Posted: June 28, 2017 02:51:35 PM PST

                              saul from Vancouver writes:

                              Curious what the conditions are of high note - planning a camping trip to Russet Lake and based on the elevation I'm worried about the snow - has anyone gone recently?

                                Posted: June 27, 2017 09:02:16 AM PST

                                Tracey from Maple ridge writes:

                                Can anyone let me know if the trail has snow right now? I'm planning on hiking this weekend (June 25).



                                  Posted: June 23, 2017 08:18:48 PM PST

                                  Bill from Vancouver writes:

                                  Alpine flowers are blooming now. It will not last long.
                                  The first 2/3 part of the high note trail is very good, but the rest 1/3 is kind of boring. Next time will try the half note trail.

                                    Posted: August 10, 2016 03:49:02 PM PST

                                    Shawn Griffin from Vancouver writes:

                                    Can we do it the other way, start at the bottom and hike up? Then take the gondola down?

                                      Posted: July 20, 2016 09:21:25 PM PST

                                      Stacy from London, ON writes:

                                      I see that this trail is open from July-October. I am going to be in Whistler the first week of November. Any insight on what the trail would be like/if the chairlift will be open?

                                      Thanks :)

                                        Posted: September 14, 2015 02:51:54 PM PST

                                        Kelly from Surrey writes:

                                        Hiked the High Note trail yesterday (August 03, 2015), was a beautiful day. the trail was very dry no snow spotted anywhere. Loved this hike! Was so beautiful and scenic. The first half of the trail was the most scenic, so if you prefer you could take the half note trail back to the roundhouse or you can continue on and finish the high note. The trail can be technical in spots and the beginning of the trail is fairly steep downhill with loose dirt and gravel (for those new to hiking). You do have to take the chairlift up to the start of the hike so if you are afraid of heights this one might not be for you. I highly recommend doing this hike!!

                                          Posted: August 4, 2015 12:17:31 PM PST

                                          Mitchell from Vancouver writes:

                                          I would like to do the High Note trail tomorrow(Nov 15th 2014) I cannot find anything saying that the chairlifts are running now, or what the conditions are like on the trail?
                                          Anybody have info on this. I will check early tomorrow morning.

                                            Posted: November 15, 2014 11:57:42 PM PST

                                            Kerry from Colorado writes:

                                            Is there anyway to access the High Note Trail without riding the Peak Charilift? We have 1yr old in a frame pack and are unable to ride the chairlift.

                                              Posted: October 13, 2014 11:37:23 AM PST

                                              jennifer from ottawa writes:

                                              Want to do this hike when I'm in Whistler on the 25th but I have vertigo and some parts of it looked on the video like they might be too steep for me. Any insights?

                                                Posted: August 6, 2014 05:44:25 PM PST

                                                Lynna from Delta writes:

                                                Hiked this trail on July 27. The weather was fantastic and only the tiniest patch of snow not far from the start of the trail (maybe 15 feet, well trod and easy to walk on). The views were amazing, as expected. Please note that unless you walk to the top of Whistler you will have to buy a $50+ lift pass. We made the most of it by taking the Peak to Peak gondola to Blackcomb and then two more chair lifts to the village.

                                                  Posted: July 28, 2014 08:00:27 PM PST

                                                  Michelle from Vancouver writes:

                                                  Went up just me and my boyfriend today, July 5th 2014. Still quite a lot of snow, parts of the path are entirely covered and we had to do a little searching/going off trail to find it. Mind you it was also very cloudy and hard to see. We ended up climbing up the mountain on all fours in the snow near a cliff to try to find the trail again. Would be a beautiful hike on a sunny day, probably best to avoid on a cloudy, colder day like today.

                                                    Posted: July 5, 2014 07:49:26 PM PST

                                                    Richard from vancouver writes:

                                                    Any update on the chairlift & trail ?

                                                    Wish to do it this weekend,
                                                    but do not know whether there is chairlift open for hikers & trail condition.


                                                      Posted: November 12, 2013 01:25:48 PM PST

                                                      Mike from Vancouver writes:

                                                      One of the best hikes I've ever done. The views were incredible! The hike was pretty easy too... you take the chairlift to the top and most of it is downhill. There were 4 of us doing this and we were back at the Gondola in under 3 hours.

                                                        Posted: August 13, 2013 05:02:56 PM PST

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