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Laurie Phillips from Sidney writes:

Day hike August 4. Frosty Loop. The trip up to the top was moderate, the rock area and along the ridge is very do'able. It looks harder than it is. The pink dots spray painted in the rock climb up to the first post were very helpful! Thank you to who ever did that. We did the loop so when we came down off the peak to the first marker (second marker is at the peak) we went right. Going left would return you down the path you had already come.

Keep in mind the loop going right is much longer hike. Once you finish the rock area the trail enters the trees. The trail itself is a very nice meandering path that has long and easy declines across the slope. It was a hot clear day so we were very thankful for the path through the trees! As the Beatles would say..... a long and winding road/path.... There are no look outs or stops of interest is steady walking. You do have a section of "access road" which is not so much fun to walk. As you approach the the last quarter of the hike you do come across a few streams which are very rejuvenating (stop and splash!). You get back on a trail/path for the last 30'ish minutes before you land on the road. You are tired! You think you are done! However, at this point you have to get to the car which is 2.5km down the road at the lake! Be prepared. That last 2.5 KM is not hard hiking but oh you wish you were done!

  • Frosty Mountain photo
  • Frosty Mountain photo

    Posted: September 8, 2020 10:40:55 AM PST

    Chuck from Vancouver writes:

    Hiked to the summit September 5. No clouds. No bugs. No people playing music. No people. Silence! Meadows starting to turn golden orange, still patches of late blooming wildflowers, and the alpine Larches are just starting to turn to gold. This is truly of of the iconic day-hikes in the lower mainland. Another 2 weeks and the larches should be magnificent. Get up there and enjoy the BC mountain magic!

      Posted: September 6, 2019 08:03:22 PM PST

      Dave from Vancouver writes:

      The view at the top is pretty fantastic. 360 degrees of mountains, all around!

      This hike deserves a higher rating. One person rated it 1-star for some reason and brought down the average. The only knock on the hike is there isn't all too much to see for the first half as you're in amongst the trees.

      The hike starts off with a steady, but manageable climb, then eases out in the middle, before steepening near the end. To make it to the top may require a bit of scrambling, but nothing extreme. Periodically take a pause to look for the most worn path, and you'll do fine. Walking along the ridge to the top would have to be the highlight.

      At a decent pace, it took roughly 3h40m to reach the top. The way down took about 2h50m without breaks. There were some bugs this time of year, so bring your repellent if you're up during the summer months.

      Also worth mentioning that the drive from Vancouver was only 2h20m on the Sunday I went, not the 3h advertised.

        Posted: July 28, 2019 11:45:32 PM PST

        Andrew Lam from Vancouver writes:

        Hiked up 86.7% up Frosty Mt on Nov 17th. This was a great Chriatmas'y hike. We had to turn back around when the snow reached our waist. We had no crampons or snow shoes, only carbide tipped trekking poles. Crampons would have helped as there were plenty of ice pockets on the first 2km of the trail. After 2km trail gets easier, more packing snow giving more traction. Trail up us a good mix of varying levels of switchbacks. We started the trail at 10am and turned back around 1pm, getting back to the parking lot just as the sun was going down. This is important as lower part of the trail is very icey if you dont have a headlamp and gear. Track your time appropriately, you dont want to get stuck up there when the sun goes down.

          Posted: November 19, 2018 01:26:25 PM PST

          TW from Vancouver writes:

          Completed 18th October 2018.

          Frozen snow on sections of the trail from ~1800m onwards.

          Ascent of the section from above the meadow to Windy Joe lookout (~200m) involved scrambling over rocks covered in frozen snow - crampons advisable.

          Ridge line to the actual peak was much more straightforward though also involved frozen snow on rock in places.

            Posted: October 19, 2018 02:10:24 PM PST

            Oliver Mann from Vancouver writes:

            Did this hike September 23rd, 2018. End of September or early October is a really good time to go as the Larches start to change colors. Layer up as the temperature can change drastically as you gain elevation. It was snowing at the peak. This was one of the best hikes I have done so far.

            • Frosty Mountain photo
            • Frosty Mountain photo

              Posted: October 10, 2018 08:29:58 PM PST

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