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Justine from Delta writes:

I'm a local and a regular. The negative reviews crack me up- mostly from people who are annoyed because they got caught breaking the rules haha. The entitlement is unreal. This is indeed an on-leash park- because of the ground nesting birds and wildlife. Delta has some great off-leash areas elsewhere. My dog loves Deas but we trained him to walk nicely on leash. And nope the trails are not for bikes- they are twisty in many places with high shrubs, and cyclists speeding around corners would be dangerous to the pedestrians and horses that frequent them. It is in Delta- so yep you can expect mosquitoes unless it is spring or winter. DEET works great.

The rangers here are great- they do a superb job maintaining the place; it is unusually pristine and you are unlikely to find garbage or dog crap lying around. I have chatted with them often. Our regional parks are the best around.

Lots of flora- salmon berries and blackberries, snow berries in winter, mushrooms in fall.

It is a great place to see eagles, especially in winter. A duelling pair once dropped a pacific staghorn sculpin beside me. There is good fishing (in season with a license of course). The slough often has swans, herons and migratory ducks. I've often seen great horned owls. And if you are lucky you might see the beaver family that lives there too, as well as seals and even river otters. Plus you can see the salmon jumping from the water when there is a successful salmon run. And oolichan too!

It is not a hike, it is a nice stroll. Busy on weekends, and during COVID. Quiet and peaceful the rest of the time.


    Posted: January 17, 2021 02:08:54 PM PST

    Kara from Vancouver writes:

    Nice relaxing place for a walk any time of the year. Accessible for kids and elderly with wide flat trails, lots of picnic tables. Birdwatching and views of the Fraser River. Peaceful.

    • Deas Island Regional Park photo
    • Deas Island Regional Park photo
    • Deas Island Regional Park photo

      Posted: January 6, 2021 11:36:49 PM PST

      Joan Pattenden from Barrie On. writes:

      Enjoyed my time at Deas Island park but couldn't help but wonder what that tank was for near the outlook platform. It would be nice to have some kind of sign telling us. Thank you for our lovely time there.

        Posted: June 13, 2019 02:26:32 PM PST

        Tracy from Vancouver writes:

        Have always enjoyed this park but most recently my husband and I were at the Park and walked along the gravel dike which takes you to the marina, then through a neighbourhood and golf course. We take our dog on this route and often she is able to go off leash which is nice. Just be aware that my husband got bit by a tic last time we were there at end of November and he started getting symptoms of lyme disease and has been on antibiotic and hopefully will be okay. for those that walk along the dyke please make sure you check for tics after your walk.

          Posted: January 12, 2019 02:29:13 PM PST

          Dane from Tswn writes:

          A lovely walk around the big forested park
          Shimmering sunlight on the river.
          There were so few people, that when we encountered one, we were slightly startled.
          The best thing about these trails is that , it is a loop, and therefore, not daunted, by perhaps, getting lost
          No bikes was ,a nice change,
          Sometimes bikes whizzing ,by distracts from the serenity.
          I always find it ironic, that on leash is mandatory,.
          Generally speaking,people walk with their pets,
          There is tons of room and only 4 couples were in the park.
          What's the harm in having a ' dog', run free , ( at least, maybe during certain hours)? Or maybe on a portion of the trail?
          After all, it's usually dog folk that may take such a stroll,.
          The scent of the trees, was earthy, refreshing, delightful, to shuffle through.
          Swimming birds in the north side.
          And several ,dedicated, resting wooden benches and view points
          Definately, will do it again

            Posted: October 24, 2018 06:11:08 PM PST

            Equinox from Vancouver writes:

            Nice, serene walk on a brisk fall morning with not so many people. The terrain is completely flat, and there are a couple of trails options in the park, but honestly it is possible to do all of them under 1- 1.5 hours.

            • Deas Island Regional Park photo
            • Deas Island Regional Park photo

              Posted: October 28, 2017 10:40:55 PM PST

              Lion Tamer from Vancouver writes:

              Hiked this one February 13th, but I've done it previous summers.

              I have to say I'm somewhat torn on how to review this walk. On the one hand, this is a fantastic picnic area, tons of parking, plenty of new spiffy tables (and enough grass for those without!) a bit of a field open for Frisbee, bald eagles (we saw 3 in under an hour) and on a clear day (like today was) the North viewing platform offered the most complete view of the North Shore mountains around, we could see as far as the gulf islands. There was also a swarm of seagulls (must have been 300+) on the fairly calm river which made for awesome viewing, and a heritage house to check out. Top notch 4.5/5.

              But ultimately this is Vancouver TRAILS, and the trail is the biggest disappoint. It's boring, and the still-water on either side of the track is a breeding ground for mosquitoes outside of the winter. The sound of traffic never quite escapes you, and the view at the end point is pathetic compared to the views on the North side of the island. The thick strands of trees without canopies ultimately meant that the trail was covered in more snow and ice than many other trails in the Vancouver area.

              Ultimately, a great place to spend the day with a family, a poor choice for those who want a good trail.

                Posted: February 13, 2017 03:47:17 PM PST

                Ayni from Surrey writes:

                We went here for Victoria day picnic and we had a lovely picnic and left our picnic table with some items to return to after our hike only to find out that the park rangers had cleaned us up! And we returned to our table at 8:45pm as we knew the park closes at 9pm and we did not leave food out in the open but under secure tight lids and a whole trop 50 unopened juice bottle and a whole box of yummy chicken pizza!!

                One of our party saw the park ranger white golf car wheeze past and we went to where it was parked and not wanting to disobey the "authorized staff only beyond this point" sign called out to ask what happened to our whole table spread with the table cover. The rangers were seated in their cars all this time!
                Finally one of crossed the gates to check their main garbage to lo and behold see our table cover wrapped up as a garbage and our precious family glass containers wrapped there in. So we rescued our dishes ( of course we would compost the food at home! what a waste) and no sign of our pizza box or the unopened trop 50 orange juice!! hmmm

                As we left their compound lo and behold the rangers zoomed out with their sedan cars heavily tinted windows without a word! Like helloooo just talk to us! W head 15 mins!!! and no sign that says clear out by 8:45!! It clearly says 9pm! and we are law abiding gentle family with kids!! What an example!!!

                We left the park at 9:11pm! With our glass dishes and our eco friendly recyclable plastic plates that the rangers just dumped and food that was to be used for our lunches and not wasted.

                What a dreadful end to a day that could have ended on a much better note and rangers that could have some courtesy and respect.

                We do respect park rangers and the work they do- but please don't be mean!!! and don't steal our orange juice!!!

                  Posted: May 19, 2015 08:45:07 PM PST

                  Wayne Hollings from Surrey writes:

                  Nice walk but we were surprised to find NO BIKES allowed on the trails!!! Great place to see eagles and their nests, which are huge!!!

                    Posted: March 24, 2014 05:09:46 PM PST

                    Lionel from Vancouver writes:

                    Nice enough but dreadfully boring. Not dog friendly at all as well. I was threatened by a park worker to leash my well behaved dog. Besides, there's nothing to do there for a dog. Nothing but bramble on either side of straightaway trails. Not a place to let your dog relax a bit and run free. Horrible. Very little wildlife as well.

                      Posted: March 23, 2014 04:45:38 PM PST

                      Becca from richmond, bc writes:

                      Went on this nice and very easy walk last weekend with some friends. It was convenient with lots of free parking, and flat easy trails for kids, dogs and a stroller. There were tons of HUGE bald eagles around either flying or perched on tree branches. It was amazing to see. At one of the lookout points we saw a ton of ducks lazing around, and some geese flying by. The kids loved it.

                        Posted: January 23, 2014 11:46:39 AM PST

                        D.J. from North Delta writes:

                        Park has changed over the past 10 years.
                        We would have enjoyed our day of a bbq picnic and dog walking through the sometimes flooded and muddy trails,... if not for the unbelievable amount of biting insects! Swarms of different types of bugs everywhere throughout trails, even clustered on the picnic tables.
                        * The power-tripping insolent "park ranger girl" who silently + swiftly whizzed by us without stopping on the isolated trail yelling "No open liquor in the park, put the bottle in your bag" also RUINED our outing.
                        [We had found an 'EMPTY capped' plastic cooler bottle' on trail and I had picked up to deposit in trash at picnic area]
                        Our dog-walking picnic day venture was not enjoyable.
                        Covered in bug bites & park employee's misdirected rudeness!!!

                          Posted: July 7, 2012 03:20:44 AM PST

                          Ron Phillips from Mochder, North Wales U.K. writes:

                          First time visit to Deas Island Park! Disappointed not more comments on sightings etc! Would like to see Heritage House closer but was concentrating on birds! Two Eagles circling mobbed by Gulls! Little Blue Heron feasting on Minnows? American Robins a wonder to a Brit! Rufous Sided Tohee always nice to see - etc. etc! Mergenasers and Cormorants! Sharp Shinned hawk in vicinity of Barred Owls Nest! Yes a lovely walk before heading across for an hour with Snow Geese at the Reifel!

                            Posted: April 12, 2011 10:29:37 AM PST

                            Ann from Vancouver writes:

                            Hiked yesterday, slightly flooded due to high tide and very windy on the south side!

                              Posted: December 31, 2010 09:06:28 AM PST

                              Jennyfur from Vancouver writes:

                              Walked around here a couple weeks ago. Not a hike, but a nice walk, the terrain is flat, it is the perfect place to take my very senior dog. Nice for an easy bike ride too. Interesting to stand over the tunnel, and plenty of flora and fauna to look at, and all along this busy commuter corridor!

                                Posted: April 30, 2010 08:25:59 PM PST

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