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melodie from vancouver writes:

recently a storm must have hit and there was a decent amount of tree debris that we had to maneuver around towards the end of the hike close to the falls.

  • Crooked Falls photo
  • Crooked Falls photo

    Posted: May 16, 2019 02:26:09 AM PST

    Hayley from North Shore writes:

    January 26th 2018;
    Drive to the trail head is a breeze unless there is snow. Make sure to do your research on the snowfall in the area. I would suggest bringing cramp ons for your boots because it can get a bit slippery in sections. There is a TON of fallen tree debris, especially near the end of the hike near the falls, so it's difficult to navigate, but just keep pushing past it and the waterfall is worth it! When directions say "Returning to the trail, continue to follow it until it veers right and begins to climb steeply." DO NOT GO BACK TO THE LOGGING ROAD. Continue down the path along the ridge of the mountain until you see the sign pointed towards Sigurd Trail. Head that way and continue climbing like the billy goat you are. Great challenging day hike that took us about 3.5 hours round trip as we stopped at view points and spent some time at the falls.

    • Crooked Falls photo
    • Crooked Falls photo

      Posted: January 27, 2019 10:03:59 AM PST

      Tim Quirk from Victoria writes:

      After the first part on a first service road full of cobbles the trail moves into a mature lush forest. A challenging climb but worth it for the waterfall.

      • Crooked Falls photo
      • Crooked Falls photo

        Posted: July 26, 2018 05:07:29 PM PST

        crossover from Vancouver, BC writes:

        Hiked on 2018.05.27. The dirt road leading to the trailhead was not too rough. Most 2wd vehicles should be ok if they drive carefully and slowly. We arrived around 9:45am and there were a few hikers ahead of us already. Btw the sevice road is closed about 100m before the trailhead (no biggie). The views were nice and the climb was steep at some parts. I used my hands a few times to push/pull myself up/down a few times. We reached the falls in 2.5hrs, admired the sceneries, then headed back down in 1.5 hrs. Our GPS showed total distance to be close to 10km (no we did not get lost) and elevation gain to be 500m. We enjoyed the trail as it was short but not too easy. Btw, this trail must be gaining popularity as we ran into no less than 50+ hikers along the way. Cars were parked along the road for at almost a block.

        • Crooked Falls photo
        • Crooked Falls photo
        • Crooked Falls photo

          Posted: May 28, 2018 11:45:51 AM PST

          Neil from Vancouver writes:

          If you're looking for something harder then deep cove but easier then the chief, this is your hike.
          Although both of those hikes have a better view at the end then this one.
          The view is ok, but obstructed by trees if you want some good shots of Squamish valley.
          The falls are pretty sweet, but you can't get in them. Which is too bad if it's a hot day.

          Overall a good leg burner on the way up, and a good jog down if your knees are good.
          Trail is easy to find and well marked.

            Posted: May 28, 2018 10:59:46 AM PST

            Dave from Vancouver writes:

            The last part of the road to the trailhead is a dirt road with tons of potholes, so drive a rugged vehicle if you can, or just take it nice and slow or you could blow out a tire.

            We did this on May-long weekend and it didn't see too many people -- definitely a good option to get away from the crowds and have a great hike.

            The falls are gushing this time of year -- REALLY IMPRESSIVE!!!

              Posted: May 22, 2018 10:33:15 AM PST

              Nick D from Vancouver writes:

              Snow is off the trail and the falls are stunning! One may want to keep in mind is that although the trail is rated as intermediate, that after the clearing on the main rock bluff (with a view of the valley), the trail becomes strenuous. There is a steep climb into the woods, with some boulders, and steps of more than a meter. That part would be a challenge for someone unfit and impossible for someone without full mobility.

              • Crooked Falls photo
              • Crooked Falls photo

                Posted: April 21, 2018 09:00:57 PM PST

                Raj from Squamish writes:

                Is there snow on this trail presently? or is it Dry?

                  Posted: April 19, 2018 10:18:08 AM PST

                  Melissa from Vancouver writes:

                  We hiked this trail on the weekend and it was so great because there was very few people. I think we ran into about 8 people total and we were up and down before noon. I would have liked it to be a bit longer (another hour would have been perfect) but it was so nice. The trail is groomed, but not overly like the chief or the grind. No steps, just trail with some good climbing. A good sweat, I would have like it to be just slightly longer.

                  good trailhead directions here: https://www.outdoorvancouver.ca/crooked-falls-hike-squamish/

                  • Crooked Falls photo
                  • Crooked Falls photo
                  • Crooked Falls photo

                    Posted: August 28, 2017 03:57:20 PM PST

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