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Eliza Olson from Delta writes:

The Delta Nature Reserve is no longer the responsibility of the Burns Bog Conservation Society. It is under the wing of MetroVancouver Parks. If you have any complaints about the boardwalk, call them. MetroVancouver has a foundation. I believe it is called MetroParks Foundation. You can make donations specifically towards Burns Bog. I suggest that after you have made a donation that you go back into the Foundation's website and specifically state that you want your gift to go towards the boardwalk.

Eliza Olson, LLD.,(h.c.), B.Ed. founder and former President of the Burns Bog Conservation Society

Current founder and President, Peatlands Protection Society. Our mandate is to educate people about the need to save peatlands and to work with like-minded organizations.

In other words, the Peatlands Protection Society's mandate is much broader than the Burns Bog Conservation Society.

Check out the Camosun Bog in Pacific Spirit Park. it has boardwalks. I am not sure about the Langley Bog.
Remember, less than 3% of the earth's surface is covered in peat. It stores up 6 times more carbon than all the world's forests--and they are more threatened. Check out: [email protected] and the International Peat Society.

If you get a chance to go to Ireland, visit the Irish Peatland Conservation Council's faciltiies. Ipcc.ie

    Posted: March 11, 2024 03:36:10 PM PST

    s from north delta writes:

    burnsbog is my lifeline .i been walking ,jogging and running there for many years .burnsbog is beautifull

    nice few trails mix with wooden tracks , .

      Posted: March 1, 2022 05:02:37 PM PST

      Brian Jones from Delta writes:

      We had a lovely walk in the bog yesterday, first time in. Very pleasant and amazed at how well the boardwalk is maintained. Will come back again.

      • Burns Bog Delta Nature Reserve photo
      • Burns Bog Delta Nature Reserve photo
      • Burns Bog Delta Nature Reserve photo

        Posted: March 27, 2021 11:39:29 AM PST

        T from Vancouver writes:

        Question, Do you have to walk the whole trail? What happened if you can't? Can you turn back?

          Posted: July 18, 2019 10:18:55 AM PST

          Caly from South Delta writes:

          it’s a nice walk for able bodied folks and big dogs but I wouldn’t recommend it for smaller dogs. The slats of the boardwalk are in need of repair in some spots and quite irregular and wide gaps between them that can have little dog feet slipping through and hurting themselves. Also about halfway to the connector trail the mesh they have laid down on the boardwalk for grip has uprooted in such a sharp manner that it ripped my sneakers clean open though the sock and scratched the skin. I was lucky it didn’t do more damage. So a very visually peaceful walk but some caution is needed.

            Posted: March 16, 2019 04:58:43 PM PST

            DB from Surrey writes:

            I do appreciate how hard this trail/boardwalk must be to maintain without any funding. One bench is dedicated to the "boardwalk captain" from 1936. Has it been there that long?
            It is a very unique walk in Vancouver.

            The boardwalk is in need of some repair, which is to be expected. Dangerous spots are marked with red paint. Others have broken in half more recently and are not marked. This is a bog after all, and this boardwalk is bog food...

            Some boards have been replaced, often with ones that are too narrow, and hence my low rating. The new, bigger gaps are still small enough for us, but plenty big enough for a dog paw to go through, and that could lead to an injury. Dogs do not see red, so red paint looks the same dark grey as the boards (not that a dog would know that red means danger...).

            In any case, if you plan on taking Fido perhaps thing twice. Once you are far enough in to the trail to realize this is a hazard, there is no way out.

              Posted: June 3, 2018 09:54:04 PM PST

              Audrey from Burnaby writes:

              The trail guide was not very clear. We were looking for the sunken tractor and there was no indication of where to turn. Attaching a map for future reference. We walked the big loop, then on the way back to Planet Ice we turned back into the bog at the small loop and found the tractor. Have fun!

              • Burns Bog Delta Nature Reserve photo

                Posted: July 15, 2017 04:32:37 PM PST

                Lion Tamer from Vancouver writes:

                Walked on February 23rd.

                The boardwalk is truly impressive in both just how long it is and how well maintained it is. There is an anti-slip track that was more than adequate to prevent falling over unless you have mobility challenges, though I do imagine that when it gets icy it would be a real issue. There are a couple unique sights, best of all, a tractor sunk 80% into the swamp.

                The reserve also seemed to be teeming with birds, though in two thirds of the park the traffic was louder than the birdsong. It was nice to check it out once, but the noise of the freeway will likely prevent further visits.

                Last word of warning, do NOT click the link vancouvertrails gives to google maps, but only follow their written directions. The co-ordinates they give put you on the wrong side of the freeway.

                  Posted: February 24, 2017 08:18:02 PM PST

                  Al Dinis from Delta writes:

                  And those boardwalks are maintained by a group of volunteers from the Burns Bog Society and a great number of the wood used is donated.
                  I am the team lead for such volunteers and we spend many hours making the required repairs for the public to enjoy.

                    Posted: December 2, 2016 07:04:56 PM PST

                    Richard from Vancouver writes:

                    This trail is currently closed (summer 2015) due to extreme risk of fire in the drought. (Remember, peat is fuel.) Don't risk the bog or the hefty fine if you're caught by the patrollers. When it reopens, it's worth the time.

                      Posted: July 18, 2015 01:30:53 PM PST

                      diz from new westminster writes:

                      this is a nice little urban hike, and well worth visiting at least once. the couple of complaints on this post seem a tad babyish. all boardwalks are slippery when wet, and hey its a bog, therefore it will smell like one.

                        Posted: March 23, 2015 05:51:01 AM PST

                        Chad from Burnaby writes:

                        great little trail to get away from it all... albeit with a silent hum of a highway traffic not too far away... this reserve is well kept and a sanctuary to nature lovers. don't forget to support the society that makes this all possible: Burns Bog Conversation Society

                          Posted: May 15, 2014 09:58:11 AM PST

                          Andrew from North Delta writes:

                          It's a great place to walk, run, and enjoy nature. I don't know why other people posting here would say otherwise. They must have already had a negative preconceived notion of Delta before they came. In any case, it's nice, quiet and beautiful and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

                            Posted: February 21, 2014 01:42:24 PM PST

                            Kiirsti from Maple Ridge writes:

                            A flat and easy walk along a trail that is almost completely boardwalk. The boardwalk is well-maintained but can be slippery during or after a rain event, so be careful!
                            The Delta Nature Reserve is neat because you get to experience a unique ecosystem that can't be seen in any of our other local parks. It's also a great place to bring kids - be sure to check out the sunken tractor!
                            Make sure to look up directions on how to get there - it's a little difficult to find.

                              Posted: January 14, 2014 11:38:40 AM PST

                              CJ from North Vancouver writes:

                              Went to the Delta Nature Reserve for the first time on March 8. Don't let these photos fool you. The wood is slick as snot when at all wet. The chicken wire is great till suddenly you hit a spot that doesn't have any. I stepped carefully onto the bare wood and careful did not matter. Down I went, landing on my replacement knee. I was in so much pain I nearly passed out. Then I still had to make my way to my car, on the still slick board walk. Not fun at all. Spent the next 7 weeks in physio. NOT worth it, will never walk there again.

                                Posted: May 5, 2013 08:13:59 PM PST

                                Craig from Burnaby writes:

                                Not recommended. It has that disgusting Surrey/North Delta feeling.. and nature agrees as we didn't see any birds or wildlife. There was litter throughout. The "fragrance" is sewage. You can hear traffic, there is no silence here.

                                Better to get out of the city for an enjoyable walk.

                                  Posted: January 27, 2013 06:07:53 PM PST

                                  Justin from Burnaby writes:

                                  We went there twice in the evening around 7:00PM in the past three weeks. It's a very nice walk. You can finish both loops in 1.5 hour. The fragrance is very strong and the skunk cabbage leaves are huge!

                                  The down side is, people go there with their dogs or bike there to smoke pot.

                                    Posted: August 16, 2012 12:10:03 PM PST

                                    Dorothy from Aldergrove writes:

                                    We had a bit of trouble finding the trail at first, when you get to the brick path go left, not right.

                                    But it's a nice walk, some sections were underwater (in November) so rubber boots are needed. The boardwalk is wonderful.

                                      Posted: November 30, 2011 03:39:26 PM PST

                                      Mike from Burnaby writes:

                                      A much nicer walk than I was expecting. The trail is well kept and there are a few sights along the way, like the tractor.

                                      The only down side is the traffic noise from the highway.

                                        Posted: May 16, 2011 06:25:56 PM PST

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