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susma from VANCOUVER writes:

the path is not marked at all, got lost and had to trun back as no one was in the path.... don't go unless you are in a group. hiked in july 30,2020.

    Posted: July 31, 2020 09:14:54 AM PST

    Fran from Vancouver writes:

    A new favourite! We arrived at 10:30am on Friday morning, May 29th, and got the last parking spot. There are several connecting trails loops, so you can choose different routes depending on how long you want to hike for. We did the Cheakamus Loop to High Trail, then around the north end of the lake back to the parking lot. The view from the Cheakamus Loop looking West is incredible! We ended up doing 11.5km, 400m of elevation, and took 3 hours. We encountered four other groups of hikers along the way, and the trail was nicely maintained but also showed signs of minimal foot traffic.

    We had a quick swim after. There is no real beach, but instead large rock slabs that you can set up on. Being the end of May, there weren't that many people swimming, but lots of people tubing, kayaking, and SUPing.

    • Brohm Lake photo

      Posted: May 30, 2020 02:44:24 PM PST

      Vinayak Gaikwad from SURREY writes:

      Is BBQ allowed near the lake?

        Posted: August 20, 2017 03:43:33 PM PST

        Carin from Sint Maartensdijk, Holland writes:

        We walked this trail + the powerline trail.
        The p.l.trail is very difficult to find because of overgrowth etc.
        with a GPS tracker it s ok.
        stunning views!
        11km, almost 4 hours, 536m descent

          Posted: May 18, 2016 12:02:35 PM PST

          Judyta from Burnaby writes:

          We did the loop counterclockwise around the lake. The loop around the lake is not bad, its close to the highway and you don't get many views of the lake. We hiked up to Tantalus Lookout and that was amazing. A stunning view and lots of space to sit and enjoy the view.

            Posted: March 27, 2016 10:56:02 AM PST

            AF from Vancouver, BC writes:

            We hiked this trail on Jun 14, 2015. The parking lot was more 50% full already when we arrived around 9:45am. The overflow parking area is approx. 300 m south of the main parking lot. We did the loop clockwise which turned out to be a wise decision as the Connector Trail was quite steep. It would have been too demanding to start our hike with such a steep climb had we did the loop counterclockwise.

            We started heading south from the parking lot, went along the Brohm Lake trail and then crossed the wooden bridge. The ascend up the Bridge Trail was gentle and just right for someone like me that is not 100% fit. The downhill section (about 500 m) between the High Trail Junction and the old logging road has a lot overgrown area which made me wonder for a moment if I had wandered off the trail. I would highly recommend everyone to hike the Cheakamus Loop as it has a couple viewpoints that offer breathtaking views. Viewpoint #4 is quite wide-open and is a nice spot for lunch/break. The section of High Trail (between the old logging road and Tantalus Viewpoint Junction) has some overgrown section and broken (small) bridges. It’s a pity that the trail receives little or no maintenance – I guess that makes it more rustic in a way =). We missed the Tantalus Viewpoint junction unfortunately. The Connector Trail is steep and has a lot of loose rocks. Use lots of caution. We did not walked around the lake (i.e. head north) as we need to meet up with some friends at the Howe Sound Brewery for lunch.

            Next time I will bring my swimming gear and BBQ grill to spend a full day around the lake.

              Posted: June 18, 2015 02:21:24 PM PST

              Kat from Vancouver, BC writes:

              It was a nice hike but when you get to the section that takes you to the power line it is heavily overgrown and at points, the trail is hard to find. It is very pretty as long as you don't get discourage but trying to find your way there.

                Posted: September 14, 2014 05:55:28 PM PST

                Hillgan from Richmond Hill writes:

                Even though the description is Brohm Lake Trail, the actual trail is really short. There are many other trails with other names. We wanted a longer hike, so we did the largest loop possible excluding the hatchery. That took us 3.5 hrs.

                The lake is a normal lake, the view is most of the time blocked by trees. The water seems really clear though!

                Difficulty is subjective, but for me it was easy, with little elevation gain.

                Yes, there's a sign telling you not to cliff jump. This is most likely due to a previous fatal accident. You may find that spot.

                One of the best views are on the powerline trail. That trail is slightly more challenging than the rest, but the view is spectacular. You actually get high enough for a clear view, and you can see the lake.

                Some parts of the powerline trail are pretty much beside the highway. And of course, you walk along the powerlines. So it'll feel less "natural". However, I think it's still enjoyable!

                3 Stars for just Brohm Trail, 4 Stars including all the other ones.

                  Posted: May 17, 2014 11:29:08 PM PST

                  Richard from Vancouver writes:

                  The view on Tantalus is really good, with mountains far with snow on top.
                  However, the views around the lake is not that amazing, they are just views of a common lake.
                  If you do not have 5 hours, then recommend the Tantalus view point, and the viewpoint 2 and 4 (click on the joints on the trail map and see the name of the viewpoints) . In other words, skip the lake itself even though the trail is named 'Brohm Lake'

                  The lake is really good for swimming though. Many people swim in the lake. No safeguard of course

                  -------I would give half of the trail (if skip the circle of the lake) 4 star. Other wise, 3 star

                    Posted: July 15, 2013 07:04:12 PM PST

                    Alex from Vancouver writes:

                    I've done the trail today. Finished it in 3h.

                    A pretty nice hike with lots of ups and down.
                    It is extremely well marked and well maintained. The view points are quite wonderful and the lake is very beautiful.

                      Posted: June 9, 2013 09:27:17 PM PST

                      Tara Lundrigan from Squamish writes:

                      One of my favorite places to go in Squamish! Trail is WELL kept, there are stairs a lot of the time. I will say it is a bit intermediate sometimes, it's a bit steep going up or down sometimes.

                      It's WORTH IT, the views are amazing on the cliff sides, and I highly doubt anyone would just fall to their death. I have crawled out to the edge of a few of the cliff sides to get a cool vantage point for pictures.

                      I'd say its about a 5 hour hike all the way around. =)

                        Posted: April 12, 2013 04:19:05 PM PST

                        Brave Planet from Squamish writes:

                        Love this hike! Check out some of our photography from Brohm Lake. Everyone should try to make it out for this, the scenery is amazing!


                          Posted: April 12, 2013 03:45:58 PM PST

                          Erica from St. Paul, MN writes:

                          I almost hiked this trail today. The thing is, at the entrance to the trail there are three real scary things. 1) warnings about bears. i am not sure how scared i should be about bears. 2) grave of dead boy. obviously, he died on the trail. there is a poem in loving memory of him, but it does not say how he died. i'm guessing either bears or rockslides. 3) huge sign warning of probable death from rocks and cliffs near the lake. i did not think the third was too grave, because i am chicken-sh*t about nearly everything and could not imagine i would get anywhere near a cliff at the edge of a lake. unfortunately, i followed a "trail" which petered out, leaving me hanging on a large rock on a cliff at the edge of the lake. i got vertigo hanging there and thinking about the sign and the dead boy and the bears.

                          so i went back to my car. however, i do recommend this route because it is very beautiful, the "trails" seem interesting and rather rugged, and most people have more skills than i do in almost any endeavor, including--i doubt i need say it--this one.

                            Posted: September 11, 2012 10:46:09 PM PST

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