A charming, quaint community with a stunning natural setting, Port Moody is about a 40-minute drive east of Vancouver at the very end of the Burrard Inlet. Situated at the foot of Eagle Mountain, the city's geography, location and forested parklands offer some typical and amazing West Coast experiences such as biking and hiking trails, lakes and spectacular mountain views.

Two of the more popular parks among walkers, hikers and mountain bikers in this area are Bert Flinn Park and Rocky Point Park.

Some of the area's more rugged wilderness trails can be found at Bert Flinn Park, which comprises 138 hectares of largely undeveloped parkland and an extensive network of unmarked trails that run along old logging roadbeds. Featuring 3.8 hectares of green space, Rocky Point Park is a more family-friendly park with a range of scenic biking and hiking trails, as well as a boat launch, playground, recreational pier and other outdoor experiences.

Hiking Trails

Bert Flinn Park

Located in Port Moody, Bert Flinn Park has a number of scenic trails that cross small streams and weave through the forest.

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Shoreline Trail

The Shoreline Trail in Port Moody starts from the popular Rocky Point and goes around Burrard Inlet to Old Orchard Park.

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