A short ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay and along a picturesque 50-kilometre drive on Highway 101 is where you'll find the community of Pender Harbour - which is also home to a group of smaller charming hamlets that include Middlepoint, Madeira Park, Francis Peninsula, Kleindale, Garden Bay, Irvines Landing and Daniel Point.  

Despite its modest size, Pender Harbour boasts a myriad of amenities and experiences - including incredible walking and hiking opportunities at Pender Hill and Mount Daniel.

Pender Hill is ideal for those seeking to quicken their heart rate with a short but steep hike (about 1.5 kilometres in length), and presents fantastic panoramic views along with some amazing flora, fauna and flowers. Another quick but steep climb offering some spectacular views is Mount Daniel. This four-kilometre uphill hike overlooks Pender Harbour as well as the surrounding lakes, oceans and mountains.

Hiking Trails

Francis Point Provincial Park

Located along the Sunshine Coast, the trail in Francis Point Provincial Park is a beautiful walk that follows the shoreline along the coast.

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Mount Daniel

A steep hike in the Garden Bay area, the trail to the top of Mount Daniel provides spectacular views of Pender Harbour and the nearby region.

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Pender Hill

Pender Hill is a short steep hike on the Sunshine Coast that provides incredible views of the area, looking down to Hotel Lake, across to Mount Daniel, and out towards the Strait of Georgia.

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