About a half-hour's drive south of Vancouver and edging the US border, you'll find the City of Delta. With its stunning beaches, parks and farmlands, Delta's distinctive landscape offers easy walking, cycling, hiking and equestrian opportunities.

Along with Boundary Bay, the North Delta Watershed Park and the new Spirit of Delta Millennium Trail - a scenic walk that leads to the waterfront along the Fraser River and to other areas of the city - Delta is also home to the one of the world's largest raised peat bogs: Burns Bog.

At 3,000 hectares, Burns Bog is 10 times larger than downtown Vancouver's Stanley Park - making it North America's largest undeveloped landmass. Home to nearly 130 flora species, 140 bird species and 20 mammal species, Burns Bog offers a unique eco-structure that can be viewed and discovered via the Delta Nature Reserve. The Reserve includes several trails and boardwalks, including a spectacular 90-minute hike where you can explore rare foliage such as brackern fern, bog laurel, Labrador tea, sphagnum moss and skunk cabbage.

Deas Island and Brunswick Point are two more areas offering remarkable outdoor experiences. Situated in the south arm of the Fraser River between Delta and Richmond, Deas Island is just that - an island, which also happens to be a regional park about 300 acres in size and featuring a myriad of trails and many types of birds. Or explore Brunswick Point, which offers one of the most picturesque walks in Metro Vancouver and is a great bird-watching destination, especially during the winter months.

Hiking Trails

Boundary Bay Regional Park

Located in the community of Tsawwassen south of Vancouver, Boundary Bay Regional Park is a popular area for bird watchers to enjoy the variety of wildlife that flourishes in the area.

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Brunswick Point

Located south of Vancouver in the suburb of Delta, Brunswick Point is a nice walk along the dikes of the Fraser River and a popular place for bird watchers.

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Burns Bog Delta Nature Reserve

The Delta Nature Reserve in Burns Bog has a couple of scenic trails that meander through the world's largest domed peat bog.

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Deas Island Regional Park

Deas Island Regional Park has a number of flat, easy hiking trails that offer scenic views of the Fraser River area.

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Reifel Bird Sanctuary

The Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta, BC, is one of the best places in the lower mainland for bird watching.

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