The Garibaldi Lake campsite is one of the most beautiful areas to camp, however it fills up quickly on weeknds during the summer and once it's full, additional campers have to stay a few kilometers away at the Taylor Meadows campsite. Both can be accessed from the Rubble Creek parking lot and involve approximately a 9km hike to either campsite. On weekends in the summer, the Garibaldi Lake campsite tends to fill up quickly and Taylor Meadows becomes the overflow camping spot in the area.

Both campsites have pit toilets, however there is no running or drinkable water and all garbage must be packed out with you.

Campsite reservations are now required at the Garibaldi Lake campground and Taylor Meadows campground during the peak summer season (approximately June to October) and must be reserved through BC Parks before camping at the sites. During non-peak season, a Backcountry Camping Permit must be pre-purchased before arriving at any campsites in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Camping at Garibaldi Lake gives hikers ample time to explore other hikes in the area including Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge.

For more camping information in Garibaldi Provincial Park, visit the BC Parks website at: