There are two campsites located at Cheakamus Lake. The Cheakamus Lake campsite is located at the southern end of the lake and is only 3km from the parking lot along a relatively flat trail. The campsite has 10 sites to set up a tent along the shore of Cheakamus Lake. Other facilities include a pit toilet and a pulley system used to hang food.

The Singing Creek campsite is located along the northwest side of Cheakamus Lake about 7km from the parking lot. There are 7 spaces for tents, a pit toilet, and a pulley system to hang food.

Reservations are required for camping at Cheakamus Lake year-round at both campsites at Cheakamus Lake. Reservations can be made through the Discover Camping website with BC Parks. Camping will not be permitted without proof of reservation and will result in eviction and a fine.

Additonal hikes in the area can be done to Helm Lake from a junction halfway between the parking lot and Cheakamus Lake. It is noted that the trail to Cheakamus Lake is also a mountain bike friendly trail.

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