The picturesque hamlet of Lions Bay is situated north of Vancouver on the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Due to its unique geographic location - north of Vancouver and south of Whistler - Lions Bay offers some amazing scenery and starting points for numerous hikes, the most notable of which are The Lions (otherwise known as the Twin Sisters) and the Howe Sound Crest Trail.

The twin peaks of The Lions (or Twin Sisters) overlook Vancouver, and is considered among the best hikes in this North Shore area. Indeed, The Lions comprise two very rocky and distinct peaks that can be seen as far south as downtown Vancouver. This challenging hike is about 15 kilometres with an elevation of roughly 1,525 metres, and features spectacular views with the Howe Sound stretching out in the distance.

The Howe Sound Crest Trail is another extremely challenging hike (not for the faint of heart) that leads you through several summits and provides beautiful views of the turquoise waters of Deeks Lakes, as well as Howe Sound and The Lions. More than 30 kilometres in length, this is an adventurous and thrilling hike with steep climbs and rough terrain. This trail also features a number of shorter challenging hikes, which boast equally fantastic views and breathtaking scenery.

Hiking Trails

Lions Bay Loop

The Lions Bay Loop includes several hiking trails that pass Crystal Falls and scenic viewpoints of Howe Sound before returning along the Centennial Trail back to the General Store and Cafe.

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The Lions Binkert Trail

The two most familiar peaks seen from the city of Vancouver, the spectacular view from the Lions spans from Howe Sound to the Capilano Watershed to the city of Vancouver off in the distance.

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Tunnel Bluffs

The hike to Tunnel Bluffs begins from Lions Bay and climbs steeply before following a fairly flat, forested route to a viewpoint overlooking Howe Sound and out towards Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast.

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