Located some 25 kilometres northwest of Vancouver, Bowen Island is a quick 20-minute ferry ride from West Vancouver's Horseshoe Bay and is also easily reachable by water taxi from Granville Island.

A serene, verdant island situated in the cool waters of Howe Sound, Bowen Island features a stunning rugged landscape and relaxed setting with lakes, beaches, forests and a network of scenic trails - from easy loops to challenging climbs.

Among some of the island's most beautiful park areas are Crippen Regional Park, Killarney Lake and Mount Gardner - which is Bowen's highest point at 2,480 feet above sea level. While the hike to the peak of Mount Gardner is a demanding one, the breathtaking vistas (on a clear day) of Metro Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and Washington State make it worthwhile.

From easy hikes around Killarney Lake in Crippen Park to burning climbs, Bowen is an island paradise with plenty of outdoor experiences for every age and ability.

Hiking Trails

Dorman Point

The trail to Dorman Point on Bowen Island is a short walk to a scenic view that looks out towards Howe Sound.

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Killarney Lake

The scenic hiking trail that wraps around Killarney Lake offers the perfect reason to make a day trip to the peaceful community of Bowen Island.

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Mount Gardner

Located on Bowen Island, the top of Mount Gardner provides views of the surrounding Howe Sound, West Vancouver, and Sunshine Coast.

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