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Carlie Rondquist from Vancouver writes:

I love this hike.. did it again on the weekend and it was very wet and muddy (it's April duh). Lots of beautiful little waterfalls along the side right now! A lot of the trail turns into a little creek so make sure to have waterproof shoes. I saw a lot of people with nikes and I can't imagine they were very comfortable.

  • Tunnel Bluffs photo
  • Tunnel Bluffs photo

    Posted: April 11, 2017 06:52:49 AM PST

    Amy from Vancouver writes:

    This is a question not so much a comment - I am looking for some winter hikes.
    I know the season says that it ends on November but is this trail possible for early January? Would snowshoes be needed?

      Posted: December 28, 2016 04:13:45 PM PST

      Marie from Vancouver writes:

      Hi, I found a pair of gloves on this trail on Sunday. If you lost your gloves on Tunnel Bluffs trail, message me 778 322 5820 and can give them to you somewhere in Vancouver.

        Posted: December 6, 2016 09:41:57 PM PST

        Brooke from Windsor writes:

        FYI -- trail head location: if you are coming from Vancouver .. Pass lions bay (3 exits) and park in the viewpoint parking lot. The trail head can be found by walking to the north part of the parking lot, crossing the sea to sky highway to find a small yellow sign bailed to a tree labeled tunnel point. Once you walk into the forest you'll see signage. Great hike. First 2/3 were decently steep. Last 1/3 levels out. Challenging enough but enjoyable. Definitely recommend - awesome view!!

          Posted: September 2, 2016 09:52:29 PM PST

          Ken from Vancouver writes:

          August 21 2016,
          Weather, dry and warm, mid 20s
          We got to the parking lot at 11:30AM and there was only 1 spot left. The trail head is easy to spot if you follow the instructions on this site.

          There are a bunch of wooden hiking sticks left in a pile at the start and I recommend to pick up one of them. It's useful for this steep hike.

          The first hour and a half is just constant uphill but I'd say it is easier than Grouse Grind. The next half hour is just flat and very easy. We got up to the lookout in 2 hours. The trail is very well marked and it is hard to miss the large markers nailed to the trees.

          Coming back down was tricky since parts of the hike is loose gravel and rocks and is very dusty. Take your time and go slow. Crossing the highway back to the parking lot we had to wait almost 5 minutes for a clearing to run across! Fun hike, only passed by a few hikers going down.

            Posted: August 22, 2016 11:10:41 AM PST

            Rimsha from Vancouver writes:

            We hiked on a very warm sunny day, will recommend to hike on cooler day. There is not enough trees to shade at the top. We did not see any wasp on our way.

            Camping is not allowed but we noticed that someone tried to camp at the top and left the burned firewood mess.

            It is not a difficult hike but just need to be careful when coming down there are loose rock/soil. The view at top is serene. There were lots of view points. I will definitely recommend this hike.

              Posted: August 15, 2016 11:43:56 PM PST

              Melissa from Vancouver writes:

              Very steep for the first 2/3 of the hike but then very flat afterwards until you reach the end of the hike. No bugs but quite dusty from the steep dirty area. Parking is kind of iffy because it is across the highway from the trail head.... Great view though, not crowded, pretty great hike!

                Posted: August 12, 2016 03:49:43 PM PST

                Amanda from Richmond writes:

                I really liked this one. It's really steep for the bulk of it but the view makes it so so worth it. I wouldn't call myself an experienced hiker nor a beginner, this hike was pretty challenging. There are plenty of places to rest (viewpoints) and the trail wasn't crowded at all (on a sunny saturday!!). Makes a good day trip, I highly recommend it.

                  Posted: July 24, 2016 01:21:05 AM PST

                  Khaled from Vancouver writes:

                  Quite a brutal hike. We went on a weekday at about 8 am in July, and we were all alone. The entrance to the path isn't very noticeable , and the sign at the entrance was written in pen and paper. There is also a wasp nest about 200m up.

                  Although you could argue the view is amazing, DO NOT do this hike if you are inexperienced, if it is in the rain, or if it has rained the night before. The trail is harshly steep, muddy, and rocky, which would seem to make sense since this is not a popular hike. If you are inexperienced, this hike may be too dangerous as the path is not very well laid out (ironically, the directions are very clear).

                  Otherwise, you might find the view at the top absolutely gorgeous. Good luck!

                    Posted: July 10, 2016 12:42:42 PM PST

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