Squamish & Howe Sound Hiking

From the ferry terminal at Horseshoe Bay to the town of Squamish, thousands of motorists pass by Howe Sound daily along the spectacular Sea to Sky Highway. The steep, rugged terrain along Howe Sound offers several hikes with breathtaking views of the surrounding area while trails north of Howe Sound explore the Squamish Valley area..

The town of Squamish is located at the northern tip of Howe Sound. Formally dependent on heavy industry, such as forestry, the town has become a center for those seeking outdoor adventure. The most familiar mountain in the area is the Stawamus Chief that overlooks the towns itself and is popular with both mountain climbers and hikers.

The terrain around Howe Sounds is very steep and rugged as trails, such as the Binkert Lions Trail, boast an elevation change of over 1200 meters. Despite the challenging hikes, the rewarding views are often spectacular with clear panoramic views of Howe Sound to alpine scenery in the southern area of Garibaldi Provincial Park..

Trails located in the Howe Sound region:

Al's Habrich Ridge Trail

The Al's Habrich Ridge Trail starts from the top of the Sea To Sky Gondola and offers incredible views of Howe Sound, the mountain ranges to the west, and to the north in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Alice Lake

A popular camping spot in the summer, Alice Lake contains a network of hiking trails perfect for those looking to get outdoors for a nice walk.

Brohm Lake

The Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest is located north of Squamish and features lush forest trails with occasional views looking over the Squamish Valley and Tantalus Mountain Range.

Cheakamus Canyon Trail

A scenic route that follows the Sea To Sky Trail through Cheakamus Canyon, offering views of the river canyon and Tantalus Mountain Range.

Crooked Falls

Crooked Falls is a spectacular waterfall located in the Upper Squamish Valley just off of the Sigurd Trail, with views from the front and the side of the falls.

Demon Ridge

The hike to Demon Ridge provides some incredible views of the region, including the Mamquam area, Martin Peak, and down towards Watersprite Lake.

Dorman Point

The trail to Dorman Point on Bowen Island is a short walk to a scenic view that looks out towards Howe Sound.

Elfin Lakes

Elfin Lakes are two small lakes located in the scenic alpine setting of Garibaldi Provincial Park near Squamish, British Columbia.

High Falls Creek

With a stunning waterfall and several gorgeous views of the Squamish Valley and Tantalus Range, High Falls Creek is one of the most scenic hikes in the area.

Killarney Lake

The scenic hiking trail that wraps around Killarney Lake offers the perfect reason to make a day trip to the peaceful community of Bowen Island.

Levette Lake Loop

Located north of Squamish, Levette Lake Loop is a nice hike with views of the Squamish Valley as you walk through the Evans Forest.

Lions Bay Loop

The Lions Bay Loop includes several hiking trails that pass Crystal Falls and scenic viewpoints of Howe Sound before returning along the Centennial Trail back to the General Store and Cafe.

Mount Crumpit

Located in Squamish, Mount Crumpit offers several spectacular views of the Stawamus Chief, Howe Sound, and several mountains to the west.

Mount Gardner

Located on Bowen Island, the top of Mount Gardner provides views of the surrounding Howe Sound, West Vancouver, and Sunshine Coast.

Murrin Loop Trail

Murrin Provincial Park south of Squamish has a popular picnic area next to Browning Lake and a steep hiking trail to the Quercus Viewpoint with incredible views of Howe Sound.

Petgill Lake

A quiet, calm lake located in the mountains alongside the Sea To Sky Highway near Murrin Provincial Park just south of Squamish.

Sea To Summit Trail

The Sea To Summit Trail begins at the bottom of the Sea To Sky Gondola and finishes at the lodge at the top, passing scenic views of Howe Sound and the top of Shannon Falls.

Smoke Bluffs Park

Smoke Bluffs Park is located in Squamish and is a popular area for rock climbers which has a trail that loops through the park, providing access to each of the climbing areas.

Stawamus Chief

With scenic views of Howe Sound and the surrounding region around the town of Squamish, the Chief is a popular destination for day hikers.

The Lions Binkert Trail

The two most familiar peaks seen from the city of Vancouver, the spectacular view from the Lions spans from Howe Sound to the Capilano Watershed to the city of Vancouver off in the distance.

Tunnel Bluffs

The hike to Tunnel Bluffs begins from the Sea To Sky Highway, just north of Lions Bay, and climbs steeply to a viewpoint overlooking Howe Sound and out towards Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast.

Watersprite Lake

The trail to Watersprite Lake near Squamish follows a route with many incredible views of the surrounding mountains before reaching the turquoise coloured lake next to Martin and Dreadnought Peaks.