Q: How to stay warm and dry during the hike?

Layering is the key. Look for clothing made of silk, wool, fleece, polypropylene, nylon, down, and synthetics. Cotton should be avoided, because if it gets wet, it will take a long time to dry.

  • The first layer of clothing is the closest to the skin. It is called the base layer. One of the best choices for a base layer is polypropylene. It wicks away moisture from the skin, which in turn keeps the body warm.
  • The second layer should be used to insulate the body. A hoodie or pullover made of fleece is a great choice for this layer.
  • The outer layer should be water repellent and windproof to keep out the rain, wind, and snow. A Gore-Tex or nylon rain jacket is the best option.

Be prepared for changing weather conditions and realize that the conditions on top of a mountain are different than at the base.