Tunnel Bluffs Trail Update

Updated: July 11, 2020

The route to Tunnel Bluffs now starts from the Sunset Trailhead Parking lot in Lions Bay. View the updated Tunnel Bluffs route.

Tunnel Point Update from March 11, 2020:

A 30-minute parking restriction near the trailhead to the popular Tunnel Bluffs trail has been put in place. The Ministry of Transportation (Facebook | Twitter) and Sea To Sky Highway Investments (Facebook | Twitter) put up the 30-minute parking signs at the Tunnel Point parking area on March 9, 2020. They would also like to remind the public that parking along the Sea To Sky Highway is not permitted and crossing the highway is illegal.

Unfortunately, these restrictions make the Tunnel Point route to Tunnel Bluffs inaccessible.

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May Long Weekend Hikes

Recommendations for hiking trails to do near Vancouver on the May Long Weekend that are snow-free, including the Sea To Summit Trail, Mount Gardner, Elk Mountain, and more.

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Celebrate hiking by participating in HikeFest at the Sea To Sky Gondola in Squamish. Hikers can register for guided hiking tours on several trails and learn from some of the local outdoor experts.

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Sea to Summit Trail – Squamish

U.N.Randonneur explores the Sea To Summit Trail in Squamish, BC, that goes to the top of the Sea To Sky Gondola.

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Popular Exercise Hikes

These hiking trails are primarily for exercise and less about the scenery or view. The list includes trails near Vancouver, Squamish, Harrison Lake, and Chilliwack including the Grouse Grind, Upper Shannon Falls (Sea To Sky Gondola), The Chief, Burnaby Mountain, Teapot Hill, and more.

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Whistler Alpine Hiking

Some of the best places for hiking and incredible scenery are the alpine areas, high in the mountains along the Sea To Sky region of British Columbia. The high elevation, harsh winter climate, and geological makeup of the area give way to glaciers, bright turquoise lakes, incredible mountain top views, gorgeous meadows full of wildflowers, and rugged trail terrain, all well above the treeline.

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Alexander Falls

One of Whistler’s most spectacular waterfalls is Alexander Falls, located in the Callaghan Valley region near the area where the 2010 Olympic Nordic events took place. The waterfall is easy to access by car and the viewing platform is right next to the parking lot, so no walking or hiking is required.

The waterfall drops an impressive 43 meteres (141 feet) over three sections and is about 12 meters (40 feet) wide at its widest point. The source of the water comes from Madelay Creek which is fed by several rivers and creeks in the Callaghan Valley region.

Alexander Falls in the Callaghan Valley near Whistler, BC

Alexander Falls located in the Callaghan Valley area, just south of Whistler, BC.

It was just before the 2010 Olympics when the area was opened up for several Nordic sports that Alexander Falls became more accessible. Before 2010, the waterfall could only be accessed by a remote forest service road and then by walking on a rough trail to a viewpoint. Now, the road to the falls is paved and access is much easier, which should lead to an increase in popularity and people driving out to see this spectacular waterfall.

Alexander Falls in the Callaghan Valley near Whistler, BC

Spectacular Alexander Falls and the water flowing down Madeley Creek.

The best time of year to view the waterfall is late-spring or early-summer (May / June) when all the snow on the nearby mountains is rapidly melting, providing a powerful force of water falling over the rocks. During the winter months, the water typically freezes due to the waterfall’s location at a high elevation.

Driving Directions

To get to Alexander Falls, drive south from Whistler for about 10km until you see a sign on the right to Callaghan Valley. Turn right onto the Callaghan Valley Road and follow the paved road for another 10km. Watch for signs on the left for Alexander Falls and pull into the large gravel parking lot. The waterfall is viewable from the wooden platform at the corner of the parking lot.

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