Vancouver Trails

Grouse Grind Opens For 2017

The Grouse Grind will open at 6:15am, Saturday, June 17th for the 2017 summer season. The snow has been cleared from the trail and hikers will be able to hike to the top of Grouse Mountain and take the Skyride Gondola back down. The trail will be open until 7:30pm daily but the closing times will change throughout the summer as day-light hours become longer and again, when the day-light hours shorten.

The Grouse Grind is a 2.9km trail that climbs steeply over a 853 meter elevation gain for the bottom of the Grouse Mountain Skyride to the top. The trail is known as “Vancouver’s Stairmaster” and is a very challenging route.

If you do not have a season’s pass, a reminder to bring money to purchase a ticket to come back down the Gondola. Don’t forget to bring adequate water and snacks.