Cypress Trestle Bridge

A trestle bridge has been built in West Vancouver near Cypress Bowl Road that connects the Mountain Path trail network and offers scenic views of the city. The inspiration for the impressive looking bridge has been taken from several other trestle bridges throughout the Province, including those along the Kettle Valley. The trestle bridge opened in December 2021 and is part of the larger plan to expand the Mountain Path trail network to connect several neighbourhoods in upper West Vancouver.

The path begins at the Cypress Pop-up Village just before the first hairpin corner of the Cypress Bowl Road. There’s ample parking and a great view from this location, however the hike to the trestle bridge is a roughly 2km, uphill walk along a gravel path. The trail begins alongside the Eagle Lake Access Road.

How to get to the Cypress Trestle

You can also walk to the trestle bridge from higher up starting at Chippendale Road on the north side of Cypress Bowl Road. There is a very limited amount of parking at this location. The trail from Chippendale Road to the trestle is paved.

6 responses to “Cypress Trestle Bridge”

  1. Mel says:

    Is there any bus going up to cypress Trestle bridge from Park Royal?

  2. george says:

    I drove all the way there today and it was closed although websites say they opened in 2021. Its a long drive there, it would be great if they could post their opening and closures on their website

  3. Irene Wong says:

    I am planning on taking my senior parents (in their 80s) to the Cypress Trestle Bridge walk. My understanding is that to access the walk, we would have to first hike about 2km from the parking lot. Is there a closer drop off / access point to the walk?

    • Lucy Leu says:

      Hi, Irene, I was there a month or two ago. We followed the Cypress Bowl Rd which took us to a large parking area (still under construction). After parking, it was just a couple of minutes to walk to the bridge. I do know it was confusing as we were looking for the Pop Up Village and could not find it. We walked about 30 minutes past the bridge, then walked back. After we got into the car, we passed a sign that said “Pop Up Village” that was quite a distance from where we had been. Sorry not to provide more precise directions. Navigation is not my forte, but I do encourage you to take your parents as the walk was paved and the view was marvelous.

  4. Barbara Martin says:

    There were bikes on the Trestle Bridge walk this past weekend and it was obvious with families walking with dogs on leash and pushing children in strollers and toddlers wandering it was not a great place for adults on bikes. I watched as a Mom with a toddler hit and knocked sideways by a person on a bike. There were too many walkers for the bikes to pick the way around. The Path says walking path so I do not understand the bikes there.

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