COVID-19 Updates

July 28, 2020

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 7:39am PST. With the rapid changes we are experiencing from the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be doing our best to keep you updated on various relevant closures. It’s best to check multiple sources before you leave for your outdoor adventure as the situation has been changing very rapidly.

If you are planning a hike, please read the BC Search and Rescue Association’s tips on being safe during the COVID-19 outbreak while being in the outdoors.

Current Closures

These are the current closures that we are aware of that may affect access to hiking trails or other related events and activities in the region. We will update this list as information becomes available.


  • BC Parks – BC Parks has opened most Provincial Parks but Joffre Lakes Provincial Park and the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park (Othello Tunnels) remain closed. In addition, several popular BC Parks’ also require Day Use Passes.

  • Recreation Sites – Trails are open.


  • Stanley Park Roads – Roads in Stanley Park are partially closed to traffic (with the exception of the causeway). Visitors to Stanley Park should adhere to social distancing rules and follow signage for areas that have restrictions.

North Vancouver

  • Quarry Rock – The Quarry Rock Trail in North Vancouver is closed indefinitely.

  • Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and Parking Lot – The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is closed. This will affected several hiking trails, including Twin Falls and the Baden Powell.

Squamish, Whistler, Sea To Sky Region

Chilliwack and East

  • Othello Tunnels – Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park is currently closed.

27 responses to “COVID-19 Updates”

  1. Avatar Kieran says:

    The website for Lions Bay says they have closed all visitor facilities including trails, beaches, and car parks. This effectively closes the Lions Bay and Lions Binkert trails

  2. Avatar Jason says:

    Mountains closed, but malls still open 🤔

  3. Avatar Stella Esteban says:

    If this provides a list of trails that are closed is there a list of trails that remain open during this time?

  4. Avatar Sian Madoc Jones says:

    Entrance/parking lot of of Sunset Drive in Lions Bay was closed/roped off and an official looking sign said the trail/park was closed – April 5, 2020.

  5. Avatar Hiker Bob says:

    It’s odd that the liquor stores and Costco type stores are all still open and yet we can’t get into the great un-COVID outdoors. I guess that the powers that be have decided that we would not know what to do on a trail that is less than 2 meters wide if we were to encounter another individual. Anyhow, there are still a lot of trails that are not well known that have not been mentioned here and still even more unnamed trails as well.

    • Avatar Hugo says:

      It makes absolutely no sense to close any hiking trails when you open parks and beaches where people cover every inch of sand and grass all cluttered together. Absolutely rediculous!

  6. My wife and I hiked the entire trail around Weave Lake today…did not see anyone. Quiet, beautiful 4 hour hike. Walking to our rig outside the gate we were told by the park operator that all trails were closed and we need to leave. It is beyond strange that the ‘wilds’ of B.C. are treated like down town ‘big city’ B.C. My opinion is this will create ‘unhealthy’ BC-ites when common sense is thrown out. We will go deeper into the wilderness where no park operators are ‘bearing’ unreasonable news.

  7. Avatar Tom says:

    It would be helpful to also have a list of parks that are open

    • Avatar Forest Missed says:

      I 100% agree. The list of closures only makes me hesitate to try anywhere at all. I deperately need some forest air in my lungs and I don’t know where I can safely go without any trouble.

  8. Avatar Carmen Pellegrino says:

    You need to update your website: The trails in Manning Park are open (note that winter conditions are in effect)

    This is incorrect. E.C Manning is a provincial park and as was mentioned it is closed. Please be clear in your messaging as many people are just looking for excuses to justify breaking the rulees.

  9. Avatar Jess says:

    I am having a hard time understanding this, first off, it makes no sense to close trails, for many obvious reasons pointed out by other commentators here.

    Second, the government website states (from today):
    “Recreation Trails will remain open, where possible; however, associated recreation facilities are closed. The public is reminded to maintain safe physical distances of at least two meters and choose low risk activities while using trails. We are also recommending that people avoid travelling outside of their communities for recreation purposes. Trail users are expected to carry out their own garbage, are responsible for their own safety, and should exercise additional caution as trails will not be groomed or maintained during this time.”

    So which is it? Because when I read that, it seems most trails are open, and only campsites are closed.

  10. Avatar VanHiker says:

    Lynn Headwaters park is still open. Did the Baden powell trail from Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove. There is other ways around the closed suspension bridge. Saw a few other walkers and mountain bikers. Walking east to Deep cove is easier than walking west to Lynn Canyon. Trail passes through the lower parts of Seymour provincial park.

  11. Avatar Stay Safe says:

    All of Whistler’s parks and facilities have closed.

  12. Avatar Alex D says:

    This is clear and obvious nonsense. Open the world back up. Quarantines are for the sick. The fear is the virus. God bless you all.

  13. Avatar Norman says:

    Great list on Closures, is there a list on what is still open?

  14. Avatar Jim says:

    Would like to see some trails open up, but maybe close off the summit so people cant congregate. Even Dr. Henry recommends going outdoor to exercise as an important essential.

  15. Avatar Wilson Bradley says:

    Anyone know if there are even hikes open at this point? I’m trying to find something far and isolated (i don’t mind driving 3-4 hours to find something)

  16. Avatar Kevin King says:

    May 22/20 and still waiting to launch my kayak at a park that is open. Buntzen lake finally opens to hiking only with one way trails. You’re kidding me. No one way trails in Costco, The Supper store, the government liquor stores or Canadian Tire, and once inside it’s ridiculous in some stores. No or little social distancing. A $500 fine to paddle in Burnaby Lake, that’s another joke, on a hot summer’s day you’d be lucky to see anyone in a boat there. There are no beaches. It’s ok for the beaches to be packed out though. More people forced into smaller areas. Makes nonsense to me!

  17. Avatar Laura says:

    Does anybody know if Widgeon creek is open for paddling?

  18. Avatar Glenn Kim says:

    My wife and myself do the Lynn Vally trails once a week. We found almost 100% dogs are not leashed in on leash area. Most time we are very scared because of that big dog like pitbull type showed up right in front of us by itself. Please follow the rules we made for ourselves. I am asking Park Board to do the patrol and educate dog owners.

  19. Avatar annoyedLVlocal says:

    this is absurd. seemingly most trails on the north shore are closed except for the headwaters… which i frequent regularly and have noticed an increase in both foot traffic and disregard for social distances. there are signs indicating to stay in a single file and keep right – but people are acting WAY too relaxed in terms of… well, not following the rules at all.

    its a mess, and now vancouver is seeing a rise in COVID cases because of this mindset.


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