6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feed Wildlife

Six reasons why you should never feed wildlife, including human food not being healthy for animals to wildlife losing their ability to find their own food.

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11 Bear Safety Tips for Hikers

Bear safety tips for hikers including preventing bear encounters while on the trail to what to do if a bear attacks.

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How to Hike with a Drone

Tips for hiking with a drone in British Columbia, including getting a license and knowing where you are legally allowed to fly.

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How Not to Be a Jerk on the Trails: 11 Hiking Etiquette Tips

Taryn Eyton discusses 11 hiking etiquette tips when out on the trails to ensure that everyone enjoys their outdoor adventures.

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15 Ways You Can Become a More Sustainable Hiker

Taryn of Happiest Outdoors discusses 15 Ways You Can Become a More Sustainable Hiker to help ensure future generations can have the same amazing experience in nature as we are having.

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How to Go to the Bathroom on a Hike: A Leave No Trace Guide

Taryn of Happiest Outdoors discusses how to go to the bathroom on a hike using Leave No Trace principles.

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Tunnel Bluffs Trail Update

Updated: July 11, 2020

The route to Tunnel Bluffs now starts from the Sunset Trailhead Parking lot in Lions Bay. View the updated Tunnel Bluffs route.

Tunnel Point Update from March 11, 2020:

A 30-minute parking restriction near the trailhead to the popular Tunnel Bluffs trail has been put in place. The Ministry of Transportation (Facebook | Twitter) and Sea To Sky Highway Investments (Facebook | Twitter) put up the 30-minute parking signs at the Tunnel Point parking area on March 9, 2020. They would also like to remind the public that parking along the Sea To Sky Highway is not permitted and crossing the highway is illegal.

Unfortunately, these restrictions make the Tunnel Point route to Tunnel Bluffs inaccessible.

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5 Hiking Safety Tips

Nobody expects to become lost or injured when they set out on a day-hike close to the city. The mountainous terrain around Vancouver is often underestimated as many trails are situated in a backcountry wilderness setting just a mere few kilometres from urban areas.

We’ve created a Hiking Safety Infographic with 5 Tips for being prepared for a day-hike near Vancouver. By no means does this infographic include all precautions, it is meant to provide some tips for common themes that seem to occur each year with hikers who are unprepared for their outing.

Anyone planning to go for a hike should take the 10 Essentials and refer to the AdventureSmart website for further information about outdoor safety. Being properly prepared will go a long ways in helping ensure you have a safe hike, are able to survive in case of trouble, and put less of a burden on the local Search and Rescue agencies.

1. Tell Someone Where You are Going and When You Expect To Be Back

Tell Someone Where You are Going

2. Wear Proper Footwear and Clothing

Wear Proper Footwear and Clothing

3. Bring a Flashlight

Bring a Flashlight

4. Do NOT Expect Cell Phone Reception

No Cell Phone Reception

5. Pack Extra Water and Food

Pack Extra Food and Water

 View and download the complete 5 Hiking Safety Tips Infographic.

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5 Tips for Hiking With a Baby

Jennifer Kolbuc talks about the 5 Tips for Hiking With a Baby to help get new moms and dads enjoying the outdoors while making sure they are prepared for a hike with their little ones.

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Fit For Hiking

Tyler Sparrow discusses what exercises will help to physically prepare yourself to hike some of the mountains around Vancouver this summer.

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