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Camping Near Garibaldi Lake

Camping Taylor Meadows

Backpacking to Garibaldi Lake for an overnight camping trip is a great opportunity because it gives you day hiking options by going to Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge. The hike in is fairly long but the wide switchbacks are rootless making the terrain relatively easy to navigate with your supplies on your back.

Although you gain 900 meters in elevation, there are lots of areas you can stop to rest. It is 9Km’s to the lake but after the 6.5 Km’s mark, the trail levels off quite a bit and the last 2.5 Km’s is a nice, scenic walk.

If your destination is Taylor Meadows then it’s just 1/2 a KM from the 6.5 KM junction. If the campsite at Garibaldi Lake fills up, then you will have to hike to the campsite at Taylor Meadows and camp there. The Garibaldi Lake campsite typically is busy on summer long weekends and many of the nice weather weekends throughout July and August.

The spectacular thing about Garibaldi Provincial Park is there are many trails to explore and camping overnight in the park makes it easier to explore more areas.

Here are the details of the Garibaldi Lake and Taylor Meadows Campgrounds:

Garibaldi Lake Campsite

Taylor Meadows Campsite