Buntzen Lake Parking Pass

Anyone who is planning to visit the Buntzen Lake area between May 16 – September 2, 2024, and travel there by car will be required to get a free online parking reservation from BC Hydro before arriving at the recreation area.

Visitors registering for a parking pass will need to create a User Account with BC Hydro. Any visitors who have a parking pass and repeatedly “no-show” will have their account suspended and will not be able to park at Buntzen Lake.

Visitors can register for a parking pass one-day in advance and have the options of registering for a morning pass, afternoon pass, of full day pass. Hikers planning to do much longer hikes, like the Sendero Diez Vistas trail or any of the trails on the east side of the lake that go up Eagle Mountain will need to ensure they have a full day pass to allow enough time to hike the trails.

A parking pass will be required as there will be no first-come, first-serve parking at Buntzen Lake until after September 3, 2024.

56 responses to “Buntzen Lake Parking Pass”

  1. Jesica Wiens says:

    My comment is similar to everyone else’s. There were three of us in different homes that all tried at 7:00 am to book. Why did you chance the system. While it wasn’t great that you had to sign up for a pass, I supported it and followed the rules. It just meant you had to plan. Now you can’t even plan because it’s so unlikely that you will get a pass. The operator said that booking are sold out within 20 sec. How is that even possible? Also how are you checking that passes are being used. I’m sure not everyone is canceling their ticket. I also noticed that you are not responding to these comments. It would be helpful to explain the rationale of why you think this is working and is a fair system. Thank you

  2. Onkar Singh says:

    So many comments about broken system of parking pass booking. Why don’t you reply or fix this. Why parking spaces are available when we go there and your system always says it is sold out. Can you tell that how many total parkings are there and your system should show that these many are available when we book.

  3. Guy Strakur says:

    Trash system. It’s broken. Please explain how the park is sold out before 7am. Your “portal” is closed from 6:59am onward until it is sold out.

  4. Collon says:

    Totally gabage system , 7 AM the parking pass always sold out , I went there before , at normal time . the parking lot have a lot of space .

  5. tawtewa says:

    bullshit system! stupid

  6. Bill Browne says:

    Constantly sold out so I ride my bike there and see lots of parking spots available. I suspect people are booking passes but then not bothering to show up, ruining it for everyone else. Fix the system!

    • Arkady says:

      Doesn’t look like they re gonna make any changes… checking passes for every day of the week are sold out at 7am. It doesn’t make any sense. As always govs just ruining everything that try to make better. Useless bureaucrats.

    • I have been up since 6:45, first the website wouldn’t refresh, then as soon as it took me to the page it was all sold out at 7:02!!
      This system is absolute garbage, Vancouver doesn’t often get this sort of weather and when we do, you have to ruin it for the people trying to enjoy themselves with these garbage restrictions.
      DO BETTER!!

  7. Lyssa Pelly says:

    I’ve been trying to book for a month now and it’s always sold out before 7pm each day for the current day and the following day. I think the same people are getting jt. You shouldn’t be allowed to book if you have had a turn for a least 2 weeks. Others want to come and can’t. It’s not fair !

  8. ma says:

    second summer I’m struggling to book a spot to take my dog and my family there on a weekend. Everything either crashes or sells out in the first MINUTE. And they don’t seem to care enough to improve the system.

  9. Amy says:

    The system is garbage and useless. I went on the website before 7 and the pass were sold out. They need to change the booking system.

  10. Iwona Walen says:

    Parking is always sold out.
    Tried 7 am already sold out.
    Your parking is not full.
    I expect your explanation.
    This should serve the community and it does not
    serve properly.
    You reserve the right to remove negative comments.
    So how we are supposed to suggest any improvements?

  11. Amy says:

    Set my alarm to be able to book a stupid parking spot and says sold out. Taking the rights to nature away from people by limiting our access is a bunch of bull….., who comes up with this sh***** anyways? Sit there with clearly nothing to do and thought HEY LETS CREATE THIS STUPID A** system where people have to book parking …. So frustrating just like everything else in Canada nowadays

  12. debbie says:

    garbage system. passes sell out in seconds and parking lot is always not even half full. this NEEDs to be fixed

  13. ricc says:

    sh*t system

  14. Violet says:

    I was on the website waiting at 6.55 AM. I refreshed at 7 AM. Had to refresh TWICE to have the day (2 days ahead) show up on the drop down list. I click the date, and there are ZERO passes. For full or half day. By this point it still hasn’t even changed to 7.01 AM YET. This is seriously messed up and largely disappointing.

    • Mark says:

      Yes this system is absolute trash. Been refreshing for hours before 7 am and it was sold out. Refreshed again it was available. So added the pass only to get kicked out and be told sold out. Went this past week and walked into the park with “sold”‘out status. The park had more than 70 percent of parking EMPTY. I hate these people that made this!

    • Natalia Saettini Moraes says:

      The same with me . Ridiculous 😳 impossible be sold out at 7:01am

  15. TOMAS says:

    What a moronic concept! For years first come first serve worked just fine. I am trying to book parking for months and no chance, always “sold out”! I guess BC Hydro does not want visitors because from what I’ve heard, the parking lot is half empty, esp. in the afternoon.

    • Alana says:

      I agree, since this came into effect is impossible and sometimes the parking lot is only half full along with ppl not showing up. Even if you wanted to go for an evening walk, you can’t get in despite parking being available.

    • Ivanka says:

      not even its almost totally empty
      why can’t people go and enjoy outdoors,
      i am willing to take a bus too, but it i have a doggo, tje only reason we go there, bus wont take him,
      this is ABSOLUTELY horrible HATE YOur system, be ashamed
      bdwy i am emergency worker, came home at 4 am, woke up ar 6 to sign in, NOTHING works , the website is just crushing

    • Fiona Margaret Caldwell says:

      Yes absolutely terrible system. You wait and wait. The booking page does not load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ivanka says:

      blank page loading for over an hour, nothing works, SHAME ON YOU, BC hydro and or whoever is responsible

    • ivanka says:

      blank page loading for over an hour, nothing works, SHAME ON YOU, BC hydro and or whoever is responsible
      aaand it wont even let me post this comment 😂

    • Jonny says:

      No it didn’t, people were circling the parking lots for hours. They’re trying to cut down the traffic entering the park.

  16. Sammie Brown says:

    $10 charge for no shows would be great! Then people would think twice about booking a spot. Also an exit scan so that if you leave your spot opens up for another user. Parking lots all over the city have this, maybe that would help here?

  17. JASMINA D says:

    Why won’t you allow booking 2 passes – morning and afternoon – on the same day??
    Full day is imposable to get. Since parking reservation started, I wasn’t able to get pass on the weekend. It’s booked in 30 seconds in the morning.
    So why not 2 passes that will sum up the full day!!

  18. Caroline Maclellan says:

    This is the most frustrating system. They should charge $10 for no shows. People book, take spots from others and don’t care!! The few times we have managed to get a morning or afternoon pass (day passes are so hard to get!) the parking lots are half empty!! So not fair and no spontaneity to life anymore.

  19. Simin says:

    Ridiculous system! Refreshing my laptop for the last 30 minutes but still not opening the reservation page!!!!

  20. Meghan Gwartney says:

    Horrible system won’t load to get new dates and now I’ve missed out on a spot on the lake this is a freaking joke yodel is crap do better

  21. Meghan Gwartney says:

    Horrible system won’t load to get new dates and now I’ve missed out on a spot on the lake this is a freaking joke go back to first come first serve this is effed up I’m so pissed we haven’t been able to go since this started cuz your stupid site is crap

  22. Chandni says:

    Is it going to be paid parking at buntzen lake, before 16th may 2024, as we plan to swim in the lake?

  23. NIna says:

    What was so wrong about the fist come, first serve system that has been the system since the beginning of time. Life happens and reservations are not always a gurantee for people to make. First come, first serve allows everyone to have a chance to park the bloddy car for a day out! Come on….Life is hard enough

    • Jasmina says:

      I agree! Technology is not always as good as it seems and making a reservation end’s up being frustrated. Not to mention, between all the places that require parking pass, Bautzen Lake uses the most complicated software!!

    • Kate says:

      I’ve tried to reserve, but when the time came, the system stopped working 😭😭😭.

  24. Naz says:

    Do I need a parking pass for scooter or bikes?

  25. Nancy says:

    I wish that people who reserve full days or half days actually show up! I managed to finally get a weekday afternoon spot and the parking lot was empty!!! Barely anyone was there. So if people make reservations and don’t show, they should be charged or their credit card a fee for no show. If you show up, you get reimbursed! This would ensure people don’t hat book and change their minds and ruin it for others who are hoping for 1 day at the dog beach!!!

    • Drea says:

      It’s ridiculous that I have to book a half day pass to go to the dog park for an hour, and take away an entire time slot to do so. This adds to the wasted parking spots, but I have no other choice, and will continue to do so, as this is my year round dog park.

  26. Di says:

    Are small dogs allowed at the lake ?

  27. Debbie says:

    I absolutely love this parking system! It is so easy to use and I can get there stress free. I just plan a day before. No problem. I don’t understand what the fuss is all about.

  28. Sandra Minguer says:

    How is it possible that at 6:59am today (Aug 12), all half-day passes for tomorrow (Aug 13) were sold out????

  29. Tara says:

    This has been so terrible. Not just for this lake, all lakes, you’ve made it an olympic sport to just go to a lake and relax. Think harder and come up with better solutions.

  30. Christina Ramisch says:

    I’ve been trying to get a parking pass since the opening if summer and it’s ridiculous because it’s always sold out!! I’ve stayed up all night quite a few times waiting to book and as soon as I start to type my info it gets sold out. It’s not fair to people who can’t walk down to not be able to get a pass. There must be another way! My family and I used to scone there when it was on a first cone first served basis and it was be because as soon as one person leaves it opens up a new spot for the next person right away. And with this parking pass thing it’s not monitored so if people decide to leave early then that spot stays vacant for no reason. This should be changed.

  31. Moe says:

    I need parking pass for today 02-07-2023

  32. Tom says:

    One question….do locals’ property taxes get used to maintain this park? If not , it’s our backyard too and everyone should have to get a day pass….

  33. L.M. says:

    I’ve been to this park countless times throughout my life. My favourite trail is the Energy Trail but I have often taken the Diez Vistas trail. As a nearby resident, I appreciate not having to pay for the parking as I treat this lake as an extension of my backyard haha! And I wouldn’t pay to park in my own backyard. That would be ridiculous. For other people, however, parking there would justify a payment of some sort to deter them. It’s my backyard. Not yours. Back off. I know of residents who reside nearby UBC and the Dunbar-Southlands area who registered, I believe their license plate was like LD5 something; they talked about how they initially didn’t get a confirmation number. Maybe this is something that can be improved upon as confirming the parking with a number would make sense. It would allow people to know what their number is and have it be confirmed. The thing is, In my opinion, if you’re going to pay for parking, make a day out of it! Get some ice-cream, go to the corner store, meet some locals. Actually that reminds me, when me and Andrea were up near Osoyoos a couple summers back maybe 2018? 2019? We met some lovely people at a lake. They talked about this mysterious lake lizard, the “Hoko pogo?” it had bumps and stuck its head out. I’m not sure if it’s real or not (or if it moved lakes) but it was a positive in the trip as I remember Andrea and the kids were debating whether or not it’s real. (For the record, I’m not too sure). Point of the matter is, it’s important to have good folk lore surrounding a place. That reminds me! There’s a lizard in Buntzen lake! It’s brown and has green eyes! ????. Just kidding.

  34. J. M. says:

    I think the pass system is wonderful and long overdue. It eliminates overcrowding at the beach and parking nightmares. Even though I am a port moody resident before this year I hadn’t had the pleasure of visiting buntzen during the summer for years, as you could never get in unless you went early on the morning. With the pass system the issues are solved and you can plan your visit ahead of time and know you won’t be turned away. A PLUS for the pass system!!

  35. Sam Dodds says:

    This system is not effective. People book this at the midnight the day before the day they are going. It will show sold out if you don’t book within the first 5 minutes of the booking period. Not very good for elderly and people with disabilities who can’t stay up until midnight . Then the worst part of this scheme is the people who book for the whole day leave in the early afternoon which leaves the parking lots only half full.

  36. shannon says:

    If users cancelled their parking pass when they leave, will it open up parking pass for others to book? If it does then maybe post signage at the lake. If it doesn’t open up a parking pass, you should consider allowing it to. Not everyone needs the full morning or afternoon or full day. I hike for 2-3hrs and I am done. There are many locals who would benefit from a last minute parking pass opening up to head out to the lake for an evening or mid day swim.

  37. shannon says:

    Often your parking lot is half empty during the week. If users cancelled their parking pass when they leave, will it open up parking pass for others to book? If it does then maybe post signage at the lake. If it doesn’t open up a parking pass, you should consider allowing it to. Not everyone needs the full morning or afternoon or full day. I hike for 2-3hrs and I am done. There are many locals who would benefit from a last minute parking pass opening up to head out to the lake for an evening or mid day swim.

  38. Niko Erceg says:

    I’ve Reserved parking Pass today just after midnight from 8AM to 2PM,for July,31,22.and I put e- mail ,registration plate LD593L, but I didn’t receive Confirmation Number.Somethings happened yesterday approximately at same time for reservation afternoon, and I didn’t go.

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