BC Parks Day Use Pass

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 2:15am PST. BC Parks has announced that several of the Province’s most popular parks will require a free Day Use Pass to enter the park beginning June 23, 2021.

BC Provincial Parks that will require the Day Use Pass are:

  • Garibaldi Park (Diamondhead, Rubble Creek, and Cheakamus trailheads)
  • Stawamus Chief Park (Chief Peaks Trail)
  • Golden Ears Park (all trailheads and day use areas)
  • Joffre Lakes
  • Mount Robson Trail (Berg Lake Trail).

The Day Use Pass can only be reserved starting at 7:00am the Day Before your Planned Hike from the Discover Camping website. The Day Use Pass is Free.

Visitors to these BC Parks will have to have a printed copy or downloaded copy of their Day Use Pass on their mobile device when they visit these parks.

For more information on the BC Parks Day Use Passes, visit: http://bcparks.ca/reserve/day-use/

22 responses to “BC Parks Day Use Pass”

  1. Jouie says:

    Please double check BC parkshttp://bcparks.ca/covid-19/parks-affected/ , Golden Ear Provincial Park won’t open on May 14, 2020

  2. Michael Chang says:

    Yes, it is weird that BC Parks has not updated Golden Ears on their website. Alouette Parks is the park operator for Golden Ears and Rolley and they’ve posted that they will be opening Golden Ears for Day Use only on May 14th but there are limits.



  3. Susan says:

    It’s important to check the BC Parks website, because some of this information is only partly true. Some parks are only opening some (not all) day use areas. Chilliwack Lake, for example. The Lindeman Lake trail is the only one open. Chilliwack Lake is closed and barricaded, making for some very awkward turn-arounds for trucks hauling boats.

  4. Kevin King says:

    Seems that stupidity rules with the reopening of some of these places. Canadian tire and liquor stores have too many people in them, but you can’t hike on Mt Seymour in case you come too close to someone I guess!
    Buntzen Lake, no boating and one way trails. Will I get fined if I try to pass slow people? Ridiculous.

  5. Rob says:

    Anyone know which parks are open for overnight use ?

  6. Kevin King says:

    I think June 1 most parks are opening to overnight use, not sure of backcountry use though, maybe in phase 8 lol.
    Just came back from friends in Castlegar today
    All provincial parks are still closed
    All Manning park shut tight, even the lodge area.
    Back country parking lots for monuments 78/83
    Stemwinder and Bromley rock
    Everything closed, just ridiculous
    More people at stores
    Great drive through hardly anyone on the roads. You can always jam into Canadian tire and dream about camping.

  7. VanHiker says:

    The day use passes is just stupid. Impossible to get a pass. They all sell out within minutes and the website crashes.

  8. Morgane Maillet says:

    This a joke it’s impossible to get a pass. It’s the third weekend I wake up at 5:45 am to be ready. the minute it open it’s sold out.

  9. mo mo lin says:

    So does that mean you get the free pass, and reserve the time of arrival ?

  10. Victoria says:

    DO you need a pass just for hiking? I am seeing that you are required a day pass for the rubble creek trail, however on the booking website, it is only giving me the option of camping and lodging.

    • Michael Chang says:

      Yes, you need a day-use pass for hiking from Rubble Creek. Even if you are not camping, you need a pass. If you are booking a campsite, your hiking pass is included.

  11. Anne says:

    Hello, could someone please tell me how do I get a day pass for the sea to summit trail? Under which provincial park do i reserve it under? There is no option for this part on the discover parks website and I am really confused because everywhere it says we need a day pass to go. Thanks a bunch for your help!

  12. Rex McLennan says:

    The Day-Use pass system is an outrageous intrusion into our rights to hike in our backyard ! The system is abused, useless, and I can NEVER get a pass. Instead of passes the Province should open and support more new trail systems to meet the increased demand and any pass system should at least favour BC residents over commercial operators and foreign tourists. Liberal Party – are you listening (the NDP are not)

  13. Karim says:

    I am trying to print a Day Pass that I obtained from DiscoverCamping.ca website but I just cannot print or download it. There is a hyperlink of “Reprint” but nothing happens. I cannot download it and I cannot print it. My worry is I cannot even contact them directly on phone although I have emailed them but no reply. If anyone can help me and tell me how I can print or download this, that would be great ! I need to go this weekend.

  14. khalil Moetamed says:


    Summer is finished. Why we should get day pass for hiking?

    It is difficult get day pass for a group of hiking meet up.

    Thank you

    Thank you

  15. Garfunkel hikesalot says:

    Why do you have to reserve the day before? Ever heard of last minute planning??? Talk about a bunch of squares. Just let me hike on my days off. Change this

  16. Nadia says:

    Do I need a day pass for hiking at LINDEMAN LAKE? I can’t find where to get the pass. Thanks for helping.

    • Michael Chang says:

      @Nadia – No, you do not need a day use pass for hiking to Lindeman Lake. That could change in the summer but, so far, there has never been a requirement for a Day Use Pass to hike to Lindeman Lake.

  17. Marian says:

    Do you need a day use pass for Mount Robson still? Is it all trails or only Berg Lake Trail. Looking at June 29/22.

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