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teresa walker from port Moody writes:

I'd suggest the rating be changed from easy to intermediate given the exposed tree roots, loose rocks & steepness of the climbs. A rewarding view once you get to the top of High Knoll!

Posted: February 22, 2015 08:26:37 PM PST


Emilyy from New Westminster writes:

The High Knoll is an awesome hike. A couple sections do require a bit of scrambling up rock, but mostly the trail is pretty even and easy. The marsh is amazing, the beavers always get annoyed and splash the water. If you're lucky like I was, you'll see some baby beavers.
Although not advised by the Park, this trail is an awesome night hike. The view from the High Knoll at night is so cool. Be careful of bears, as there are always a lot in the area especially around the farmland before the park.

Posted: February 21, 2015 01:39:04 PM PST


Christine from Vancouver writes:

This was quite a hike over all kinds of roots, rocks, muddy sections and slippery steep terrain, especially getting up to High Knoll. This is definitely not "easy" as categorized and I was shocked to see someone wearing casual sandals (which given the easy rating, I could see how someone could be misled on what footwear to wear). There were some nerve-wracking sections where you could have easily twisted an ankle or something. Given the terrain, I would definitely recommend hiking boots.

Also, there were LOTS of mosquitoes so insect repellant is a good idea.

The view at the top of High Knoll is fantastic on a clear day.

Posted: July 2, 2014 10:28:24 AM PST


Kiki Berg from Langley writes:

Watch for bears chasing off leash dogs. On the weekend a dog surprised a bear on the trail and was chased back toward it's owners. When the owners screamed, the bear promptly turned around. Not sure if it was a momma bear or what. Be aware.

Posted: June 17, 2014 04:21:56 PM PST


JEM from YVR writes:

Hey fellow hikers,
just a memo to say that I hiked the entire loop today (feb 11). took me two hours. was an awesome hike. little bit of a burn going up high knoll, the rest was an easy pace. high knoll is definitely worth the work (10-15 mins uphill). no bears, few people on the trails. many dogs off-leash, but were all tame & super friendly. I saw three seniors hiking it too so its obviously feasible for everyone. i'd rate it 4.5/5 ! perfect little day hike to clear the head.


Posted: February 11, 2014 04:19:45 PM PST


Mistaya from Coquitlam writes:

This is my go to trail because no matter what kind of shape I am in it's something I can manage but still a work out. At a steady pace it's only about half an hour to the high knoll and usually a great view.
theft and smashed windows are a problem in the parking lot so make sure there are no valuables visible, purse, tools etc. because that is usually the case.

Posted: January 18, 2014 02:12:22 PM PST

Emily Dick from Maple Ridge writes:

Hiked the trail on Saturday during the Pineapple Express downpours. Other than a few flooded or muddy spots, was an excellent hike. If it's raining just wear the appropriate shoes and jacket to stay dry. Great views from the High Knoll even with the clouds.

Posted: March 5, 2013 08:29:23 AM PST

Ed and Izzi Marshall from Scrooby, Notts, UK writes:

Excellent walk in the sunshine (5 Nov 2012). Great views of ducks and red breasted sapsuckers and the country was breathtaking. Hope we can come again.....

Posted: November 5, 2012 04:37:33 PM PST

Heather from Steveston writes:

We hiked the trails in the pouring rain today and were SO disappointed to find that the little shelter at Addington Lookout is no longer there. We've been in the habit of saving Minnekhada for particularly rainy days and then bringing along a little stove to make a hot lunch in the shelter. Grilled cheese sandwiches were somewhat less satisfying when soggy from the rain. Anyone know what happened to the shelter? Will it be re-built?

Posted: November 3, 2012 04:44:56 PM PST

Maryse from Vancouver writes:

Visited this trail for the first time this afternoon - great for a sunny winter day! Most definitely worth the trek up the hill to the viewpoint. Didn't make it all the way around this time - daylight is at a premium, after all - but would definitely come back.

Posted: December 11, 2011 06:03:27 PM PST

C from Coquitlam writes:

This is beautiful place but our van was broken into the second time we went. Apparently it is quite common at this location. Be aware of people there who don't look like they belong as this is probably what they are there for.

Posted: September 17, 2011 04:47:53 PM PST

Adrian from North Vancouver writes:

Hiked the full loop around the park today (Sept 6th) including all the branches to lookouts and up both high and low knolls. Nice easy walking and not too strenous.

It's definitely bear season though, we saw one black bear in the middle of Victoria Dr while driving in, just before the road turns to gravel and some other hikers in the park warned me of one they had seen a short while ago on one of the trails. Be extra careful this time of year.

Also, I think I accidently left my dogs leash in the parking lot as I was getting him in the car, about 1/3 way down on left hand side. If anybody finds it please email me through Vancouver Trails. Thanks !

Posted: September 6, 2011 02:04:48 PM PST

Ben from Vancouver writes:

Today, we witnessed 6ft Grizzly at this park near beginning part of North shore trail. It didn't attack or growl at us but behaved differently from black bears that live here mostly. It didn't avoid us immediately and stared at us quite a while until we moved forward to pass. You need more attention to go to North shore route. as of June 12th 2011.

Posted: June 12, 2011 06:10:51 PM PST

Ben from port coquitlam writes:

I live close from here and I hike this trail 3 times a week in any type of weather condition. The trail is not 10km long. I would say total 10km including all out-branched trails. It is beautiful and easy (perfect for family hike age between 0-90: I witnessed 90 old lady to 3 months old baby). Some sections are steep but not killing like 'Grouse Grind'. Be careful of tree roots on steep sections. Be careful of bees in fall. Several thing you have to keep in mind. Don't litter!! I am seeing increasing amount of garbage around trail. Even beer bottles.... Respect. Don't smoke and litter butts during dry season. Don't feed wild animal. Don't go too close to black bears even though they are safe in this park. All these things are legally protected. Be sure. Other than these, just enjoy the trail~

Posted: January 14, 2011 09:23:37 AM PST

Linda from Burnaby writes:

Hiked the Minnekhada trails today. A great hike to do in the winter time with a great view of the area. The mountains were beautiful in the sunshine!

Posted: January 20, 2008 08:24:23 PM PST

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