Joffre Lakes is one of BC's most beautiful hikes and is relatively easy to access compared to other alpine lakes. From the parking lot just off the Duffey Lake Road, head along the trail staying to your left at the fork and in just minutes you will reach the first of three lakes. The view is amazing with the glacier sitting high above the mountains.

Head back up the trail to the fork and turn left along the path and across a bridge following the trail along the edge of the lake. After 5 minutes, the trail will begin to head uphill and continue through forested area. After about 20 minutes, you will come to a boulder field. Cross the enormous rocks, being careful not to slip or place your foot into a crevice.

After passing through the boulder field, you will hear the sound of Joffre Creek another 20 minutes away. Continue up the steep hill and cross over the fallen tree bridge. A short distance from here, you will see Middle Joffre Lakes.

Continue along the trail that weaves along the shoreline of Middle Joffre Lakes and cross over Joffre Creek again. Make your way up the steep rocks and switchbacks and back into the trees.

Another 20 minutes past Middle Joffre Lakes and you will start to see Upper Joffre Lakes emerge with the glacier providing a beautiful backdrop. Continue along the trail next to the lake and across a small bridge. The trees open up and make way for enormous rockslides and it's at this point where you can decide to stop to rest. You can continue as far up to the base of the glacier, following the river that feeds the upper lake from the melting ice, or just pick a spot next to the lake to enjoy your lunch.

After taking photographs and enjoying the alpine views, make your way back to the trail and start your descent back downhill towards Middle Joffre Lakes and eventually back to where you started earlier in the day.

How to get to Joffre Lakes

Estimated Driving Time from Vancouver: 3 hours

To reach the trailhead of Joffre Lakes, take Highway #99 (Sea To Sky Highway) northbound through Squamish, Whistler, and Pemberton. Continue straight through the lights at Pemberton, along the highway towards the town of Mt. Currie. Turn right at the intersection with the sign towards Lillooet. Zero your odometer and continue along the winding road, past Lillooet Lake before heading up a steep hill. After traveling 21km from the intersection in Mt. Currie, watch for signs to the Joffre Lakes parking lot. The trail begins at the furthest end at the bottom of the lot.

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Additional Information

tent icon Camping at Joffre Lakes

The campsite is located at Upper Joffre Lakes in a scenic setting below the glacier and along the turquoise lake.

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dog icon Dogs at Joffre Lakes

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. Please pick up after your dog and pack out all waste. There are no garbage facilities beyond the parking lot at Joffre Lakes.

toilet icon Toilets at Joffre Lakes

Pit toilets are located at the parking area and at the campsite at Upper Joffre Lakes.

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Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

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First Lake of Joffre Lakes Boulder field along the trail of Joffre Lakes Upper Lake of Joffre Lakes Upper Joffre Lake Little water streams along the trail of Joffre Lakes Joffre Lakes

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Middle Joffre Lake near Pemberton, BC


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