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Bill Blair from richmond writes:

It is 5am, daylight,and I can walk into drug infested East Vancouver but i am not
permitted to walk Iona Beach. So i will
watch TV from the protection of my home. Is this the hypocritical mentality under which Canadians seek to be controlled?
I doubt not. Please have the courage to cast aside this protectionist control and paternalistic assertion over the public
basic right to have freedom of movement
to enjoy the outdoors.It is beyond time
for Canadians to rebel against this woosy
control of our God given rights to roam
freely, with responsibility.

Posted: July 10, 2015 06:49:12 AM PST


moonbeam from Richmond writes:

I discovered this trail yesterday. I was out that way intending to walk the jetty, but it was closed. I drove a little farther and saw so many parked cars. So I got out to discover a whole other park that I never knew about. I went west and just kept walking. It's a very interesting walk. It changes every kilometer or so. You can tell that the area used to have more industrial use, so there are remaining remnants from that time. I walked until I thought I probably shouldn't continue. The point gets too narrow. Anyway, when I got home I looked the park up online and discovered I had been walking on mostly private port property. This website suggests that we can walk on the beach along the port property and that you can tell when to go onto the beach because there's a sign. Well, I saw no signs and no clear indications that it was private property. Maybe I missed the sign? I guess I'm just wondering where I should go down to the beach and would I get in trouble if I was walking on the port property. Not a soul out there.

Posted: October 5, 2014 09:17:40 AM PST

Adrian from North Van writes:

ATTENTION DOG OWNERS ! New dog leashing and off-leash rules took effect January 1st 2013.

NOW: Much of the trail described in this posting for Iona Beach Regional Park is now NO DOGS. A small portion still allows on-leash only.

HOWEVER (this is the rare good news for dog owners, courtesy of the Parks Dept) - they have now designated the lower trail on the 4km jetty (which points SW from the park) is now OFF-LEASH (it had previously always been on-leash only). is possible to do the full 8km return walk along the jetty with your dog off-leash. I find it a refreshing change from the North Shore walks we do most of the time.

Word of warning though, there's absolutely no shade or fresh water so if you're going on a sunny day be sure to take a bottle of water for your dog(s) as well as you.

Full info regarding the new dog rules can be found here :

Posted: July 10, 2013 10:30:22 PM PST

magichabits from Vancouver writes:

We went out today and walked down the jetty to the end and back. This was the jetty that goes off to the southwest. I believe it is an enormous sewer line.

I thought we were going to the area described on this page, which is the strip of beach that goes off to the northwest. Somehow I got the impression that we were only allowed on the southwest jetty, so we went down that.

Anyway it was a long, long walk - it's about 4 km to the end of the jetty in an unrelentingly straight line. Objects in the distance take so long to reach that it feels like you're swimming there.

Next time we'll try harder to go down the northwest fork.

Posted: August 19, 2012 07:19:22 PM PST

Tranc3r from Vancouver writes:

I've been here with my friend while we were riding our bikes. It was absolutely amazing and feels so isolated. At the end, there's a small little building you can get on and view UBC and an endless sea of water. The planes that come in for landing feel so close as if you can just touch them (you can see their shadows as well). I'm going to be going down there at night one time to check it out with high tide! When I went, the water level was about a few KM away! I felt like going to out to the water line, but decided not to because when the water comes back in, it'll be able to out run me!

Just a note for first timers, you'll see a lot of butterfly-looking animals fly around randomly.

Rocks are super slippery! I tried to go through them and ended up with scraps and blood over my ankles and arm (minor though).

Posted: February 21, 2012 01:37:25 AM PST

Maggie from Burnaby writes:

Iona Beach does provide a beautiful and leisurely walk. It also provides important and increasingly rare habitat for a variety of birds and other wildlife that use the island at various times of the year (ie. migration). Many of these species are not always immediately apparent and are sensitive to disturbance. Dogs must be kept on leash at all times when on the jetty, and can be let loose to run at a nearby off-leash park on Sea Island just east of Iona Beach.

Posted: December 11, 2011 09:43:54 AM PST

Shirley from Richmond writes:

Iona Beach is a nice area for leisure walk. Although it states that dogs must be on leash, a park ranger once told me the area beyond private property is ok to let dogs off leash as long as they don't bother people and under control. 9.9 out of 10, there's no other soul in that area.

Posted: June 4, 2011 08:28:26 PM PST

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